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Animation Director

United States
50,000 per year
August 30, 2012

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Adny Angrand


A highly focused artist and illustrator for over 20 years with hands on experience in the industry as a

Traditional Animation Artist. Proven ability to improve with creative techniques namely in

Traditional 2D animated cartoons and character animation, character design, storyboarding,

animatics, conceptual designs, model sheets, exposure sheet development,, illustrations, video

editing, promo reels, logos, book layouts, brochures, posters, and more. Declared as a "creative

artist", providing an edge over conventional graphic designers by utilizing dexterity to produce an

alternative design. Analytical thinker and self-starter with excellent interpersonal skills who has been

recognized for leadership, and identifying goals and priorities. Ability to communicate and motivate

team members to enhance strategic goals and bottom line objectives.



-Adobe Premier

-Final Cut Pro

-Adobe Photoshop

-Adobe Illustrator

-Adobe Flash

-MS Word, Excel

-After Effects


Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale – Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Associate of Science Degree in Visual Communications

Graduation year 1995


Individually contracted jobs:

To date… (2007-current)

Art and Animation Director, Storyboards, animatics and Character Designs to the following:

-Topographic Productions, Inc. (

• The Bolt Who Screwed Christmas™, An award winning animated short film.

• No Not The Chicken™, Animated short film.

• Delusions: The Anti-M videos

• Currently in production on Resurrection™, A short independent animated film for short films festivals.

• Preproduction on Double or Nothing™, A short independent animated film for short films festivals.

-Major Minerz, Inc.

• Animated the 2009 award winning Anti-Litter PSA for the City of Miami Gardens (


• Animated the 2010 award winning Anti-Litter PSA for the City of Miami Gardens

-Lis Anna Productions, Inc. (

• Currently in production on “almost”™, © Lis Anna Productions Inc. A short independent animated

film for short films festivals.

• Short animated intro preceding Lis Anna films

-Phoenix Fire Films (

• Preproduction on The Spirit Of Christmas™, ©Phoenix Fire Films Inc. A short independent animated

film for short films festivals.

-Deal Muffin (

• The Misadventures of Deal Muffin™, Animation trailer.

-Autodesk (, (

• I’m Just A Lead. Internal corporate video presentation.

-ADA Sports (

• Animated Apple Iphone Parody 1. (

• Animated Apple Iphone Parody 2. (

• Animated Facebook Parenting Parody (

• Animated Meat Smoothie short.

• Developed the animatic for The Fixers.

• Developed the animatic for The Geezers “Emailing” (

• Developed the animatic for The Geezers “Virtual Bowel Movement”

• Developed the animatic for Genetically Modified Selects.

• Developed animated logos.

-Joke Donkey (

• Animated Christmas short “Where Tree Angles Come From”

-Shadows In Darkness, Inc.

• Developed conceptual and animations for SpongeBob Squarepants™ Smartphone app.

-Nebula Media

• The Stonerds™. Animated characters within the live action short film. (

-Corey Craig

• Valentine’s Day™. Short animated film for comedian Corey Craig


-Scott Jackman Productions

• Wunkey Chipmonkey™. Animated the short cartoon. (


• Bubbles™. Animated tv commercial for Coca Cola.

-Bardo Music

• Erosion, Rock is Dead™. Animated short music video for musician Geoff Raines

-Andreo Fanatic Heard

• Animated segments in music video.

-20/480 Productions, Inc. (

• Bum Bum Jones™ animated shorts.

• Channel 44™ animated shorts.

• Still Not Hitched™ animated shorts.

• ConVo™ animated shorts.

• Animation shorts for College Humor, New York Pudding, and 4t4 Digital.

-Wasting Away Productions.

• Short animated intro to precede the films

Short animations for film credits. (

-Voodoo Tiki Tequila

• Short animation (

-Polar Productions, Fort Lauderdale, FL

• 2D animation for Good To Go Gang educational cartoon series

-Graphic Animations for the following projects:

PlatForum (

• Animated a company video for presentation of services.


• Animated a company video for presentation of services.


• Developed animation for presentation of services.

Illustrations For the following projects:

• Balloon Babies Inside Our Rainbows™. Illustrations for children book. Available on

• When The Boogeyman Spent The Night™ Album cover. ©Scott Jackman Productions.

Shadows In Darkness, Inc

Employed from: December 2003 - June 2005

821 Coral Ridge Drive

Coral Springs, FL 33071

Office 954-***-****

Boss: Rick Daniels

Lead Concept Illustrator

-Illustrations and concepts for graphics arts, animations, and video game development Including

Character Designs, Level Designs, Storyboards and Animatics.

-Specialize in 2d Cel Animation

-Experience in Digital Sprite Animation for Gameboy Advance games.

-Projects Includes:

Pizza Dudes (concepts for console videogame work in progress)

Panzer Elite Action: Fields of Glory (storyboards, console game)

Cabella ¦s Outdoor Adventures (Storyboards, PC and console game)

Googles (Educational children web animation/activity center)

DragonBall Z: Boo's Fury (Gameboy advance 2d sprite animation)

DragonBall GT (Gameboy Advance 2d sprite animation)

Task Force 20 (working title, conceptual designs for Xbox game)

The Islands (Concept artist for PS2 console game)

The Mummy (2d sprite animations for cellular phone game)

CBS Sports (2d sprite animations for cellular phone game)

Hot Wheels (car mapping for web base Hot Wheels game)

Big Game Hunter (working title, storyboards, for console game)

Spongebob Squarepants (Background Illustrations for pc videogame)

Exodus Entertainment, Inc.

Employed from: January 1997 - Jan 2000

Co-owner of company

Traditional Animation, Content Design And Development

-Designing characters and environment for animated series.

-Development of storyboards, animatics, and pitch packages for several animated show ideas

-Adding traditional animations to projects.

-Projects include:

Skiddles (M&M parody, storyboards)

Donovan Clark (Co-created, storyboards and animations for 2d animation series)

Harry Potter (Animated demonstration for Mattel toys)

The Game Room (Animated demonstration of videogame magazine TV show)

and Series of web animation featuring traditional 2d animations.

The Animation Factory, Inc.

Employed from: January 1995 - Jan 1997

Boss: Terry Lock, Rick Daniels

Traditional Animation Artist

-Traditional 2D animations for tv show and video game projects.

-Development of storyboards, model sheets and conceptual art and illustrations for preproduction on

television and video game properties.

-Clients include

Acclaim Comics (Animated Comic Books)

Hammer Horror (Early concepts based on old horror movies to be animated and presented on HBO)

Rainbow Bright (Animation for toy commercial)

Kittens (Animation for toy commercial)

Kindergarden (Animation for toy commercial)


Sky Dancers (animated wipes and transitions for the show)

Dragonflys (wipes and transitions fx).


-Fluent in two languages (English, Creole)


-Creative Problem Solving

-Working Knowledge of Adobe CS5 Suite

-Product Improvement

-Great Communication and Written Skills

-Motivated to learn new software and techniques

-Very Talented Artist

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