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Electrical Manager

Smyrna, GA
August 26, 2012

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Contact Phone: 706-***-****

Work Phone: 706-***-****

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**/**** ** ******* ; 40 hours per Week; Electrical Equipment Repairer; WG-2854-09; last promoted Not Specified; permanent employee; not on a temporary promotion; US Army, Fort Benning, GA; James Garnett, 706-***-**** ; may contact supervisor.

Work Experience

Range Maintenance Branch (03/09/2009-Present)

Fort Benning, GA

Duties: Prepare and make ready, ranges, facilities, and training areas by executing the following: (1) Install, operate, maintain, repair, test, and sustain in an operational status, a variety of target systems and components of systems, to include but not limited to static, electrical/electromechanical, electro hydraulic-assisted, target systems to include portable pneumatic (air) operated mechanical target systems; (2) operate computer controlled target systems console and execute scenario sequences for operations; (3) operate and perform maintenance (to include operator level troubleshooting and making authorized repair/ replacements) on AC/DC powered target devices; (4) conduct operator level maintenance on Stationary Infantry Targets, Moving Infantry Targets, Stationary Armor Targets, and Moving Armor Targets; (5) operate and maintain vehicle(s) assigned to the organization. Possess the knowledge of the makeup, operation and installation of variety of electrical systems, circuits, equipment and controls; have the knowledge to install, modify and repair complete systems as well as parts thereof. Frequently, use test equipment such as voltmeters, ohmmeters and wattmeters. Also, must have a knowledge of the various gauges, sizes and types of wire, conduit, couplings, fittings, relays, boxes, circuit breakers and other electrical devices. Daily arrange and install electrical devices in ways that ensure proper and safe operation utilizing knowledge of safety practices related to electrical repair work.

07/2005 to 03/2009; 40 hours per Week; Supply Technician; GS-2005-05; last promoted Not Specified; permanent employee; not on a temporary promotion; US Army, 1SG Garza, 706-***-**** ; may contact supervisor.

Duties: Schedules special inventories, semi-annual inventories and assists hand receipt holders in conducting 100% hand receipts inventories annually. Applies audit techniques to determine cause of inventory discrepancies. Reads, interprets, and maintains various computers listings/reports pertaining to the automated property book. Independently procures required resources, provides technical assistance related to supply functions, also troubleshoots and reconciles problems within the automated system. Assists higher level supply specialists with maintaining dollar value records and hand-receipt accounts. Conducts inventories, frequently coordinates with other agencies to obtain supplies and services. Determines future supply requirements for the organization thru established methods, procedures and detailed instructions. Use good sound judgement in applying analytical techniques. Independently completes recurring assignments. Performs a combination of tasks concerned with the receipt, storage, issue, and the replenishment of a wide variety of supplies, sensitive items, forms and publications utilizing office automations and ULLS-S4 program/Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE). Also, serves as the organization's primary armor and hazardous material representive.

06/2005 to 07/2005; 40 hours per Week; Electronics Systems Mechanic ; WG-2604-11; last promoted Not Specified; term employee; not on a temporary promotion; MCLB, MCLB, MAINT Center, Albany, GA; JAMES SHIVERS, 229-***-**** ; may contact supervisor.

Duties: Performed a variety of duties to include troubleshoots, diagnose and repair a variety of complex electrical components and devices. Applied OHMS Law while troubleshooting both AC and DC circuits. I used test equipment such as oscilloscopes, voltmeters, current & voltage amplifiers, multi-meters, megohmeters, and test stands to troubleshoot/diagnose malfunctions in feedback loops. Performed resistance tests on diodes, fuses, relays, resistors, switches and transistors. Performed field level testing, synchronization, maintenance & repair on communications equipment. I was required to repair & replace defective components including power supplies, connectors, transformers, boards & basic functional circuits. Installed, removed & repaired antenna components. I was required to perform technical inspections & execute maintenance services on equipment. Other tests conducted were concerned with output power and power consumption of loads. Frequently, I was required to read and interpret schematics/wiring diagrams. I accumulated six semester hours in electrical laboratory, four semester hours studying AC/DC circuitry.

04/2005 to 06/2005; 40 hours per Week; HEAVY MOBILE EQUIPMENT MECHANIC; WG-5803-10; last promoted Not Specified; term employee; not on a temporary promotion; MCLB ALBANY, MAINT. CENTER, TRADE DEPART; ROBERT GRAHAM, 229-***-**** ; may contact supervisor.

Perform various duties involving the repair and modification of combustion powered heavy duty vehicles and heavy mobile equipment. They may have utility systems or special hydraulic, pneumatic, or mechanical systems, features and controls that are designed for construction, combat, earth moving, ship loading, firefighting and comparable heavy duty, industrial or special equipment. Such vehicles and equipment may include bulldozers, road graders, crawler tractors, power shovels, locomotives, combat tanks, cranes, large transporters and fire trucks. You will firmly rely on your abilities and skills to assemble, disassemble, repair or modify components and systems. I have the skills needed in tackling large mechanical problems.

01/2002 to 12/2003; 40 hours per Week; Unit First Sergeant ; $35,000 per Annum; last promoted Not Specified; permanent employee; not on a temporary promotion; US Army, Fort Benning, GA 31905; CSM John Ford, 706-***-**** ; may not contact supervisor.

Duties: Served as Operation Manager /Senior Personnel Director, provided direct supervision for approximately 117 maintenance personnel. Coordinated and assigned tasks as required. Scheduled all maintenance and monitored activities to include preventive and routine. Conducted all developmental training to include personnel safety compliance and re-certification. Maintained accurate documentation and maintenance logs.


Westover High School, Albany, GA; 1982 High School Diploma

Troy University, Phenix City, Alabama; Bachelor Degree in Resource Management, 2010; 3.34 out of 5 Point GPA; 120 Semester Hours

Hawaii Pacific University, SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, HI; No Degree in Human Resource Development, 2001; 3.25 out of 5 Point GPA; 87 Semester Hours

Saint Leo College, FORT STEWART, GA; Associate in Liberal Arts, 1998; 3.69 out of 5 Point GPA; 69 Semester Hours

Continuing Education

Columbus Technical College, Associate Degree: Air Condition Technology, 2011, 3.69GPA, 30 Credit Hours Earned


Light Wheel Vehicle and Power Generator Equipment Repairer Course, US Army, Fort Dix, NJ 1983


Certificate, Electrical Utility Equipment Repair Course, US Army Ordnance School, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, 1992

Certificate, Equal Opportunity Representative Course, Fort Benning, GA, 1996

HVAC EPA Certification, Columbus Technical College, 2011


Inducted into the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS)


Course Title: MANAGER DEVELOPMENT COURSE (MDC) Cumulative Credit Hours Earned: 20



SUPERVISOR DEVELOPMENT COURSE (SDC) Cumulative Credit Hours Earned: 39

INTRO To DEF Reutilization/Marketing System Cumulative Credit Hours Earned: 20

Property Book Unit Supply Enhancement (PBUSE)

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