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High School A Driver

City Heights, 9500, Philippines
September 27, 2023

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Tatler 4


Do you have a high school diploma? ves No

How would you describe your reading level? EXCELLENT 6000 ox EJpoor

Do you have the knowledge of keeping accurate logbooks? ves No

Do you have any physical restrictions that may affect your job? ves No

Ifyes, please specify:

Have you ever been convicted of a felony? ves No

Ifyes, please explain. Please note: conviction of a crime is not an automatic bar to employment - all

circumstances will be considered.


Do you have a valid passport? ves No

Current driver's licence information:

eence number ravines Type Expiry Date

Please list any other driver's licences you have held in the past 5 years:

Ueence number Province “Type Expiry Date

Ueence number Province Type Expy Date

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