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Lead/Senior Instrument & Control Engineer

Perth, Western Australia, 6147, Australia
20,000 USD
January 14, 2012

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Instrument & Control Engineering


• Bachelor of Electrical Engineering ( Hons ) – University of Technology, Malaysia ( 1987 )

• Master of Business Administration- University of Southern Queensland, Australia ( 2002 )


• The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia – Corporate member ( MIEM, April 1995 )

• Board of Engineers, Malaysia - Registered Professional Engineer ( PEng, July 1996 )

• ASEAN Engineer ( April 2002 )

• International Professional Engineer ( Feb 2004 )

• APEC Engineer ( Feb 2004 )

• The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK - Corporate member (MIET, CEng)

• The Engineering Council, England - Chartered Engineer (CEng, sept 2011)


English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Malay


I am an instrument & Control engineer with over 24 years of experience in the Oil & Gas ( Upstream and downstream ) industries in design, construction, commissioning and project engineering working with Multi National companies operating all over the world.

From 2001 to 2011, I work with MNC Operator Shell International Upstream Asia based in Malaysia as Senior Instrument & Control engineer. The first project was the E11 and Bintulu Stabilisation plant rejuvenation projects. The objective of the project was to ensure continued security of gas supply to MLNG till 2020, through the provision of a reliable and efficient gas and liquid handling facilities to process. For instrumentation and control, the rejuvenation scope shall ensure that all instrumentation, control and telecommunication equipment and system on E11 complex have the technical integrity, capacity and capability to remotely control and monitor the E11 and E11 cluster platforms and other future platforms for the next twenty years (20 years). E11 complex itself consists of Living quarters, compression, drilling, risers and production platform was the largest ever undertaken in Malaysia. After completion of the rejuvenation projects, I move on the cili padi project which consists of one 4-legged Jacket and one production platforms linked by 30 km 16” pipeline supplying hydrocarbon fluids with a production capacity of 330 mmscfd and overall project cost of 1.4 billion. I supervise and mentor two instrument engineers under me for all the projects. My role in Shell besides the lead also include being package engineer, commissioning engineer and Technical Authority Level 2.

From 2000 to 2001, I was with Technip Engineering Brunei as Lead Instrument Engineer supervising a team of 3 engineers, 2 designer and 4 drafting personnel. I provided design engineering services to Brunei Shell and Brunei LNG. I successfully bided and completed approximately 20,000 man-hours in multiple projects during my tenure here.

From 1993 to 2000 period, I work as Senior Instrument/Instrument design engineer for Ranhill Worley Eng Sdn Bhd & Protek. Ranhill Worley is a joint venture between Malaysia Ranhill and Australian Worley-Parson based in Malaysia. I reported to the Instrument lead and performed detailed design engineering for multiple projects. Among the projects were the above 100,000 man-hours Bintulu Integrated Facilities enhance project which require debottlenecking and enhancement. The facilities consist of four Stabilisation Trains receiving hydrocarbon fluids from interconnected offshore platforms through two 36 inch trunk line. Its output is fed to MLNG-1 plant. It also consists of Bintulu Additional Gas Sales facilities which provided gas to major industries and Sarawak Electricity Company for power generation.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated the ability to both lead/supervise as well as being an effective team member in the organisation I work. I am well exposed to the multi national- culture of my colleagues who were American, Nigerian, Dutch, British, Australian, Philippines, and Indonesian.

The wide working exposure and experience has developed my competences in both technical and project management aspect.


Sept 01 – Nov 11

Instrument & Control Engineer

for Sarawak Shell projects

I reported to the Project team leader of respective projects. My roles were:

• to provide overall project management of instrument and control discipline for the whole duration of project, from conceptual to detailed to procurement, installation and commissioning up to handover.

• part of the Shell Upstream International Asia’s Control & Automation Engineering skill pool that support Malaysian projects. As the Senior C&A Engineer in the skill pool, the overall roles and responsibilities include:

i. to lead and manage project discipline of instrument & control discipline throughout the entire life cycle of EP projects commencing from approval of Field development plan to handover of completed facilities to operation.

ii. to participate in various interdiscipline project workshops such as HAZID, HAZOP, IPF classification.

iii. to provide discipline review input to Basis for Design (BFD) and Field development Plan (FDP).

• to manage instrument & control contractors throughout the entire phase of the project. The contractors include design consultant, platform fabricator, Hook up & Commissioning contractor. Roles and responsibilities in managing project contractors include:

i. to plan, control and supervise engineering work activities and perform project execution activities. This include formulating contracting strategy, perform technical evaluation, provide contract execution and budget cost control throughout conceptual and detailed design, fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning.

ii. to lead and perform optimum design analysis and quality evaluation of detailed engineering leading to the completion of detailed drawings, manual, design report and specification for optimum fabrication.

iii. to review, input, challenge and approved all design deliverables from contractor. To define and execute contract scope of work for various activities e.g. facilities design, procurement of long lead equipment, services, fabrication, hook-up and commissioning. To technically evaluate competent and qualified bidder during tendering exercise.

iv. To mentor and supervise 2 Instrument & Control Engineer under me.

v. package engineer for various instrument packages such as DCS/IPS/ FGS, Fiscal gas and liquid metering skid, control valves, actuated valves, Wet gas venture meter, Audio video surveillance system, GPA/PAPA system, Well Head Control panel, analysers and field instruments.

vi. To coordinate and perform commissioning activities during commissioning phase of projects.

List of Projects:-

• Cili Padi Project ( Green Field ) - consisting of one (1) drilling and one (1) production platform linked by xx km 18” and tied-in to F23 Complex. Production capacity is 330 mmscfd and overall project cost : 1.4 billion

• E11 offshore complex rejuvenation project. The project objective was to restore technical integrity of complexes for another 20 years. It consist of living quarters, production platform, compression platform, drilling platform and riser platform, Overall project cost : 1.1 billion

• Onshore Bintulu Integrated Facilities (BIF) Brownfield rejuvenation project. Project objective is to restore technical integrity of the facilities. The facilities consist of 4 condensate stabilisation trains and gas sales facilities.

Mar 00 – Aug 01

Lead Instrument Engineer – Technip Engineering ( Brunei ) Sdn Bhd

I reported to the Senior Project Manager. My roles were:

• to lead a team of instrument engineers in performing conceptual study and detail design for miscellaneous Shell Brunei and Brunei LNG projects.

• to managed I/E department with 3 engineers, 2 designers and 4 CAD operators.

• to perform instrument man-hour estimation and project bid support to project management team.

• to ensure quality completion of project within cost and schedule for the following projects:-

• List of projects were:-

Intelligent Well Surface Facilities for Champion West & East ( offshore platform)

Conceptual & Detailed Design of Champion Free flow project ( Onshore Platform )

Mercury removal project for BLNG train 1, train 4, train 5 ( Brunei Onshore LNG Plant)

NORADA Land well campaign. ( Brunei Onshore oil field )

Sand detection and monitoring system for Fairley & AMPA platform(Offshore Platform)

Engineering & design of Chemical Injection Skid for AMDP-15 & AMDP-24 ( Offshore Platform )

Miscellaneous well surface facilities tie-in project.

Sept 99 – Feb 00

Senior Instrument Engineer - Protek Engineering Sdn Bhd

(Seconded to Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd)

I reported to Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd Department head Baram Delta Operation. My roles were:

• To carry out feasibility studies, cost benefits analysis and technical justification for facility improvement proposals.

• to raise new Field Improvement Proposal (FIP) as and when required.

Sept 97 – Aug 99

Senior Instrument Engineer - Ranhill Worley Sdn Bhd

I reported to Lead Instrument Engineer. My roles were:

• To develop Fire & Gas, safeguarding and instrument philosophy for upgrading of various Shell and Petronas onshore plant.

• to develop control narratives.

• to develop Cause & Effect matrix and perform detail design of drawings and documents.

• to develop functional logic diagram for fire and gas and safeguarding system

• to review, check and approve all the detail design documents and drawings.

The projects undertaken are:-

Shell Bintulu Crude Oil Terminal (BCOT)/Bintulu Additional Gas Sales Facilities/ Bintulu Stabilisation Plant Fire & Gas system Upgrading project for Sarawak Shell Berhad.

Petronas Carigali Miri Crude Oil Terminal ( MCOT) Sea Loading Pump Station (Miri Crude Oil Terminal) Fire Detection System Upgrading

Shell Labuan Crude Oil Terminal ( LCOT) Emulsion Tank T-102 upgrade

Mar 93 –Aug 97

Instrument Engineer for Ranhill Worley Eng Sdn Bhd

I reported to the Lead Instrument engineer for the detailed design of various Shell and Petronas Carigali projects. My roles were:

to develop miscellaneous detailed design drawing such as instrument data sheets, instrument loop diagram, termination diagram, functional logic diagram, instrument hook diagram, instrument block diagram, instrument schedule, Input/output list, layout drawing.

to develop instrument specification for various field instruments, Control valve and relief valve sizing, orifice plate sizing, instrument selection.

List of projects:


Bintulu Crude Oil Terminal ( BCOT ) Enhancement for SSB/SSPC

Petronas Carigali

Various SIPROD Reinstatement projects – PCSB

ESD field side modifications for Bokor complex

TRSCSV Pressure Equalization Facility

Tukau Living Quarters Potable water system upgrade

Tukau Living Quarters Fire and Gas system upgrade

General Platform Upgrade for Petronas Baram Delta Platform

Baronia Gas compressor control panel upgrade.

Pneumatic instrument to Electronic Instrument conversion

Sept 92 – Feb 93

I&E Field Engineer for Shapadu Energy and engineering

I reported to Project Engineer. I was seconded to be the I/E field engineer for Esso Production Malaysia Guntong- B and Seligi-A offshore platforms My roles were:

to develop offshore construction work park

to review and comment consultant drawing and specification to ensure completeness

to raise site technical queries and clarification meeting with client

to develop instrument/electrical schedule and manning requirement for input into CPN chart

to perform pre-commissioning and commissioning activities for field instrument and instrument systems.

Jan 90 – Aug 92

Instrument Engineer for Sabah Shipyard Sdn Bhd (Technical Department )

Reported to Senior Instrument Engineer

to review and input to client drawing and document to ensure engineering accuracy.

to coordinate with production department and vendor to resolve technical issue.

To provide technical support to production department

to coordinate with procurement department on procurement of instrument material and instruments

to perform technical bid evaluation of instruments.

to coordination with planning department on schedule and manning requirement.

to generate site technical queries to address discrepancy of technical information with Client.

July 87 to Dec 89

Trainee I & E Engineer for Sabah Shipyard Sdn Bhd ( Production Department )

I reported to I & E department Head. My key roles were:-

to supervise instrument 1 foreman and 4 technicians in all instrument installation aspect.

to assist and support the I & E superintendent in his tasks of managing I & E installation department

to perform pre-commissioning activities such as loop check, leak check, instrument calibration activities, function check, valve stroke test.

to plan and schedule daily installation activities and assigning/monitoring of technician and foreman

Resolving technical activities with technical department.

List of Platforms Undertaken

• DULANG-A & DULANG-B Offshore living quarters for PCSB.

• BAYAN-D Offshore drilling platform for SSB/SSPC.

• ST-JOSEPH STTJ-B Offshore drilling platform for SSB/SSPC.

• Preparation of M.T.O. for BNG-B1 & B2, BAK-B1, D35DP-A, D35DP-B modules & platforms for SSB/SSPC.

• SEMANGKOK-A Offshore compression module for EPMI.

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