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Sr Sharepoint Developer /.Net Developer

Chicago, Illinois, United States
May 24, 2010

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• Over *+ years of IT Experience and with professional experience in design, development and implementation of applications.

• Experienced with all phases of project in development, testing and deployment and management of enterprise solutions.

• Expertise includes development of distributed n-tier Client/Server applications in C#, Visual Basic.Net, VB and web–based solutions in ASP.NET and using webservices.

• Also worked with Device Application using Ranger Mentor and Symbol Mobile.

• Good skills in implementing application systems employing OOA, OOD, .NET Remoting and .NET Web Services.

• Good problem solving skills with high aptitude to follow the logic control, high learning curve.

• Expertise in relational database design, data extraction, transformation, writing procedures, functions, triggers from large and complex data sources using MS SQL Server (SQL ,T-SQL) and Oracle (SQL* Plus, PL/SQL).

• Experience in client side development using HTML / DHTML, JavaScript, CSS.

• Experienced in fostering and developing client relations, providing end user training and innovative technical solutions, conducting software demonstrations, and increasing efficiency to enhance accountability.

• Leadership skills include ability to lead and motivate co-workers from all backgrounds, creative problem solving and solution-oriented work style, decisive and confident decision-making and in-depth proficiency with new technology trends.

• Strong communication, interpersonal and time management skills with good work ethics.


 Total Experience in .NET: 4+ years.

 Worked as Programmer Analyst in Access Medical Group, LLC, Chicago IL from Oct 2008 to Dec 2009.

 Worked as Programmer Analyst in Hallmark Global Tech, Newark, DE from Mar 2008 to Sep 2008

 Worked as Senior .Net Programmer in Gateway Technolabs Pvt Ltd. from Jul 2006 to Feb. 2008.

 Worked as .Net Programmer in Elan Emerging Tech from Apr 2006 to Jun 2006.

 Worked in Vyas InfoTech Ltd. as a .NET Programmer from Oct 2005 to Mar 2006.


• Master of Computer Applications from Gujarat University, College: SSIT, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

• Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) from Gujarat University, College: Bhavan’s Sheth R.A.College of Science, Khanpur, Gujarat, India.

Technical Expertise

• Programming Languages/ C#,VB.NET, ADO.NET & ASP.NET 1.1, 2.0

Development Tools Visual Studio 6.0, Windows Compact Framework (CE)

• Relational Databases SQL Server 2000 – 2005, Oracle 8/9i

• Web Related ASP.Net, AJAX, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS

• Development Environment Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 - 2005

• Version Control tools Visual Source Safe 2005

• Web Servers IIS 2000

• Third Party Tools Microsoft Enterprise Library Application Blocks (ELAB),

FCKEditor, CodeSmith 3.1, Infragistics Web controls.

• Developing Methods Agile Technology, SDLC, Object Oriented, Iterative, Waterfall,


• Error Reporting Tool Bugzilla, IssueManager, Mantis

• Project Management Tools Microsoft Project 2000

• Office Tools Microsoft Visio 2003

• Client Interaction Tools Skype, MSN

Projects Undertaken

Client: Access Medical LLC, Chicago 5 months



System includes the online video training, live coaching and blog. Here Access provides the media to become a coach and/or giving the live coaching service to the clients. Modules include Online Training, Live coaching, Assessment Tools, Blog, Payment Integration with PayPal, managing account history and Job hunting. Also includes error handling modules to support the future maintenance of the system. Managed Exception handling and logging using Enterprise Library.


 Analysis of the Initial Requirements.

 Created database architecture.

 Coded T-SQL stored procedures, triggers and functions.

 Created layered architecture and also used factory patterns in data access layer.

 Managed exception handling and logging using Enterprise Library.

 Used Application Blocks for Error logs.

 Worked in all phases like Analysis, Designing and Development of the system.

Technologies Used:

C#, ASP.NET Framework 2.0 Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, Ajax Toolkit 1.0, Microsoft Application Blocks, JavaScript, Visual SourceSafe 2005, Bugzilla, CodeSmith 3.1

Client: Access Medical LLC, Chicago 4 months



This system has been developed mainly for Abbott Laboratories. It includes the audio-visual training to the physicians through interactive media. It gives online interactive training with evaluation and results in various areas of Pharmacy. A main client for this system is Abbott Laboratories. It also includes the 3 main modules for admin, clients and speakers. Functionalities like email blast and report generation is also included.


 Created new modules for the new drugs for speakers and client.

 Managed exception handling and logging using Enterprise Library.

 Was involved in the supportive enhancement and release of the modules.

 Have done client interaction for support of the application.

Technologies Used:

ASP .NET 2.0 (C#), SQL SERVER 2000, Visual Studio 2005, JavaScript and Web service


Client: Hallmark Global Tech. Inc, Newark 6 months



This website manages, maintains and produces the various educational activities that meets the educational needs of healthcare provides. It includes the modules like meeting managements, report generation. Various medical meetings like live meetings, dinner meetings, webcast, PIMs etc. Admin and client both modules has been designed and developed to meet the requirements.


 Analysis of the Initial Requirements.

 Created System Requirement Specifications.

 Involved in database architecture.

 Have performed Client side scripting using JavaScript.

 Performed unit testing and Integration testing at various stage of the project.

Technologies Used:

C#, ASP.NET Framework 2.0, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2000, WebEx.

Client: Gateway Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. (Corporate Client) 1 year 2 months

Project: (Device Application)


eNetDispatch is a module of the project called eNet System for company called Pumper Trucks Private Ltd. It is developed for a Ranger device of Mentor. It includes features like print functionality, bbxServer for Lat-Long Map Services, and use of Web Services with Serialization and developed in Compact Framework 2.0. It is integrated with Web and Windows Application. It includes tracking of the vehicles working in the field thru GPS.


 Analysis of the Initial Requirements.

 Created System Requirement Specifications.

 Worked as Analyst, Architecture designer and Development.

 Worked mainly on Ranger mentor device using bbx server.

 Performed unit testing and Integration testing at various stages of the project.

Technologies Used:

Windows Compact Framework 2.0, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, Visual SourceSafe 6.0.

Client: Gateway Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. 6 months

Project: UPAK Scheduler (for corporate client)


UPAK Scheduler is a part of project developed for UPAK-Mobile Storage. U-PAK is the only company in Victoria involves in storage business that provides the mobile storage lockers in an easy and hassle-free way, with the lowest cost in town to their customers. Major Functionalities Includes Shift Management (creation n picking), Task Management, User roles, Order Management.


 Analysis of the Initial Requirements and involved mainly in client Interaction.

 Used Infragistics controls to create the scheduler.

 Worked on Registration module. Time Management is also handled storing clock in clock out time of the employees.

 Error Handling has been managed using mantis.

 Created various report related to the time management and account management.

 Performed unit testing and Integration testing at various stages of the project.

Technologies Used:

ASP .NET 1.1 (C#), Infragistic Web Controls, SQL SERVER 2000, XML Webservices.

Client: Vyas InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. 6 months

Project: CMS Railway Application (for Surendranagar Railway Station)


It is a desktop application. This software keeps track of information regarding Railway details of Surendranagar City, India. It contains 2 main modules Admin and SignSafe. SignSafe is currently working on computer but suppose to interface with touch screen. All drivers while moving away and coming to headquarter (before starting their job) make their entries/login in database via SignSafe module. An Admin module maintains all data entry of master tables and Solutions to the problems entered by user in SignSafe module. Various Reports are also generated in admin module. There is also interface of Thumb Register, Breath Alcohol Analyzer and smart card with both modules.


 Active participation in requirements gathering and creating SRS.

 Responsible for the design and development.

 Integration of the API of the BioEnFP for matching the Thumb Impression of the drivers.

 Integration of the API of the Breath Analyzer with the system for checking the amount of Alcohol drivers had before going to the duty.

 Created Multi-Lingual application to provide the flexibility.

 Implementation is done using prototype model.

 Coded stored procedures and triggers.

 Onsite testing of the system has been carried out effectively in-person.

 Created reports using Crystal Reports for drivers in / out.

 Responsible for release management.

Technologies Used:

VB.NET, SQL Server 2000, BioEnFP, Crystal Reports.

Client: Vyas InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. 6 months

Project: Express Kitchen(for corporate client)


This is web based project mainly used for handling kitchen design and installing orders. It maintains Employee, Customer, Product Order, Inventory, Accounting and Role Based security For the Users. It also maintains barcode generation of product, mobile application concept and authorized employees can see their task after login with mobile.


 Active participation in requirements gathering and creating SRS.

 Involved in creation of the database architecture.

 Worked as team member and involved with all the phases of the system cycle.

 Created reports using Crystal Reports.

Technologies Used:

C#.NET, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000, IIS 5.1(Web Server).

Other Projects

HRMS Web based HRMS for different departments of ETI (ESS, C2C and TQM); it includes two modules ESSTimeSheet and C2CTQM. ESSTimeSheet includes handling of the timesheets of the developers. According to these timesheets various reports are generated for their data. C2CTQM department handles the performance of agents for the sale done by them and the way in which the chats have been done, will have a look at it and performance appraisal and enhancements will be given depending upon that.

Website for Infocity, Gandhinagar Redevelop the website for Infocity. Infocity wanted to expand their area to whole Gujarat, Website are developed with the new information and with new attractive look. Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Macromedia Dream weaver MX version

Favourite Sites This software is helping in setting favourite page of user in the internet explorer that will be designed by him in the html. The aim of the s/w is. User will enter the name of his favourite site in the form made in dot net which will be saved in xml file. Tools Used: VB.NET, JavaScript, XML

Screen Saver This software helps user to create his own screen saver facilitated with so many transitions and effect, even user can attach any music file with screen saver. Tools Used: VB.NET, RESX Files

Car Agency System This software helps to maintain various transactions that has been carried out in a company of a car like sales, purchase etc Tools Used: Visual Basic, Ms Access.

HairSolo System This is web-based project mainly used for handling various transactions related to the Hairdressers and beauty products. It consists of mainly 5 modules - Expenses, Contacts, Services, Products, etc. In this project 3rd party tool called Infragistic is used and various functionalities like contacts, calendars and appointments same as Microsoft Outlook 2003.


 Cleared the Brainbench ASP.Net Fundamentals Exam with 3.5 score


 Cleared the Brainbench ASP.Net Fundamentals Exam with 4.09 score


 Cleared the Brainbench Math Fundamental Exam with 3.37 Score


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