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Project Sales

kolkata, West Bengal, 700064, India
according to the industry classified
May 20, 2012

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Personal Information

Sex Male

Nationality INDIAN

Marital Status Single

Date Of Birth Jan 5th 1987

Permanent Address & Phone # ‘Durga apartment’,Baghajatin park,

Siliguri. Pin Code – 734001

West Bengal, India

Phone # : 0091 - 353 - *******

Key Skill Set SAS Analytics VBA


• Expertise in analyzing and coordinating data, generating reports, tables, listings and graphs

• Optimize performance in Data Analysis

• Statistical procedures like PROC FREQ, PROC MEANS, and PROC UNIVARIATE

• Conducted analysis and generated tables, listings and graphs using SAS

• Used “data _null_ and PROC REPORT” to generate the outputs

• Environment: SAS/Base, SAS/Stat, SAS/Graph, SAS/SQL, SAS/Macros, MS-Excel, VBA

• Problem of Estimation and Testing of Hypothesis, t-Tests , Chi – square Tests and Analysis of Variance

• Correlation and Linear Regression, categorical data analysis and Logistic Regression

• Factor Analysis

Academic Qualifications

Education Post-Graduation Graduation Higher Secondary

(Class 12) Secondary

(Class 10)

Degree / Stream Masters In Pharmacy Bachelor of Pharmacy


Year 2011 2009 2005 2003

Percentage 68% 74% 70% 74%

Main Subjects Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis,

Pharmacology Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biotecnology Biology, Physics, Chemistry Mathematics, English, Science, Geography

University /

Board Sikkim university (HPI) North Bengal University W.B.S.E

(Schooling: Margarett S.N. E.M. School, Siliguri), W.B.S.E

(Schooling: Margarett S.N. E.M. School, Siliguri)

Dissertation Thesis

Isolation, characterization and protective activity of sesame Lignans in Doxorubicin induced cardio toxicity in rats Under Sikkim university, IICB Kolkata.

Professional Training / Certification

Projects and Case Studies

Project on Credit Risk Modeling at OrangeTree Global

Worked on a project related to Financial Markets wherein I had to examine the trust worthiness of a prospective customer and his/her possibility of defaulting on loan.

• The task was to build a Behavioural Credit Risk Model based on a large sample of data by applying Logistic Regression on the SAS platform.

• The data had various information related to behaviour transactional details of the customers and their performance in repayment.

• There were number of validation checks which were performed to test the robustness of the model under taken in terms of various goodness – of – fit statistics.

• There were number of goodness of fit statistics which we had considered like Percent Concordant, Hosmer – Lemeshow test, Wald – chi square and score tests.

Project on Customer Satisfaction Survey at OrangeTree Global

Worked on a project related to retail domain based on Customer Satisfaction Survey where the objective was to find out the key factors influencing the overall customer satisfaction using OLS Regression.

• There were some rigorous checks in terms of data hygiene check, basic exploratory analysis on the data was performed to get better understanding of the data and the model that can be used on the data to solve the business problem.

• There were number of validation checks which were preformed to test the robustness of the model under taken in terms of various goodness – of – fit statistics.

• We looked into Adjusted R square, F statistics, and VIF values for goodness of the model and for selecting the optimum number of variable to be considered.

• The result got from the training set was then applied on the validation or hold out set to check the robustness of the model.

Project on Time series Forecasting base on Sales data at OrangeTree Global

Worked on a project related to sales of an organization where future sales could be forecasted using the various techniques of smoothing out the random fluctuations.

• The main methodology used for smoothing out the random fluctuations were simple exponential smoothing and winter’s exponential smoothing.

• We have also used Autoregressive process to do the forecasting for the above mentioned project.

• After getting the number of clusters, K – means clustering techniques was used to identify the players in the clusters.

• Finally there was a univariate Analysis done to profile the cluster and then interpretation the clusters to reach at a final solution.

Project on Testing of Hypothesis on Clinical data at OrangeTree Global

Worked on a case study about Blood Pressure of different respondent pertaining to Clinical Research to check whether the average blood pressure in the population was equal to hypothesised value or not.

• This was done by first checking the normality of the variable under consideration and then doing of one sample t – test on it.

• We have constructed the confidence intervals and then check whether true population mean value falls in the derived interval or not.


Strengths • Self-confidence and positive approach

• Fast learner & hard worker

• Innovative thinking

• Possess strong ability to quickly adapt to new applications and platforms.

• Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines

Proficiency in Languages

English, Bengali & Hindi

Extra Curricular Activities & Hobbies

• Involved in Playing Classical Guitar from Childhood Days.

• Actively Participated in seminar on “scope of Pharma management” conducted by IPER,PUNE.

• Participated in several musical competion and awarded the best.

• Martial arts (Shito-Ryo) is another part of my hobbies and also awarded orange belt in DOJO(Himalayan Home).

“I hereby declare that the above is true to the best of my knowledge”

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