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Plant Project

java, East Java, Indonesia
USD 500/ day
August 23, 2012

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Mobile: +62-812-**-***-***

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Date of Birth Sidoarjo, 25 May 1979

Nationality Indonesian

Current /Mailing address Jl. Cengger Ayam 1A/No.16A Malang – Indonesia

Total Experience 14 years

Designation Production Supervisor FPSO Joko Tole gas compression and dehydration offshore facilities.

Current Salary USD 4000/month

Expected Job Rotation Long term

Notice period As soon as possible

Other Certified in BST, T-BOSIET, HUET sea survival training international OPITO standard


Bachelor Degree of Mechanical Engineering, Tri Dharma University Balikpapan Indonesia- 2012


To offer a strong background of distinguished accomplishments in the areas of petrochemical, gas processing, and utility System in petrochemical and Oil/Gas Industry, Implementing and controlling of Company Health Safety and Environmental activities which has provide proven leadership of day to day operations of facilities and business performance continues improvement program, technical innovation to the entire oil & gas Industry to achieve world class facilities standards.


1. Bergesen Worldwide Offshore (

Duration : October 2011 – Present

Production supervisor

FPSO BW GENIE (Joko Tole) –TSB Project Gas field compression and Dehydration process. Joining since project conversion tanker ship to floating production unit (FPU) Joko Tole for Terang, Sirasun, batur gas field with client Kangean energy Indonesia and Japex. and direct involved in Mechanical completion and various commissioning activities such as hook up riser, sub sea Umbilical, X-tree and start-up. Contributes to the development of the various production systems and processes required for start-up and operations

Conducted briefing toolbox safety meeting to the contractor and vendor in various job executions as per company HSE and safety guidelines procedure.

Process Description, PFD, P&ID, PSFD drawings study

ESD matrix philosophy and loop test trip logic system.

Comment and review Logic control strategy and objective

Safeguarding narrative discussion.

PSV specifications and data sheet

Identify optimization initiatives and safety improvement opportunities. .

Review tie-ins to existing facilities and provide safe execution and commissioning procedures

Review pre-commissioning and commissioning documentation and procedures

Review and comment on operating manuals and instructions

Participate in system walk down, punch list, acceptance and handover.

Review and comment Operating Procedures, Operations data, etc

Coordinate and supervise operators and make appropriate troubleshooting action to solve any various process upset.

2. Zakum Development Company (ZADCO). ADNOC subsidiary company.

Abu Dhabi, Uni Emirate Arab (

Duration: February 2011 – September 2011

Senior Production Operator in three offshore fields complex and onshore crude oil stabilization, storages, and loading complex facilities. Handling and responsible in production operation offshore and onshore facilities. Oil treatment plant (OTP), producing 600.000 barrel/day stabilize crude oil and associated condensate, wellhead water/gas injection, intelligent pigging survey, pigging receiver, desalter crude oil -gas separation process, Gas treatment plant (GTP) with ME- Glycol process, De-Hydration gas system TE-Glycol process, gas compression turbo machineries processing with stabilized gas condensate. Gas treatment H2S removal. Tank farm and transfer loading crude oil and condensate. Successfully operate day-to-day in three different offshore platform facilities and gas compression transport of 3%-6% H2S content. Operate and maintain onshore facilities production Crude Oil treatment Plant, storages, and loading center, Gas Treatment Plant

Responsible for controlling plant process from DCS central control room (CCR) and field to meet objectives in operation process and safety parameter. Execute jobs at safe and clean environmental sound manner that meet quality and quantity standard for customer’s requirements.


Duration: November 2002 – February 2011

As Senior Control Room Operator in Ammonia and Utility plants. Joined since initial project phase, pre commissioning and commissioning and start up in the facilities. Role and responsible are

a. Co-ordinate, lead and supervise the teams of operators for start up and shutdown to achieve operations excellence, and ensure that field operations are performed safely and optimally within design, and enforce HSE requirements for work in the plant. Conducting trip integrity and system integrity checks periodically

b. Coordinate with direct supervisor to generate managerial report for plant condition, make analytical report for plant process improvement.

c. Area Coordinator during Annual Turnarounds

d. Preparing and issue permit to work (PWT) cold work, hot work, vessel entry, excavation, road close, Job Safety Analysis (JSA) as per maintenance job specification, ensuring their work will be accomplished safely and minimize disruption to plant production.

e. Lead the production operators in toolbox meeting and safety meeting before the j ob starts

f. To train and guide local/national trainee in assigned area, communication, and operate Honeywell TDC 3000 module.

g. Involved in suggesting, creating and implementing many MOCs (Management of Change) / FCO (Field Change Orders) for improving the Plant safety and

Operational performance.

h. Monitor and control the safe and efficient operation for the production. Follow up Plant Improvement Project to achieve company goal.


Nisso Iwai Corp. Japan joint venture company

Duration: September 1999 – November 2002

As Area Operator in Methanol Plant Syn gas base processing and distillation.


Medium Density Fiberboard Timber Division

As Laboratory Technician and Quality Assurances Inspector

Duration: February 1999 – September 1999

Assigned as Laboratory technician as well as product quality inspector back end process. Major task are analysis and check raw material and product as per international standard and specification with high quality grade AA product output of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) product, familiar with titration acidy-alkalimetry, swelling test, density meter fiberboard, bend test, etc


a. Exposure more 14 years of working experiences in FPSO/FPU Hydrocarbon processing, Offshore and onshore facilities, petrochemical, oil and gas industry in QATAR – UAE Middle East and Indonesia world class multinational companies environmental in Operations facilities.

b. A self motivated and resourceful person with sound operations background in the following plant systems,, CO2 Removal, Methane/ Ethane Cracking furnace processing, Distillation Columns, Stripping, steam-carbon ratio Reformer unit, Syn Gas process,, Refrigeration units, Catalytic conversion units, Hydrogen Recovery Units, Cryogenic process, boilers HP/MP steam generation, Flare system,.

c. Successfully developed Operations in field and in Central Control Room (CCR) for process ICSS Kongsberg K-Chief 700 process control system. Total Plant Solution (TPS) DCS Honeywell TDC 3000 and Yokogawa Centum CS3000 technology. ESD Triconex logic control system. Following up the progress and carried out plant activity since pre-commissioning, commissioning, loop trip logic test, pre start-up, start-up, production load testing till achieve standard product specification.

d. Safe handling experience in equipments like Centrifugal Compressors, Screw oil injection compressor, Reciprocating pumps, Centrifugal pumps, Pumps/ compressor driven by Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Steam Reboilers, 2 and 3 phased separators, Motor driven 11KV/ 33 KV, ID/FD fans draft Burners.

e. Excellent knowledge of HSE standards, Permit to work system, job safety analysis, active involve in Hazard Identification and Hazard Operability Inspection modification of change in various unit process, risk assessment, Active to achieve ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 standards.


a. Actively involved in implementation of various procedures and checklists for achieving ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certification.

b. Involved in Risk Assessments for various critical activities. Carry out gas testing, including determining of amount of hydrocarbons, Oxygen, water, explosive gas etc. Gas testing for work and entry permits. Undergone training to be an Authorized gas tester. Gas testing – Trained to test H2S, Hydrogen, methane, oxygen etc., during running and shutdown times.

c. Reporting & following up unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, near miss, personal injury & property damage.

d. TRIP DRILL – Once in two months trip drill is conducted to ensure the efficiency of the operator to act fast in emergency

e. MOCK DRILL – Once in three months safety mock drill is conducted. Officials will inform a dangerous condition in the particular plant area and they will declare emergency. All the personnel will handle the situation efficiently, quickly and properly.

f. Good experience in following all safety procedures to be followed during Vessel Entry, Hot work like welding, cutting, high elevation job, and excavation jobs etc.

g. PPEs – Well trained to use all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) etc.


a. TPS GUS module operation, Kongsberg K-chief 700, Honeywell TDC3000 and YOKOGAWA CENTUM CS3000. Program Logic Control -TRICONEX ESD system.

b. Feed gas sulphur removal/sweetening unit from 100 ppm to less than 1 ppm sulphur contain feed gas outlet using BASF MDEA solution as absorbent media and steam reboiler and LP flash vessel, overhead condensers and reflux drums.

c. Waste Heat Boiler HP steam 120 bar 235 tons steam generation.

d. CO2 removal system using a-MDEA piperazine solution absorber, LP/HP flash vessel, regeneration steam reboiler.

e. Natural Gas compressor with Dry gas seal system, driven by Motor 11/33 KV power. Syn gas multiple stage compressors driven by HP steam 115 bars with Extraction and condensing turbine. LP/HP governor controller. Process air compressor, Refrigeration Screw oil injection compressor, instrument air proportional controller compressor. Gas turbine compressor solar turbine caterpillar Mars100

f. Sea water pumps, cooling water pumps, BFW pumps driven by 11 KV and 33 KV power motor and steam turbine. Reciprocating pumps.

g. Methanol fractionation/Distillation atmospheric tower column.

h. Ammonia synthesis loop reactor, and series of Cryogenic heat exchangers and separators.

i. PGHRU – Purge gas hydrogen recovery unit recovers the hydrogen from purge gas

j. HP Boilers, IP Boilers, LP Boilers steam generation and associated BFW treatment facilities.

k. Utilities e.g. condensate water treatment, demineralization water treatment using ionic resin exchanger. Regeneration resin exchanger by H2SO4- NaOH 4% solution.

l. Close cooling water plate exchanger, Nitrogen, working air, grade distribution etc.


1 R.O.C GMMDS radio naval communication in Jakarta 2012

2 Tropical Basic survival from OPITO standard in Batam 2012

3 Naval basic safety training in Batam 2012

4 Kongsberg Integrated control and safety system K-Chief 700 in Singapore 2012

5 Tropical Basic Sea Survival (T-BOSIET) and Helicopter Under water Escape (HUET) training From ZADCO-FALCK Abu Dhabi (March 2011)

6 Attended plant site training in various equipments unit process from main contractor and vendors (QAFCO-4 project 2003)

7 Pre commissioning and Commissioning Ammonia-4 plant project Uhde GmbH Qatar (2003)

8 Dry gas seal system turbo compressors (pre-commissioning Qafco-4) conducted by Siemen 2003

9 Training DCS operating and trouble shooting Honeywell TDC 3000 module conducted by UHDE in QAFCO 4 project (2002)

10 Training Environment, safety, and material handling Qafco-Qatar (2006)

11 Education of Dual system from PT. Pupuk Kaltim Bontang (1997), implemented field education in Ammonia- Urea process as well as Laboratory analysis in quality and quantity study.


Fluent in computer competencies MS-office, MS-Project, Visio application. Familiar with Oracle intranet such as LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), PIMS (Process Information Management System), Safety Management System, etc. Can provide outstanding personal and professional references at the appropriate time. Willing to working on-shore and off-shore plant facilities. The statements in this application are true and correct information. A False statement or dishonest answer to any question may be grounds for my immediate discharge from employment.

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