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Project Mechanical

August 25, 2012

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Dnyandip K. Bhamare.


Experience: One year project assistant at NIT Surat.

"Numerical investigation of solid liquid interface for melting process.".

1 Email ID: Mobile No: 973-***-****


Looking for a challenging and responsible opportunity, explore the

strengths and potentials in a professional organization to meet the

employer's expectations.


|Year |Degree |Institute / College |Percentage |

|2010-12 |M-tech( Turbo)|National Institute of |8.7 CGPA |

| | |Technology, Surat | |

|2006-10 |B.E. |VPCOE,Baramati,Pune |63.00 |

| |(Mechanical | | |

| |engineering) | | |

|2005-06 |HSC |Jai hind College, |69.00 |

| | |Dhule | |

|2004-05 |SSC |STTK Mahajan high |76.76 |

| | |school,Dhule | |

Project (P.G)

"Numerical investigation of solid liquid interface"

Project is mainly related to melting process of phase change materials.

Project is carried out for calculating minimum melting time for different

phase change materials and for different configurations. Minimum melting

time for phase change materials has its importance in thermal energy

storage system. Three different configurations are considered. These are

melting inside rectangular cavity, melting inside cylindrical annulus and

melting inside cylindrical cavity. Each model is validated with published

or experimental results and then further investigation is carried out.

Project is carried out with commercial software Fluent.

Project (U.G)

"Electromagnetic shearing machine."

This project work is an effort to, design and develops electromagnetic

shearing machines.

Seminar Topics

U.G.: ""Vibration control using neural network.

P.G.: 1) "Mathematical modeling of combustion process. 2) Open Foam and its


Extracurricular Activities:

Publishing paper on ''Melting inside rectangular cavity with partially

active walls.

Participated in Five day workshop on "Partial Differential equations and

their applications".

Member of college drama committee.

Computer Proficiency:

Fluent, Gambit, Open Foam, Hypermesh, Able to code CFD solvers in C,

Matlab, Techplot.

Area of Interest:

Computational Fluid dynamics.

Personal Details:

Birth Date: 01th Jan 1989

Sex: Male

Marital Status: Unmarried

Nationality: Indian

Languages Known: English/Marathi/Hindi

Permanent Address: 9, Vrindavan colony, deopure, Dhule



Dnyandip K. Bhamare

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