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Sales associate

Decatur, GA
September 27, 2023

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Lekiela Bailey

Atlanta, GA *****


Work Experience

Laundry Worker

Piedmont Driving Club - Atlanta, GA

November 2020 to June 2023

Using the Company Washer and Dryer to Wash their Towels,and Using the Pressure Machine to the Uniforms Pants & Shirt and washing dryer and Operator Machines to Use their Feeding Machine to Iron the Table Cloths and Small and Big Napkins.and Keeping the Laundry Department Area Clean. Sales Associate, Packer, Production, Assembly Line Hanger,Price Walmart - Atlanta, GA

June 2013 to February 2019

Assistant Customer's in the Sore Packing And Unpacking, Pricing The Merchandise,Hanger The Clothes and Items out on the Dean Store,and working the Grocery store Area As Well and apparel with the shoes Area and Bakery UnPacking the Cakes and Pies and Breads and Prices and scanning all the ITEMS MERCHANDISE.

Janitorial Worker

HTH Building Service - Atlanta, GA

June 2004 to February 2008

Cleaning Up Office Buildings @Night.Pulling Trash Dusting The Desk's and Conference Rooms And Dusting the Blinds and Wipe Downs the Desk's and Conference Rooms tables And Then Vacuum and If you had A Restrooms you go in Pull the Trash Empty the Trash and you Put the Trash Bags back in the Trash Cans and You sweep the Rest room Out and you Start washing the Toilet with Cleaning Spray and you down the Toilets and You Setup you Mop Water and Start Mop around the Toilet bowl and Mop the Whole Restrooms and Clean All the mirrors and Spray the Restroom Fresh Scent. Folding Hand Towels,And Washing Drying Pressure, Machines, Washing and Drying Uniform and And the Company Towels and Pressure Uniforms, Sorting the Good Product form the Bad Shipping the Merchandise Out And making Production The pallet

National Linen Service - Atlanta, GA

January 2000 to February 2004

Washing and Drying the Towels and Folding the Towels For count and Production and Washing and Drying The Uniforms and using the Pressed Machines to Pressed The Uniforms Pants Shirts,and Hanger the Uniforms and Washing the Mats Rolling and Sheets and Pillows Cases. Dishwasher/Food Prep

Georgia World Congress Center - Atlanta, GA

July 1994 to June 1999

Washing Dishes and Using the Dish Machine stacking a racks with the dishes plates glasses on the disc machines rack running the dishes through the machine with clean water the right temperature and chemical Soap for the dish machine washer. And Washing Pots & Pans in the Pots & Pans Area's When the Congress Center Big Show & events and Washing Dishes For the Staff Kitchen and Resturant Areas. And Helping With Food Prep For chef and Cooks like Cutting Up Tomatoes, onions, slice of cheese help grilling and more


Centennial Park Restaurant - Atlanta, GA

July 1994 to June 1999

Server Over the Counter in the centennial Park restaurant The Customers come in the Restaurant Asking for A Salad are A hotdog, Pretzel, Sandwich and a soda and i Have to complete the customer order and Serv them they Food .and Sometime i had To Work Wednesday wine Down. Education

12 in Applied Mathematics

West Fulton High School - Bank, NH

August 1975 to May 1986


• Laundry

• Math

• Commercial Cleaning

• Calculus

• Python

• Pricing

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