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Internet Architect / Senior Web Developer/Internet App Specialist

Elk Grove Village, Illinois, 60007, United States
March 10, 2011

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A dynamic, driven and innovative IT Professional with technical education; experience in high quality, full life-cycle application development and architecture.

A team player with management proficiency, broad range of expertise in several programming languages, database systems, and application development methodologies.

Excellent interpersonal skills, a team player and a good history of leadership. Strong in customer relations, flexible and adaptable, self-organized, very professional and committed to deadlines with the learning agility to adapt to technologies, ability to mentor and train fellow associates.


June 1992- Beograd, Serbia

University of Civil Engineering and Geodesy


Languages Databases

ColdFusion jQuery

JavaScript AJAX












Application Servers


SharePoint 2007

IBM WebSphere

RedDot CMS

RedDot LiveServer

Interwoven TeamSite

Interwoven OpenDeploy

Operating Systems

Windows XP/NT/2000


Employment History

American Bar Association (Chicago, IL)

December 2000 - Present

Internet Architect / Senior Web Developer/Internet Application Specialist

I have experience in high quality, full life-cycle application development and architecture. As a member of Web Development, Content Management and Project Development teams, I developed many prominent applications from start to finish. Worked with staff from more then 40 entities throughout the organization to bring their business processes to the web.Some of the diverse applications that I have designed, developed and implemented include:

• ABA Web Site redesign and new CMS (CQ5) (changed domain name from in to

My responsibility on this project was to review and change all (58) Cold Fusion and Java custom created application (most with different architecture) in the same templates as new redesigned not active pages in the CQ5.

• Presidential Nomination Application

Successfully analyzed designed and developed business application and database for the ABA President’s Office for the nomination chairs and members. I have developed an online Administration tool also, for administrative needs to manage inputs from the application (EDIT, DELET or ADD data) (JAVA/JSP, ORACLE 8i).


I was the lead ABA developer for the “My ABA” part on the website. Place where member can see Personal Information, all registered meeting, all belonging sections and committees, area of Interest, Web Store purchase, Membership Dues, Product Suggestions. (ColdFusion, Oracle, TIMSS)

• ABA Online Meeting Registration

Maintaining the ABA Meeting registration application and modified existing code. (ColdFusion, ORACLE 8i).

• New ABA Customers

This application is for customers who are not members or do not already have an online account, and want to buy books or attend an ABA meeting.


NLRDB is a web- based National Lawyer Regulatory Data Bank application developed to collect information concerning public regulatory actions relating to lawyers throughout the United States. I worked on all aspects of the NLRDB project; analyzed process flow, created apps architecture, front pages and database.


Technical Team Lead for the RedDot CMS and RedDot LiveServer implementation and integration in our system. Worked with enterprise team and vendors – James Tower , Purple Monkey, RedDot on the projects in new CMS.

• ABA Intranet

I have served as the Technical Lead in the Content Management Team. The Intranet project is written with the RedDot CMS and RedDot LiveServer. The ABA switched technologies to Microsoft SharePoint and thus the Intranet became a SharePoint application to which I had a key role creating several sub-applications

• Disability Reporter

I designed and built a SharePoint solution for the Commission on Mental and Physical Disability Law on the online Reporter application. I helped them through the process of cleaning up; organizing their data (over 12000 doc.) for the online Reporter application, training them and creating reports for printing.

• Commission on Mental and Physical Disability Law’s Directory

In essence I was chiefly responsible for creating a new product of the ABA Web Store and Online Applications by the creation of the Commission on Mental and Physical Disability Law’s Directory. This is a combination product that integrates the ABA Web Store, TIMSS and SharePoint to allow a subscription to an online application that can either expire or renew based on an ABA Web Store purchase.

• Subscribers’ Only Membership Applications

Analyzed, designed and developed business application for Children in Law section, This is a Subscribers’ Only application. Section administrator is able to delete, update and edit information on the database using the online administration tool I created.

• Share point third party web parts an software

I was responsible finding, contacting, purchasing and installing the best third party Share Point web parts and tools

1. Code Plax Search SPAdvanced search

2. Bamboo Search

3. DocKit - Document Import Kit for SharePoint 2007 (DocKIT) (and saved ABA's over $50000)

• ABA Web Store performance

Analyzed all possible aspects for the slow performance of the ABA Web Store.

- Cold Fusion Sever analysis (gzip, Cache Control, Cookie , Configure e-tags..)

- Development (minimize HTTP requests, use CSS, code structure, optimize images, Stored Procedures and all queries)

- Network (CDN Content Delivery Network, LAN – Local Area Network Caching)

• Maxim Group (Chicago, IL)

January 2000 – December 2000


The sole client I worked with at the Maxim Group was the American Bar Association where I was a key member of the website redesign team.

In this role, I worked closely with over 40 entities to customize their respective websites, while retain the ABA website standards and branding.

• Director of Land registry – Lajkovac

Republic Geodetic Authority - Republic of Serbia (Government Relations industry)

January 1994 – April 1998 (4 years 4 months)

The Land Registry was a Government Department. I was director of The Land Registry - Lajkovac County (19 local communities). I led reforms and modernized the land management system.

My responsibilities as director were to:

• Prepare the annual professional and administrative activities, formulate plans regarding updating of land survey, land cadastre and utilities cadastre.

• Prepare financial information including; annual accounts and cash plans. The financial planning, control and investment was obtained via our annual report.

• Establish a geodetic information system

• Convert Digital orthophoto cadastral plans into analogue form

• Instruct the handling of the modern geographical information systems (GIS) and given subsequent guidance.

• Organize and preparer rates and assessment formulas for annual levying real estate taxes for government revenue.

• Manage employees, their education and professional competence, equipment and other necessary requirements for work, preparation of the Sector Work Plan and monitor its implementation, store and update the data on survey and its maintenance.

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