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Oracle Developer

August 16, 2012

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**, ********* *******,

B/h Bank of Baroda,

Nehrunagar, Ambawadi,


: +91-999******* :

Career Goal :-> Seeking assignments in ORACLE.


o 3.4 Years of experience in oracle technology.

o Sound understanding of Oracle Database Architecture, Configuration,

Administration, Backup & Recovery

o Good knowledge of Linux, file systems with Oracle Database 9i,10g,11g

o Maintainance of Alert Log file and maintaining backup using Import – Export.

o Resolving performance problems.

o Loading data into database using SQL LOADER.

o Written Cursors, Procedures, Functions and Packages using PL/SQL

o Migration of Oracle Application and Database.

o Tunning of SQL Queries and Tunning of Oracle Reports.


o Oracle 9i OCP – DBA [ From ITS – Ahmedabad ]


Programming Languages : SQL, PL/SQL

OS Platform : Windows Server–2003,2008,Red Hat Linux [4.0,5.4,6.0]

Databases : Oracle 8i,9i,10g,11g.

Oracle Development Tools : D2K 4.5,6,6i,10G,11G.


1.) Oracle Developer : ( 16-Feb-2012 - Till Date )

Urmin Group of Companies

Business Type : Tobacco, Nuts,Jaljira

Brand Name : Baghban,Star Nuts,Tingles

Web Site :->

Ahmedabad, India

I have been working as a Oracle Developer at Urmin Group of Compnies,

My working areas are Installation,Configuration of OS,Oracle database, Oracle Forms & Reports, Implementation,Migration of ERP.

Responsibilities :

o Creation of Receipe system for Management.

o Technically and Functionally responsible for Creation,

Modification,Process mapping in Payroll Module.

o Providing training to the users.

o Developed MIS Report, Matrix report,Group by reports

as per user’s requirements.

o Providing technical assistance to junior for Oracle.

o Installation,Configuration,Creation of Oracle Database 9i.

o Monitoring Database Backup using Auto Schedule Cold backup.

o Responsible for checking of alert.log file and user trace files.

o Responisble for Server Migration in case of fail over.

o Creation of Tablespace, Users, Rights allocation as per

Module’s requirements.

o Creation and maintainance of Database Triggers, Cursor, Procedures, Functions,Packages as per Process.

2.) ORACLE DEVELOPER : (13-May-2010 – 31-jan-2012)

Skyward Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Business Type :- Provide IT support

Ahmedabad, India

Web Site :->

I had worked as a Oracle Developer at Skyward techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

I have experience in Information Technology since may 2009. My working areas are Installation,Configuration of OS,Oracle database, Oracle Forms & Reports,

Implementation of ERP.

Projects Undertaken :-

1. Installation & Configuration of Oracle Middleware and Application :-

I had been given responsibility to install and configure Oracle 10G Middleware

And Application and deploy forms and reports at Bombardiear Baroda.

Responsibilities :- ( On Site / Off site)

o Installation and Configuration of Oracle Application Server 10g in

Red hat Linux 4.0 - 64Bit - Itanium.

o Installation and configration of Oracle Forms and Reports Services

in Red hat Linux 4.0 - 64Bit - Itanium.

o Deploy Forms into Oracle Application.

o Deploy reports using report server in Oracle application.

Technical Environment :- ( Oracle AS 10g,

Oracle Forms and Reports 10G,

OS :- Red hat Linux 4.0 – 64 Bit Itanium )

2.) Migration of Oracle Application and Database :-

I had been given resposibilty to migrate Oracle Application from

Oracle 4.5 to Oracle 11G at Star Rays (Surat).

Responsibilities :- [ On Site ]

o Installation and configuration of Oracle d2k 6i and Oracle Database -9i.

o Compilation and Migration of Oracle Forms-4.5 to Oracle 6.

o Migration of Oracle database 8i to Oracle 9I.

o Installation and Configuration of Oracle 11g Forms and Reports,

Oracle Web logic 10.3.0,Oracle Database 11g on Windows Server 2008.

o Migration of Oracle Forms and reports into Oracle 11G, database from

Oracle 9i to Oracle 11G.

o Implemention of Look and Feel of Oracle Forms with proper

form control propeties.

Technical Environment :- ( Oracle Forms & reports – 4.5,6i,11g,

Oracle Middleware :- Web Logic - 10.3.0,

Oracle Database :- Oracle 11G

OS : Windows Server 2008 – 32 Bit )

3.) Installation,Configuration & Implementation of HRMiS ERP :- [ On Site ]

I had been given responsibility to implement HRMiS ERP at Wagh Bakri Tea

using Oracle Forms and Reports 11g, Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Web Logic – 10.3.0.

Responsibilities :-

o Installation & Configuration of Forms and Reports,

Web Logic (Middleware)10.3.3,Oracle Database 11G,Patch installation

on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4,6.0.

o Creation of database,tablespace creation,user creation,grant allocation.

o Loading data into database using SQL Loader.

o Database backup using Import / Export Utility.

o Implementation of Trainning, Recruirement, Payroll module.

Technical Environment :- ( Oracle Forms and Reports – 11g, Oracle Database 11.2.0, Oracle web logic 10.3.3

SQL Developer,

OS:- Linux - Red Hat – 5.4, 6.0 )

4.) Migration of ERP :-> [ On Site ]

I had been given a responsibility to migrate Lubi Pumps’s ERP from

D2k - 6 to D2k -11G & in back end from Oracle 9I to Oracle 11G.

After migration I performed creation of TDS module.

Responsibilities :-

o Installation & configuration of Forms and Reports 6I,Database 9I

on Microsoft Server 2003 – X86.

o Compilation of all module’s from D2k 6 to 6I.

o Installation & Configuration of Forms and Reports,

oracle web logic 10.3.3, database 11G,Patches installation

on Microsoft Server 2008–X64.

o Installation & Configuration of Migration & Compilation of all modules

from D2K 6I To D2K 11G.

o Creation of mail sending process using SMTP Package.

o Creation of Fax sending software using VB.Net – 2008.

o Creation & Implementation of TDS module using

Oracle Forms 6i and Oracle Database - 9I.

Technical Environment :- ( Oracle Forms & Reports–6,.6i,11g. Oracle Database 9i,11g.

Oracle web logic 10.3.3,

Toad 9.0.1,9.7.2,

OS:- Windows Server–2003,2008 X86-64)

(2.) ORACLE DEVELOPER : (April-2009 to May-2010)

Arex Industries Ltd

Chhatral, India

Business Type: Manufacturing Garment Labels

Web Site :

Responsibilities :-

o Migration of ERP in Oracle 10G ( Application,Middleware,Database).

o Migration of D2K - 6i To D2K - 10g Forms and Reports.

o Implementing backup of database using Import-Export.

o Comparsion of Database and compilation of Database objects.

o Development of tabular,group,matrix reports.

o Online troubleshooting of problems.


M.C.A (67%) - L.J.Institute of Computer Application Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, India

B.Com (64%) - S.M.Patel Institute of Commerce, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, India


Date Of Birth : 19th July 1985

Languages Known : English,Hindi,Gujarati

Marital status : Married

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