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Engineering High School

Saint Charles, Missouri, 63304, United States
March 25, 2011

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Ashley N. Ulrich

Current Address:

*** **** ********* ****

Columbia, MO 65203

Permanent Address:

**** ********* *****

Saint Charles, MO 63304


Objective: Seeking an entry level position of engineering which will allow me to utilize my engineering skills for company benefit that will also help to advance my future career.

Professional Summary:

Highly motivated and remarkably talented chemical engineering student graduating in May 2011 with great communication, organizational, and analytical skills. A driven and persistent goal setter, who is able to work under pressure. Experience working hands-on in laboratories for research, and also working on projects in teams. Involved in many extracurricular activities on campus including those dealing with engineering majors.


University of Missouri Expected Graduation: May 2011

B.S. Chemical Engineering GPA: 3.06

Minor: Mathematics, Business

Honors: Columns Scholarship from University of Missouri


EaglePicher Technologies, LLC May 2010-August 2010

Research and Development Intern Joplin, MO

Developed and conducted experiments for supervisor

o Determined thermophysical properties(thermal conductivity, specific heat, and diffusivity) of cathode materials for thermal battery modeling

o Utilized the LFA and Differential Scanning Calorimeter to assist in determining these properties

o Modeled a electrochemical circuit using Zplot in order to determine impedance, conductance, and capacitance from the Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy results

Modeled data collected to analyze results using MS Excel and the Zplot program

Organized data into a report of analysis and findings over conducted experiments for supervisor

Gained experience with various types of equipment and methods such as LFA, Scanning Differential Calorimeter, Scanning Electron Microscope, Solartron for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, Saturn Digisizer for particle size analysis, tape-casting and high speed camera imaging

Organized a presentation to corporate executives regarding findings of analysis and conclusions

MizzouRec November 2008- Present

TigerX Instructor/LHP instructor Columbia, MO

Developed aerobic exercises for classes each week

Choreographed new dances for classes each week

Develop with a team the Fall 2010 schedule

Continued education through certifications for classes

Interview and audition prospective instructors

Received Service Excellence Award


MS Word

MS Excel

MS PowerPoint

MS Visio

Spanish (6 years)

Process Control


High-speed Imaging





Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)


Convection Battery

o Worked on a team to build a convection battery that worked as well as a commercial battery.

o Brainstormed ideas to better the conductivity of the anode and cathode and flow of the battery.

Achievements/Community Outreach:

Dean’s List Certificates for the College of Engineering

Work in the Dean’s office at the front desk

Queen Candidate for Engineer’s Week 2011

Safety and Chemical Engineering Education Program Safety Certificates:

o Inherently Safer Design

o Runaway Reactions

o Chemical Reactivity Hazards

o Risk Assessment

o Safety in Chemical Process Industries

Engineering Ambassador

o Speaking to future students about the benefits of engineering as well as the benefits of being a student of the College of Engineering at the University of Missouri-Columbia

o Providing building tours to prospective students. Also answering or clarifying any issues or questions they may have

Mizzou Engineering Student Council, member

o High School Weekend Team Leader

Teach and interact with students about engineering and all the various types of engineering this is on campus through exciting activities

Explain the benefits of engineering and the role engineers play in society

o Regularly attend meetings, part of the High School Weekend committee, and volunteer for events such as blood drives and graduation ceremony preparation

Secretary of American Institute of Chemical Engineers

o Coordinate and organize events with the President, Vice President, Social Chair, and Treasurer

o Advertise meetings, company informational sessions, and social events

o Attend Student Conference in Salt Lake City

Volunteered at STRIPES, designated driver program offered on campus

Member of Tiger’s Lair, the student cheering section on campus

CPR, AED, First-aid, AFAA, and Zumba certified

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