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Post Office Carrier/Clerk/Worker

San Jose, CA, 95116
21.00/hr or $43000/yr
September 15, 2008

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San Jose, California


ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN with over ten years of experience in

a variety of industries including manufacturing, electronics

(solid state), and avionics. Strong background in a variety

of technical positions including RF technician, Final test

technician, Receiver technician, Avionics and as an A/V

technician. Excellent communication skills, positive

attitude and detail-oriented.


U.S. AIR FORCE, Fairfield, Caifornia


Medical Technician, David Grant Medical Center

Responsible for patient care, comfort, and treatment, by providing

the highest level of compassion and professional attention within ward.

- Administered IVs and blood glucose testing

- Took basic vital signs and documented patient data for nurses and doctors

- Assisted in feeding, clothing, bathing, and personal hygiene of many patients

- Transferred patients to various clinics throughout the hospital


2000 to 2001

Final Test Technician, Manufacturing Department

Responsible for final alignment/calibration of wafer fab

machines at the last stage of assembly ensuring full

operational capability.

- Provided customized training for personnel (field

engineers/assemblers) on the wafer FAB machines


- Aligned various axis for ROBOT and servo motors.

- Calibrated RF shields and generators for striking


- Installed and configured software to perform most

of the ROBOT and tool applications.

APPLE COMPUTER, Cupertino, California

1999 to 2000

Computer Engineering Technician, Testing Laboratory

Responsible for extensive longevity testing of both quality

and reliability of hardware and software prototypes.

- Removed, replaced and configured Apple computers and

peripheral devices.

- Conducted daily longevity testing of 40+ computers within a

variety of conditions.

- Delivered spreadsheet analysis and documentation to engineers.

- Performed modifications and rework of electronics PCBs.

ANRITSU, Morgan Hill, California

1998 to 1999

Test Specialist, Manufacturing in Test Equipment Development Center

Responsible for building sensors for line testing of cell sites.

- Responsible for testing power sensors using a signal

generator and spectrum analyzer.

- Tested RF and microwave equipment using a DMM.

- Assembled microwave components at microscopic


- Performed calibration tests for frequency tolerance and limits.

WALTER GRINDERS, Fredericksburg, Virginia

1997 to 1998

Assembler and Technician

Responsible for wiring and installing electrical panels,

soldering connectors, and wiring CNC terminals.

- Installed motors, CPUs and fiber optics.

- Fabricated metal for pnuematic applications.

- Configured Robot cutting tools for specific design applications.

- Wired panels for multiple voltages and electrical distribution and function.


1996 to 1997

Quality Control/Electronics Technician

Responsible for repairing electronic products

using an oscilloscope and DMM, and performed quality control of many repaired items.

- Performed extensive testing of repaired and returned products.

- Provided technical support of audio, visual equipment, and computers.

- Repaired consumer electronics receivers and VCRs.

- Documented and inventoried all electonic goods within the facility.

U.S. AIR FORCE, Dover, Delaware

1990 to 1998

Communications/Navigation Specialist

Responsible for testing and troubleshooting avionics systems

using O-Scope, DMM and TDR, and preventive maintenance of C-5 aircraft.

- Performed testing and calibration of avionics systems using watt meters.

- Responsible for repairing radio communications and navigation systems.

- Performed operational checks of the avionics and instrumentation.

- Completed maintenance of the aircraft's interior and exterior superstructure and wings.

MARY WASHINGTON HOSPITAL, Fredericksburg, Virginia

1989 to 1990

Media Coordinator

Responsible for videotaping medical lectures and seminars.

- Created multimedia and videotapes for hospital staff's continuing education .

- Maintained video library and allowed access to various medis for training and study.

- Printed slides from photo negatives and created slideshow presentations.

- Presented the Hospital Satellite Network programs daily, and adjusted satellite dish periodically.


B.S., Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, 1996

A.A.S., Germanna Community College, Locust Grove, Virginia, 1989

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