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Supply Chain Manager

Calabasas, California, 91302, United States
June 02, 2012

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Calabasas, California 91302 818.***.****


Trilingual executive, with 27 years of experience. Flexible, but result oriented, with vast expertise and scientific background in disciplines of purchasing, strategic sourcing, supply chain, and manufacturing of diagnostic, as well as, consumer food products.


• Trilingual – Fluent • Cost Reduction Initiatives • Strategic Alliances

• Contract Negotiator • Vendor Management • Team Building

• Supplier Management • Customer Management • Strategic Sourcing

• Business Management in Highly Volatile Markets


MAINLY INGREDIENTS – Calabasas, California 2010 – Present

Founder and GM

Having numerous domestic and international connections with suppliers and manufacturers, as well as extensive experience with regard to ingredients and materials for the food industry, this seasoned executive helped grow the company to service an array of businesses, from major grocery and food-service chains to local corner markets. Mainly Ingredients offers a full line of products and sources unique items to meet specific customer needs.

• Negotiates sales for producers and manufacturers of foods and food products.

• Follows up with RFQ, RFP, sampling and qualification processes.

• Ensures manufacturers abide by customer-quality and other specifications to secure and maintain business.

• Strategically sources materials to customers, ensuring high levels of quality and savings.

CARLSON RESTAURANTS – PICK UP STIX Inc., San Clemente, California 2009 – 2010

Director of Supply Chain and Strategic Sourcing

• Led the team in the design, implementation and measurement of strategic sourcing programs to ensure Pick Up Stix achieved, sustained, and continuously improved world-class sourcing and optimal supply chain.

• Appointed as one of four top executives in the company’s leadership team with full authority to manage operating supply-chain plan and budget of approximately $30MM.

• Implemented Sourcing Value Contribution system to track accomplished versus forecasted savings. Savings achieved in food and supplies against 2010 budget: $480K.

• Directed the following range of category complexity:

o Business units (BU) criticality and $ spent.

o Subject matter expertise.

o Sourcing new products and materials for new promotions.

o Industry economics understanding.

o Product quality and safety.

• Functioned as senior strategist, setting sourcing category strategies, and establishing priorities from current and future trends.

Continued …


• Oversaw sourcing operations.

• Drove supplier diversity strategy and compliance.

• Ensured sourcing strategies and initiatives aligned with business unit or enterprise objectives.

• Advised BU management of effective sourcing management practices.

• Integrated technology into sourcing solutions to manage the supply chain operations and expediting of goods.

• Managed departmental budget to meet corporate objectives.

• Negotiated and managed third party audit program for suppliers and distributors.

• Developed team to be “best in class” and managed their performance.

THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY, Calabasas Hills, California 1998 – 2009

Director of Purchasing (2006 – 2009)

Senior Purchasing Manager (2004 – 2005)

Purchasing / Materials Manager (1998 – 2003)

• Directed all inventory and materials activity including purchasing, receiving, warehousing and materials handling of $80M+ for a three shift, seven-day operation of two transcontinental facilities: a 60K sq. ft. and a 100K sq. ft. facility with a total of 800 employees producing over 275 SKUs of finished goods for annual gross sales of $119.5M in 2008, $112.4M in 2007.

• Enforced systems and procedures to ensure proper control and flow of materials.

• Participated in master production planning for intermediate and long-term scenarios.

• Introduced inspection of arriving materials by a military AQL methodology.

• Established fundamentals of purchasing and JIT inventory management, thus saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory carrying costs and obsolescence.

• Established dependable and durable sources of supply for several hundred items.

• Created and instituted special negotiating tactics resulting in long-term cost savings to the company of millions of dollars.

• Implemented an innovative computerized ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) purchasing system for all incoming raw ingredients, packaging and supply materials, including MPS/MRP functionality for two transcontinental manufacturing plants and implemented VMI.

• Responsible for savings in contracts for ingredients, packaging and supplies for 2009: 600K+.

• Negotiated, procured and handled inventory worth $80M in raw materials, packaging, supplies and services for two transcontinental manufacturing facilities.

BREATH ASURE, INC., Calabasas, California 1996 – 1998

Production and Inventory Manager

• Authored and implemented QA and QC methodologies that directly resulted in a decrease in rejection of in-process as well as finished products by 4.8%.

• Developed component cost reduction programs for cost savings of $20K for 1996’s last quarter and anticipated savings for all of FY 1997 of $230K+.

• Devised a new nomenclature and description system to facilitate identification of components and finished goods; implemented an analytical approach to inventory system reconciliation.

• Supervised implementation of continuous process improvements that directly resulted in significant manpower cost savings.

• Negotiated terms with contract packaging company for savings of $45K+ in the first month after a new product’s launch; anticipated savings of $670K for FY 1997.

Continued …


• Spearheaded implementation of capacity planning, computerized forecasting, maintenance of work-in-process inventory and JIT (Just In Time) supplier program, driving on-time delivery from 74% to 92%.

• Directed manufacturing operations with annual revenues of $3M; managed $4M in purchasing functions; forecasted and scheduled manufacturing orders of raw materials and finished goods.

• Recommended and developed QA protocols in compliance with industry cGMPs standards.

• Supported change control programs in raw material specifications, manufacturing processes, packaging and documentation.

• Identified opportunities for direct shipments from manufacturing plants to affiliate units, which resulted in vastly reduced costs on freight and warehousing.

Other Employment:

Quantimetrix Corporation, Inc., Redondo Beach, California,

A leading healthcare company in clinical diagnostics

Manufacturing Manager

Diagnostic Products Corporation, Inc., Los Angeles, California

A worldwide provider of immunodiagnostic systems and reagents

Assistant Supervisor

Upjohn Pharmaceutical/ AGIS Inc., Tel Aviv, Israel

Pharmaceutical manufacturing firm now part of Pharmacia/ New Monsanto

Marketing Representative

Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Teaching Assistant in courses of Microbiology and Cell Biology


Master of Science, Microbiology

Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Bachelor of Science, Biology

Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Courses of Production and Inventory Control Certificate Program CPIM (APICS)

Computer Skills: Strong expertise in various ERP systems, MS DOS/Windows and Macintosh software for reports generating, graphics, spreadsheets and project management. (e.g. Excel, Word, Project Management, Visio, Access, PowerPoint)

Key Words: Sourcing, Procurement, Raw Material Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food Manufacturing, Cost Saving, Process Improvement, Category Management, Supply Chain, Market intelligence, Trend Analysis, Strategy, R&D, Operations, Marketing, Vendor Management, Supplier Management, Spanish.

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