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Business Analyst, Project manager, PeopleSoft Developer

Houghton, Michigan, 49931, United States
March 28, 2011

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________________________________________ Shampa Bhattacharyya


Phone: 906-***-****


Michigan Technological


Jan 2010 – April 2011

GPA: 3.91

Master of Science in Technical Communication

Graduate-Level Courses:

• Technical Communication and Technology Studies

• Human-Computer-Interaction

• Special Topics in New Media

• Introduction to Digital Media

• Science and Technology in Contemporary Rhetorical Theory

Michigan State University

Jan 2008 – Dec 2009

GPA: 3.75

Graduate-Level Courses:

• Advanced Technical Writing

• Audio-Visual Rhetoric

University of California

January 2009 – April 2009

Grade: A

Course: Introduction to Business Analysis

National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT)

July 1999 – July 2002

Final score: 74%

Two-year Professional Diploma in Web-Centric Computing


• Programming Languages (Java, Visual Basic, HTML, UML)

• Scripting Languages (VB Script and Java Script)

• Database Concepts (SQL Server 7.0)

• Software Engineering

University of Calcutta

Sep 1999 – Sep 2002

Final Score: 399

Bachelor of Arts

Major: Political Science

Minor: English, Education




HTML (CSS), Java Script, DHTML, Visual Basic.Net, UML, XML, UML


Microsoft SQL Server7.0


Microsoft Window, Mac OSx


RDBMS, Data Modeling, Agile, Scrum, Single-sourcing, DITA, Client-Server Architecture, Usability Testing, Ethnography, Heuristic Evaluation, White-box Testing, QA, Test cases, User scenarios

Reporting Tool

Informatica PowerCenter 7.1

Other Tools

MS Project, MS Visio 2003, MS Office, Frame Maker 7.1, Acrobat Professional 7.0, Arbortext Epic Editor, SnagIt 7.0, MS Front Page, Dreamweaver, WebWorks Final Draft 1.0, Epic Editor, RoboHelp, Vasont (Content Management System, iMovie, MS SharePoint, MS Project, Clarify™



- Award from GE Healthcare for exceptional performance in requirement gathering for PACS Server Technical Documentation project.

- Award from Reliance Infostream for top performer in customer handling and call quality.

Career History

Teaching Experience

Graduate Teaching Assistant at Michigan Technological University - Jan 2010 – till date

Class page:

Technical Documentation Experience

• Freelance Technical Writer/Content Developer - Jun 2008 to Aug 2009

• Information Developer II at Hewlett-Packard India Pvt Ltd - Jul 2006 – Nov 2007

• Technical Writer at Oracle India Pvt Ltd - Feb 2006 – Jun 2006

• Technical Writer at GE Healthcare - Feb 2005 - Feb 2006

• Technical Writer at Quantum-Bso Pvt Ltd - Nov 2003 – Feb 2004

Customer Service/ Technical Support Experience

• Technical Support Engineer at Digital Global Soft - March 2004 - November 2004

• Sales Executive at 24/7 Customer - Dec 2003 - Mar 2004

• Customer Response Executive at Reliance Infostreams Pvt Ltd - Mar 2003 - Nov 2003

Software Development Experience

• Junior Software Developer at Lockhurst Software Pvt Ltd - August 2002 - November 2002


Major Projects

Hewlett-Packard - StorageWorks Team - Jul 2006 – Nov 2007

1. HP OpenView Operations Smart Plug-ins for HP Storage Essentials (Unix and Windows) The HP Storage Essentials Smart Plug-ins (HP SE SPI) troubleshoots the Storage Essentials services and discover and map HP SE central management server and its managed host agent processes.


• Collaborate with Subject Matter Expert (SME) and elicit business and user requirements

• Evaluate time and effort and create project plans

• Review use cases, system design document to identify new features for the product

• Execute test cases to better understand the system

• Develop Administrator’s Reference Guide (.pdf) using Arbortext EpicEditor

• Validate the content of the documentation with the GUI (white-box testing)

• Develop Release Notes (.pdf and .html) using Arbortext EpicEditor

• Develop HTML Help System (.chm) using HTML Help workshop

• Single-source the information products using Arbortext EpicEditor and modularize (structured writing) the content of the information products

• Check-in the information products in the Content Management System (Vasont)

• Use MS SharePoint for internal document management

2. Device Mapper Multipath for HP StorageWorks Arrays

Device Mapper Multipath is a new infrastructure in Linux 2.6 kernel. It provides a generic way to create virtual layers of block devices. It supports stripping, mirroring, taking snapshots, concatenating, and multipathing. It reroutes the I/O over other available paths whenever an active path fails on I/O.


• Interact with engineering team and gather documentation requirement

• Gather user requirement and perform audience analysis

• Analyze system requirements

• Create effort estimation and project scope documents

• Develop Installation and Configuration Guide using Arbortext EpicEditor

• Develop HTML version of Release Notes using MS FrontPage

• Design product documentation according to HP Style Guide

• Adhere to the requirements and specification of SDLC (Agile) and DDLC

• Report and document system error

3. HP StorageWorks Secure Path for Linux

HP StorageWorks Secure Path is a server-based software product that enhances HP StorageWorks RAID array by providing automatic path recovery from server-to-storage-system connection failures. Secure Path supports multiple input/output (I/O) paths between host and storage, which improves overall data availability.


• Interact with stakeholder and gather business and system requirement

• Create detail project plans

• Develop Installation and Configuration Guide using Arbortext EpicEditor

• Develop HTML version of Release Notes

• Track changes in documentation deliverables through different stages of software development life cycle

• Managed documentation for end-of-life products.

Oracle India Pvt Ltd. - Server Technology Team - Feb 2006 – Jun 2006

The Server Technology documentation team is responsible for documenting Oracle’s flagship products like Oracle 10g Database, Oracle Applications 11i, etc.


• Convert unstructured Adobe FrameMaker documentation to structured XML format

• Single-source information products using Adobe FrameMaker (structured)

• Convert MS Word documentation to FrameMaker and conform them to Oracle style guide

• Understand Oracle Relational Database and validate the technical content of the document

• Apply structured writing concept

• Perform editorial review of Oracle Application Server documents

• Create a checklist of commonly accepted technical documentation terms for updating the Oracle Server Technology style guide

GE Healthcare – IIS Team - Feb 2005 - Feb 2006

1. Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)

Centricity PACS is an enterprise-wide image storage and retrieval system. It provides effective image communication throughout the enterprise by enabling single image archive. It also integrates with Hospital Information System (HIS) and Radiology Information System (RIS) allowing access to comprehensive patient information distributed across the enterprise.


• Collaborate with SME and understand business and user requirements

• Interact with customers (field engineers) to understand user requirements

• Review use cases and identify functional and user requirement

• Create Data Flow diagram outlining PACS Server Documentation using MS Visio

• Review PACS’ System Design and Development Specification (SDDS) document

• Execute test cases to identify new features to be documented

• Develop new version of PACS Server Service documentation set (FAQ guide, troubleshooting guide) using Adobe FrameMaker

• Develop online help using Webworks Final Draft

• Track and report system errors in GE proprietary bug tracking tool

• Participated in HIPAA, DICOM, HL7, and Radiology Information System (RIS) training



Volunteer project







- Award from GE Healthcare for exceptional performance in requirement gathering for PACS Server Technical Documentation project.

- Award from Reliance Infostream for top performer in customer handling and call quality.

2. Laboratory Information System

Centricity Ultra Laboratory information system or ULTRA is a robust, UNIX-based application proven in high-volume, distributed lab operations with the ability to help manage every step of the testing process. It helps to automate and integrate laboratory processes and manage the volumes of clinical data that are analyzed each day. It is designed to streamline the operations of clinical laboratories by enabling quick and accurate access to patient information at the local and regional level.


• Analyze project scope, time and create project plans

• Ensure DDLC meets SDLC and track changes throughout development life cycle

• Develop user manual using Adobe FrameMaker

• Update online help using Webworks Online Help

• Rebrand LIS user documentation

Quantum-Bso and Tech Pvt Ltd. – Q-FLX Team - Nov 2003 – Feb 2004

Q-FLX is an ERP system that streamlines and optimizes all operations of medium and large sized shipping companies with complete visibility over information and with powerful analysis of business performance.


• Analyze effort estimation and create project plans

• Perform White Box testing

• Report bugs into Quantum’s bug tracking tool

• Run SQL query to test and validate system requirements

• Create end-user manual

• Create documentation template

Digital GlobalSoft Pvt Ltd - Hewlett-Packard-IT Team - March 2004 - November 2004

HP-IT support is a technical support department of Hewlett-Packard. The team provides all kinds of technical support to the Technology Solution Group (TSG) of Hewlett-Packard.


• Provide technical and telecom data support to Hewlett-Packard America’s employees

• Provide technical assistance to remote users

• Provide technical support to MS Outlook users and other messaging systems

• Troubleshoot voice mail issues

• Install Hewlett-Packard proprietary software (PCCOE)

• Troubleshoot domain password issues

• Troubleshoot domain accounts issues

• Create and deactivate domain accounts and MS Outlook distribution list

• Troubleshoot Virtual Private Network (VPN) issue

• Troubleshoot HP Contivity client software

• Update online knowledge base (BLT system - HP proprietary) with the latest troubleshooting issues

24/7 Customer - Heartland Motors Team - Dec 2003 - Mar 2004

Heartland Motors, a used car dealership company based out of UK. The company has outsourced its customer service department to India. The team at 24/7 Customer provides after sales support services

including selling car insurance, booking a service date, and recording customer grievances.


• Maintain consistent rapport with the old customers

• Generate new business by making after sales calls to customer and remind service due date

• Contact Heartland dealers and schedule a service date with dealers

• Make follow-up call

• Maintain strong knowledge base of all new vehicle makes and models

• Follow up on all sales leads

Reliance Infostreams Pvt Ltd - Network Connectivity Support Team - Mar 2003 - Nov 2003

The network team involved in providing after sales support to the customers of Reliance Mobile, which includes connectivity and coverage issues, activation and de-activation of services, and handset problem.


• Troubleshoot network problems by resolving local, STD, and ISD connectivity issues

• Troubleshoot other messaging problems including SMS, VMS, R-World

• Document call details in Clarify™ tool

• Troubleshoot customer’s handset and mobile software

• Provide recommendation to the management for new features of Reliance India Mobile handsets.


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