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Mental Health Regional Hospital

Herat, Afghanistan
September 27, 2023

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Dr. Ayesha “ Haidery” CV

PROFILE: I worked as a Psychiatrist for more than a decade, got my specialty in Psychiatry, and have served thousands of patients in this field. I also have extensive experience in national and international mental health centers as a mental health doctor, psychiatric specialist, and mental health trainer. Besides these jobs, I worked as a University professor in Psychiatry, Neurology, and Behavior science fields. I consider myself a fast learner, and I can adapt to changes quickly and swiftly. Moreover, my knowledge and experience of multicultural environments can prove to be an asset in settings where individuals from different cultures and backgrounds are part of. I believe that my strong personal experience, my education, and my professional competencies make me a competitive candidate for the position of a qualified doctor.

- Thanks in advance for taking the time to review my CV. Contact: 009**********

Email:, Address: Herat of Afghanistan



Graduated from Heart University Medical Faculty (Curative Medicine) with a MD degree with scores

(90%) in 2008, in Herat of Afghanistan.


The first six years (Each year consisting of two semesters, each semester including theoretical at the university and practical lessons with patients at the hospital), passed successfully with high scores.

The seventh year was completely practical with (OPD and IPD patients), and all work was at the hospital.

- I have the diploma and transcript for the degree. 2010-2012

Studied and worked as a residency trainee in psychiatry ward of Herat Regional Hospital

(Specialization program in psychiatry) in (Herat-Afghanistan). Education &


Attended and completed succesfully the theoritical and practical lessons of the psychiatry and mental health program with high scores.

Worked as a resident trainee with OPD and IPD patients in mental health ward of Herat Regional Hospital.

Conducted research, wrote the thesis according the program, and defended it on time with high scores.

- I have a diploma and transcript from the program. 2019-2021 Studied for a Master’s degree in Neurology at al-Farabi University in (Almaty, Kazakhstan) Education &


The first semester was theoretical lessons; I attended all sessions and successfully passed the exams. The other three semesters were theoretical and practical, and I attended all the practical and theoretical lessons and passed the exams and tests successfuly with a GPA of 3.82/4.

I conducted research, wrote my thesis according the program, and defended it to a high standard.

- Because, I should teach neuroligy subject beside psychiatry at the medicl faculty of herat University, the menistry of higher education of Afghanistan gave me the oportunity to go to Kazakhstan for the this program.

- The diploma and transcript of the program are with me.

- Attended more than six months of theoritical and practical training in EMG and NCS. 2009-2013

I worked as a doctor trainer and mental health specialist at IAM (International Assistance Mission)

(Herat, Afghanistan).


1. Participating in coordination meetings of Mental Health Training Center project staff and other trainers. 2. Three days a week, visiting and treating the psychiatric patients at the mental health clinic 3. Providing diagnosis based on assessments and evaluation 4. Developed treatment plans based on the psychiatric patient’s needs and diagnosis 5. Completing all necessary clinical documentation for the Mental Health Clinic in an accurate and timely manner.

- I have the work certificate.

- At the same time, in 2010, I completed my specialization program in Psychiatry at Herat Regional Hospital. IAM supported the program for me


I worked as a university professor at Herat Medical Faculty, Herat University in the fields of Psychiatry, Neurology, and Behavior science (Herat, Afghanistan) Work

Teaching the medical students noteworthy theoretical subjects (Psychiatry, Neurology, and Behavior science).

Teaching the medical students practically (bedside teaching).

Supervising student-patient interactions and instilling robust clinical judgment in student trainees.

Awarding final grades derived from engagement with assessments. Academic activities:

Make a significant contribution to the development of academic policies across the medicine faculty and university.

I conducted research and wrote the thesis for my master’s degree.

I conducted research and wrote the thesis for my specialization.

Attended many scientific conferences at many universities:

I participated as a presenter in the Neurology Internitional Forum in Kazakhstan, which was conducted by Eropian Union in Alamaty, Kazakhstan, in 2021.

I conducted research and wrote academic articles based on it, which were published in scientific national and international journals.

- The documents from the experieces are with me.

- Besides in the afternoons I visited neuro-psychiatric patients at a private clinic. Training and courses



I attended many courses and trainings in the psychiatric field with national and international trainers. The certificates of completion are with me.






English – Persian – Pashto


Name: Dr. Sayed Farooq Hosaini, Professor of medical faculty of Herat university Contact: 009*********


Name: Dr. med. Iris Jordi, Specialist of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Address: Thunstrasse 4 3700 Spies

Contact: 0041-(0-79-890-**-**


Name: Dr. Saltanat Kamenova

Position: MD. Neurologist, President of Kazakhstan National Association of Neurologists Contact: 007**********


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