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Physical therapist

Richmond, Virginia, United States
March 26, 2011

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Richmond, VA *****


Professional Summary: Master’s level trained Physical Therapist (PT) with expertise and training in Osteomyology and Gerontology. Four years of clinical experience with an effective communication, management, budgeting, and organizational skills in out/in-patient and home based settings. Collaborative team member with excellent leadership abilities and a passion for reaching toward the best care response for the clients. Special training in physical therapy related research design, analysis, technical writing, public speaking and presentation, as well as statistical software development. Currently, holds active New York State PT license and completed FCCPT type 1 certificate.


Virginia Commonwealth University, Masters in Gerontology (current) May 2012

Virginia Commonwealth University, Ph.D. in Physical therapy (program not pursuing, GPA-3.42) 2007-2010

Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, India, Masters in Physiotherapy (Osteomyology) 2004-2006

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi, India, Bachelor in Physiotherapy 1999-2004

Relevant Experience

Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale, VA Nov.-Dec. 2010

Mathematics Tutor

• Tutored mathematics portion of ‘test of essential academic skills’ exam to nursing students

Institute of Public Health & Hygiene, and Faridabad Inst. of Technology, Delhi, India 2006-2007

Lecturer and physical therapist

• Supervised aides, taught graduate/undergraduate PT students (biomechanics, exercise/electrotherapy & rehabilitation)

• Evaluated and treated patients with diverse problems in outpatient department (10hours/week)

• Helped in organizing camps for local community elders to advice and increase elders’ awareness about freely available physical therapy services in the community

• Organized workshops and field trips for physical therapy students’ development

Physical Therapist, Independent Contractor (15Hours/week) 2004-2007

• Provided post operative treatment to patients after spinal and joint replacement surgeries as well as functional mobility training to the geriatric population

• Worked as a liaison between patient and other required medical services to the patient

Nanda Hospital, Kamla Charitable trust, Elderly care, Delhi, India 2004

Physical therapist in community based setting

• Managed patients in outpatient department and home settings

• Collaborated and supervised two geriatric direct service provider to provide free physical therapy and other required community services to poor people

• Trained assigned village adults (in house/camp) about community services and home fitness exercises for elderly care

• Increased patient population by 15% through 5 months of dedicated, quality patient care, and community service

G.M.Modi Hospital, Saket, New Delhi, India (300 beds) 2004-2006

Physical therapist-posted as a curriculum of M.S degree (24Hours/week)

• Worked closely with the head physical therapist for managing outpatient and inpatient department

• Managed paperwork for all patients, physical therapy interns and undergraduate students’ duties


Research experience

Research experience during doctoral study, Virginia Commonwealth University 2007-2010

• Incomplete Doctoral dissertation titled, “Effect of Gluteus Medius Fatigue on Vastus Medialis Oblique and Vastus Lateralis Activity in Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome.” Advisor-Sheryl Finucane, PT, Ph.D. Approved by Institutional review board.

• Effect of Serratus anterior muscle fatigue on subacromial space. Advisor-Lori Michener, PT, Ph.D.

Research experiences before doctoral studies 2004-2007

• Effect of high heels on young elderly Indian females (after Master’s degree, unpublished,)

• Completed Master’s level dissertation titled, “Lower extremity muscle strength and balance performance in Indian community dwelling elderly men aged 50 years and above”. (Published)

• Project on Meniscal Injury and Rehabilitation (during Bachelor’s degree)

• Project on Bell’s palsy (during Bachelor’s degree internship)


Research and Development Skills

• Technical expertise - Motion monitor, Isokinetic dynamometer, Electromyography

• Software expertise - Statistical softwares (Jump, SPSS), Matlab, Labview, Teleform, MS office

• Proven leadership abilities through organizing, arranging funds, managing transportation and accommodation for physical therapy students’ educational trips:

o 42nd Annual conference of Indian Association of Physiotherapist, India-leaded 15 students (2004)

o 1st International Conference on Orthopedics & Sports Physiotherapy, India-leaded 30 students (2006)

Teaching assistant, Virginia Commonwealth University 2009-2010

• Kinesiology for Doctor in Physical therapy students (teaching practicum)

• Gross Anatomy for Doctor in Physical therapy students

• Gross Anatomy for Doctor in Physical therapy students

Publication 2007

• Sadashiv Ram Aggarwal, Deepak Kumar. Lower extremity muscle strength and balance performance in Indian community dwelling elderly men aged 50 years and above. Indian J of Physio. and Occup. Ther. Vol. 1, No. 2 (2007-04 - 2007-06)

Paper Presentation 2006

• Presented paper “Lower extremity muscle strength and balance performance in Indian community dwelling elderly men aged 50 years and above” in “First International Conference on Orthopedics and Sports Physiotherapy” held in Dehradun, India, on 2nd December, 2006

Professional affiliation

• American College of Sports Medicine membership 2009-2010

• Indian Association of Physical Therapy since 2004

Continual professional development

• Cervical Spine Manipulation-16hrs, Delhi, India, 2006 (Wayne Hing, PT, Ph.D. Auckland University)

• Upper & Lower Quarter Mulligan-32hrs, Delhi, India (Kim Robinson, PT, Manual therapist, Curtin Uni.-Australia)


• Community Engagement fellow award, Department of Gerontology, VCU 2011

Full Graduate Research Assistantship, Department of Physical Therapy, VCU 2007-2010

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