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Electrical Engineer Project Manager

Brampton, Ontario, L6R 2A5, Canada
June 06, 2012

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MUHAMMAD JAMIL K, P. Eng. Ontario.

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Brampton, ON, L6R 2A5

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Dear Sir/ Madam

Position: Electrical Engineer

Please consider my application for the position of Electrical Engineer. My resume is enclosed for your perusal. I am a licensed professional engineer in Ontario.

I have extensive experience of 21 years at HYDRO ( BACK HOME) of designing of transmission, distribution, generation, protection as well as building illumination and fire protection system followed by national fire protection association.

I worked in load dispatch centre (SCADA) for five years to control the whole system including 25 grid stations and deals with 3000MW load. Also I have six years at Bombardier Aerospace, Design Engineer Experience in Toronto. I am a highly skilled and motivated individual who works with minimum technical supervision and a fast learner.

I feel confident that an interview with you would affirm that I would be an excellent electrical engineering team member.

Thank you for consideration.


M. Jamil Khan


7 Anglers Catch Lane

Brampton, ON, L6R2A5

Home: 289-***-****

Cell: 647-***-****



Seeking a position as ELECTRICAL ENGINEER that requires engineering knowledge in the area of electrical field


• Extensive design experience with load calculations, illumination, voltage drop, short circuit, grounding/lightning protection calculations and sizing of equipment (feeders/cables, circuit-breakers, transformers and generators

• Design, erection and commissioning of 220KV, 132KV & 66KV transmission line, sub-station and grid station. Lighting and fire protection design as per NFPA standard

• Knowledge of electrical design requirements for industrial, commercial, residential, health care, institutional/recreational/entertainment

• Electrical project evaluation, installation and maintenance for Grid/sub-station

• Load calculation, preparation of tender specification, implementation & commissioning

• Experienced in power electrical designing, transmission, distribution & sub-station

• Technical understanding, conceptual skills. Electrification of building follows the Canadian Electric Code

• Excellent time management and problem solving skills


Licensed Professional Engineer, Ontario 2009


Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering (Equivalent to Canadian Engineering

Degree) 1st.Class


BOMBARDIER, AEROSPACE Electrical Engineer, Toronto,


• Six years of extensive experience working with BOMBARDIER Aerospace in engineering and design

• Prepare technical specification, proposals, bids and evaluation of bids, issue recommendation towards the contract: determine technical choices, conduct engineering studies and implementation of projects related to aerospace: collect data and develop scope for designing and engineering details for equipment and new installation

• Make engineering calculations in connection with field and office assignments

• Ensure compliance with safety requirements and standards procedures

• Perform highly specialized design, research, and analysis on a project-by-project basis and advise on code compliance: planning of projects, operation and maintenance, Quality control

HONEYWELL (Aerospace), Mississauga, Electronic Assembler, Contract 2004-2006

• Built & installed wire harness for secondary electrical power distribution panel

• Assembled electronic & electrical components to the standard shop procedure

• Familiar in using various pneumatic & mechanical tools

• Connected wires of various gauges & wire point to point

• Torque hardware according to specification

• Operates different types of laser machines

• Maintained safe work environment by following standards and procedures, complying with legal regulations and codes

CELISTICA INC. Toronto Production Assistant, Contract, 2003-2004

• Carried out manual and mechanical assembly

• ICT testing of PCB board

• Operated electrical and pneumatic press machines & attached connectors for PCB.

• Carried out functional test and in circuit test & undertook re-work for PCB’s



• Design, Erection and Commissioning of 220KV/132KV overhead/underground trans mission line interconnected ring system of 11 grid stations

• The technical specification covers the survey, design, manufacture, factory testing

• Laying and installation, interfacing with the existing system, site testing, commissioning and final acceptance of single core 220/132 KV oil filled cable and optical fibre cable: de-sign of long span calculation

• Design consideration ambient temperature, relative humidity, soil thermal resistivity: warning tape must be laid over backfilling of sand

• The sealing end shall be insulated by SF6 switchgear or the transformer.

• Cable oil pressure maintained 200 psi and in the event of leak extra 50 litre oil must be kept as a surplus

EXECUTIVE ENGINEER Substation 1995-2000

• Designed 11KV/400V distribution network with ring main system

• Power distribution transformer selected was oil immersed, naturally cooled, 3 phase indoor type

• The transformers were 11/0.415KV, 50Hz of different ratings

• The incoming and outgoing circuit breakers were vacuum type with a rupturing capacity of 350 MVA 11 KV, 630 Amps

• Initial symmetrical short circuit current was calculated. Duration of the short circuit was taken as 1 second


• Manage the whole system network comprising more than 55 grid stations and connected 20 power stations (hydro power, thermal power, and gas turbine and nuclear power sta-tions).

• The system voltage connected with ring main system of 500, 220, 132 and 66KV network

• Load calculation of different transmission lines and transformers either, power or distri-bution and manage it according to rating of conductor and transformers


• Design, erection and commissioning of 132 KV turnkey grid stations

• 132 KV metal enclosure installed, SF6 insulated indoor type incorporated a double bus bar ring system

• Rated voltage 132KV, max: working voltage 145KV, rated frequency 50HZ, breaking current 31.5KV, rated bus bar current 2500A, impulse withstand voltage 650 KV

• The rated breaking current of the installation within a time of 200ms and that the total trip time of the first- stage protection is less than 150ms

• The CB must satisfy all aspects of IEC 56 and all other applicable regulations

• The total break time of the CB must not exceed 50msec with min. gas density and min. DC control voltage

• The minimum creep age distances phase-to-earth of bushing required according to the IEC 137 shall be increased by a factor of 1.5 i.e. 3.45 cm/KV


• The protective relays are to be divided into two groups such as group 2 for instance, represents the back up of group 1

• There are different types of protection such as over current, earth fault, differential protection, overload protection, earth leakage protection, buchholz protection (transformer tank & tap changer.

• Fault analysis as tripping of different types of relays; setting of the relays must be checked periodically as per stages of relays: stage 1 of low time setting as compared to stage 2

• During analysis of fault we can find out the impedance (distance relay) with respect to distance of the fault

• The grid stations shall be equipped with bus bar protection fulfilling the following require-ments

i) Discriminate against faults on either bus bar in double bus single breaker ar-rangement

ii) Isolate minimum section of the bus bar by taking into consideration the position of the coupler and the sectionalize isolators

• Instruments transformers CT’s and PT’s used for protection as well as metering purpose

• DC current 220V nickel-cadmium battery and 2 rectifiers: the battery comprising with 160-172 cells: the rectifiers are thirstier-controlled type for stand –by parallel operation with the associated battery

• Main connections 3x380V, 50HZ, 220V DC, 130A charging voltage 1.4Volts per cell


MS-office (word, excel, power point), Auto Cad, Internet

Operating Systems: Windows 98, 2000

Others: Various engineering software


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