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Customer Design

United States
April 16, 2012

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AT&T NORCAL LTE Pre-Launch Tuning

Validate drive test coverage footprint against designed coverage

Identify LTE coverage hole and perform tilt optimization.

Defined LTE intracell and IRAT neighbors. Checked PCI collision

Audit dl/ul Attenuation and TrafficDelays in OSS against RNDCIQ

Run ACP with latest configuration, validate RSRP, Dominance and Best Server

Stats performance monitoring (ITK), site shakedown support and RET audits

(AMOS) troubleshoot UL RSSI, VSWR, alarms, RET connectivity and swapped feeder

Ensured LTE RNDCIQ is accurate and updated for scripting

Managed operational issues and produced daily alarm summary and issues tracker

AT&T NORCAL LTE RF Network Design

Preliminary Initial Cluster Design (PICD), Implementable Cluster Design (ICD), Long Term Cluster Design (LTCD) using Atoll

Setting up Atoll projects, run prediction RSRP, RSRQ, SINR, Dominance, Throughput and Monte Carlo simulation

Performed optimization on azimuth, tilts, antenna size and sparse site to meet target KPI

Calculate KPI, generate Cluster Certificates and presentations to customer

Produced delta report to check azimuth, heights, tilts, antenna type and sector changes

Extract RFDS info and maintain LTE site database by tracking site list changes

AT&T NORCAL 3G Optimization (P6 & P7)

Long Term Strategy Team

Conduct network wide audits aimed at improving performance and support optimization team

dlAttenuation impact analysis, GS & FGA parameters audits, nbr list optimization (UMFI, IFHO, 3G-3G WNCS, one way nbr and nbr list full), load balancing and IuR border analysis

Defining new RNC boundaries with AT&T counterparts bringing in RF (LA/RA) and RNC (MP load & RANAP load) considerations

Optimization Team

Strive to achieve target CQI in zone 12D (East San Jose) and 15D (Monterey/Santa Cruz)

Identify QDR and QDA offender regardless chronic or acute, low hanging fruits and sites break down

Endeavor to improve AT&T network by 1C/2C and 3C optimization

Performing tilts, missing nbr opti, power control parameters, layer management parameters, Arieso for coverage and drops location, SC collision, power balancing, Cpich reduction

3C cluster optimization for close out package

Optimized new site built and new 3C whenever they are launched


TELCEL 3G Network Tuning and Optimization (P6 & P7)

Tuning & Optimization of clusters in R6 cities through preliminary, PAC and FAC process

Planned drive test, post-process DT logs using Tipp Macro, analyzed drops, blocks, low throughput area, IRAT failures, pilot pollution and layer 3 messages

Daily Network KPI monitoring and relevant counters. Suggest recommendations for improvement.

Global and UtranCell parameter consistency check using NeXplorer and kget based on newest baseline

Optimized VIP areas (CPICH, IRAT, cell reselection parameters and hotype definition for border and core cells)

Cluster report generation (RSCP, EcIo, pilot pollution, HS throughput, drop/block events)

Identify and optimized high HS usage cells, missing neighbors using WNCS and troubleshoot UL RSSI

Calculate additional artificial load to be added for PAC drive test

Monitor capacity CE, code, power, Iub congestion and grace time period

Knowledge Share presentations for TELCEL


MTN 3G Network Tuning and Optimization (P5)

Tuning & Optimization of assigned cities. Strive to achieve the target Accessibility, Integrity, Retainability & Mobility KPI’s for various RAB services.

Performance verification for various RAB services include CS, PS R99 and HSDPA

Monitor the growth of traffic & report for any availability issues.

Testing the radio performance for the newly integrated sites

Identify cells with CE congestion while propose solution for capacity management.

Daily monitoring of Network KPI’s in FACTS.

Weekly KPI report generation in prescribed formats.

Troubleshooting customer complaints & provide inputs seeking best KPI achievement.

Liaise with CN to solve problematic issues due to wrongly set configurations in the CN


WCDMA Radio Network Design - Bharti Airtel – Colombo, SL (Aug 07 – Oct 07)

3G pre-planning stage for new operator

Nominal cell planning and RAN network dimensioning

Link budget design (DL&UL) for different RAB services (CS, PS & HSDPA)

Generate prediction plots of RSCP, Ec/No, Active set, Pilot pollution and HS Throughput

PSC, LAC, RAC, Intra-freq neighbor and UMTS parameter planning

Output no of sites estimation and final sites count to meet customer requirement

RF site survey, site selection and validating TSSR for site acquisition

Finalized cell/master planning and output final design of engineering parameter

AIS Northern GSM Swap (Phase II) – Chiang Mai, Thailand (May 07 – Aug 07)

Prepare swap BSC data configuration for four provinces.

Pre & Post Swap KPI & Drive Test Analysis and suggest recommendations for improvement.

Parameter tuning at BSC & Cell Level, Frequency & Neighbor Optimization.

Dual band (900 & 1800) Layer Optimization & Tuning, Worst cells analysis on a weekly basis.

Interface between RNO team & customer, Report writing and submission as per prescribed formats to operator.

Resolve Customer Complaints regarding TCH blocking, Half Rate voice performance, Traffic balance for dual band.

VIVO Prelaunch GSM Optimization (Phase I) – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (Nov 06 – Apr 07)

Cluster Drive Test & Single site Check, Detailed analysis of Post processed log files.

Network Benchmarking, Antenna Optimization & tuning.

IBS Walk-test and CQT (Call Quality Test) at Commercial Stores of Vivo.

BSC and Cell level parameter tuning, Frequency & Neighbor Optimization.

Resolve Customer Complaints & Report generation in prescribed formats.

DIGITEL SUN Cellular GSM Optimization (Phase V & VI) – Manila, Philippines (July 06 – Oct 06)

Coverage & Capacity Planning for Network Expansion.

Worst Cell KPI Analysis on a weekly basis and suggest recommendations for improvement.

Detailed analysis of Post processed Drive Test Logs.

Network Benchmarking, Antenna Optimization & tuning.

BSC & Cell Level KPI Performance Analysis.

Dual Band (900 & 1800) Layer Optimization & Tuning.

BSC and Cell level parameter tuning, Frequency & Neighbor Optimization.

Resolve Customer Complaints & Report generation in prescribed formats.

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