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Software Engineer

United States
March 03, 2011

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Prashanth Periketi

*** ******** *** ***. #* Louisville, Kentucky-40222 Cell: 859-***-****


Hard Working and Self Motivated Engineer with strong Educational background and Work experience in the areas of Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing and Video Processing Techniques.


Master of Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Kentucky, August 2010.

Bachelor of Technology, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, June 2006.

Related Courses

Digital Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Advanced Topics in Signal and Image Processing, Communication Systems, An Independent Study on a Research topic, Stochastic systems, Deterministic systems, Solid State Electronics, Digital Video Compression, H.264 and MPEG4 Video Compression, Data Structure, Operating Systems, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Computer Vision, Control Systems.


Title: Gaze Estimation using Sclera and Iris Extraction.

The gaze pattern can be identified using different methods but most of them require the use of specialized equipments which can be prohibitively expensive for some applications. In this dissertation, we investigate the possibility of using sclera and iris regions captured in a webcam sequence to estimate the gaze pattern. The sclera and iris regions in the video frame are first extracted by using an adaptive thresholding technique. The gaze pattern is then determined based on areas of different sclera regions and distances between tracked points along the irises. The technique is novel as sclera regions are often ignored in eye tracking literature while we have demonstrated that they can be easily extracted from images captured by low-cost camera and are useful in determining the gaze pattern. The accuracy and computational efficiency of the proposed technique is demonstrated by experiments with human subjects.

Work Experience

08/2010 – 2/2011

Member of Technical Staff, Image and Video Processing, CloudGrapes Inc.

Implemented Image Processing Algorithms such as Image Enhancement and Background-Foreground subtraction techniques for reducing the bandwidth when there is network congestion. Executed Face Detection and Face Recognition algorithms for different applications. Developed Wall of Videos (WOV), where each video may be a live stream or stored content or a camera. Performed video processing tasks such as trans-coding of the videos (streams), reducing the bit rate etc., of streams prior to displaying them on to the WOV.

Professional Experience

08/2007 – 06/2010

Graduate Research Assistant, University of Kentucky.

Explored different Image Processing algorithms and concepts, evaluated different object recognition techniques suitable for the application. Developed Algorithms for Eye Tracking and Mouth Tracking, also prepared appropriate Eye tracking and mouth tracking videos for conducting experiments. Measured the head pose by using different algorithms and calculated the eyes gaze using the sclera and pupil concept, analyzed the results.

Academic Projects

Improving Gaze Pattern of People with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Objective of the project is to study the gaze pattern of Autistic people and improve it by using Image Processing techniques. We progressed from the basic idea of picture-in-picture overlay to tracking the eyes and mouth by using different Image Processing Techniques. The demo of the project can be seen in following video:

Perceptive Measurement of Image and Video Inpainting Quality.

Studied different Inpainting algorithms and developed models for the measurement of different Inpainting algorithms. Developed an Algorithm for testing different Inpainting algorithms and performed eye tracking experiments to analyze the results for both image and Video Inpainting.

Wireless Sensor Node for Wireless Sensor Network (WSN).

Developed a single transceiver (Node) for sensing data from sensor nodes through wireless communication and designed different schematics for the nodes using an ARM 32 bit controller. Generated different schematics for printed circuit board layout Programmed the application and compiled. Embedded code into micro controller flash memory and finally tested the programs and also kit.


Skilled in Video Compression techniques, Image Processing and Signal Processing Algorithms and also object recognition methods. Strong Analytical and Mathematical skills. Knowledge of Multi Threaded Programming, Shell Scripting and Code Optimization techniques.

Experienced in various Image and Video Processing techniques (Eye tracking, image blending, video-on-video, Histogram Equalization, Edge detection and mouth tracking), Image Compression, Image Filtering, Image Segmentation, Image Enhancement.

Experienced in programming and building models for different applications using Matlab and OpenCV library.

Proficient with C, C++, Matlab, OpenCV, H.264, MPEG4, Simulink, HTML, OpenGL, Video Lab, Photoshop, Microsoft Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Access/Project), Microsoft Visual Studio, Edit plus, WMV, Visual C, Visual C++, MFC, Linux operating system and Windows operating system.

Excellent team, interpersonal skills and communication skills.


Scored 95 percentile in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), a National level exam, conducted by Indian Institute of Technologies.

Scored 3.25 GPA in Masters Degree.

Achieved Kentucky Graduate Scholarship (KGS) from University of Kentucky.


References are provided upon request.

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