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Qa Engineer Team

Livermore, CA
September 27, 2023

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Remo Kumar

Hayward, CA *****



●Lead Software QA Engineer/Manager, with experience in planning, developing and executing test coverage for multiple functionalities and platforms with STAR Technology (Situation, Tasks, Action, Result).

●Hands on experience in building test automation framework – GUI, Backend, E2E

●Conducted Performance, load, stress testing for different clients

●Ensure the highest quality product delivery through Automation Testing

●Experience in J2EE - E2E development and testing

●Experience in building automation Python Frameworks using Robot Framework, Redwood HQ, TestNG and Jenkins

●Experience in testing Web services through Automation – SOAP API – Rest API – xml Technologies

●Strong experience in Data structures and Algorithms

●Experience in white box, black box testing automation and integrations

●Working experience with load testing theories, methodologies, analysis and tools

●Experience in hiring, building and managing QA team and systems

●Experience in different QA methodologies like Waterfall, Iterative, Agile

●Detailed understanding of the entire software development cycle, Wireless application Testing, Agile and Test Driven Development, Network and Device Testing

Technical Skills

●Languages: Java, Python, C

●Scripts: Java Scripts, Perl, Python, JSP

●Test Automation Framework: TestNG, Robot Framework, RedwoodHQ, Selenium, WinRunner

●Unit Test Framework- TDD: UnitTest, PYTest, TestNG, JUnit, CPPUnit

●GUI JS Test Framework: Meteor, Mocha, Jasmine, JTest using Node.js

●Performance Test Tools: JMeter, LoadRunner, HTTP Perf, Silkperformer

●Mobile Tool: Appium

●Test Tool: Test Director, Cucumber

●Database: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 and sybase

●Operating Systems: Unix, Windows, iMac and VMware

●Oracle Tools: SQL Plus, PLSQL, Oracle forms, Developer 2000

●Defect tracking tools: Clear quest, ITS, JERA, Remedy and Bugzilla

●Web servers: Apache, Tomcat, and IBM WebSphere, Oracle, Weblogic

●Source Control: Perforce, ClearCase, CVS, SVS

●Memory Leak Test tools: JProbe, Purify

●Wireless technologies: WAP Push and Pull Technologies

●Code Quality: Jlint, olint, clint, mlint, coverity

●Code Coverage: PureCoverage, Jprobe, Emma, GCOV

●WebServices Test tools: Smart Pear, Soap UI, JMeter, Postman

●Web monitoring: BMC PATROL, Wily, Ganglia

●Network Standards: DNS, Load Balancers, TCP/IP, Routing, SNMP

●Network Test Tools: IXIA, SmartBits, TCP Dump, ethereal


Indian Institute of Science, India

●Master of Science in engineering

●Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Professional Experience

CMI Tech, Patterson CA April 2016 – May 2023

Software QA Manager

●Built and managed daily automation Python Frameworks using Robot Framework, Redwood HQ, TestNG and Jenkins

●Developed unit tests with TDD model and added lot of cases using python PYtest, unittest

●Tested Web Frameworks using tools Mocha, Meteor, Jasmine and Jtest using node.js

●Soup APIs and Rest APIs Automation using Framework using JMeter

●GUI Automation using Selenium, JMeter, TestNG under Jenkins distributed environment

●Conducted daily scrum and scheduled daily tasks to the QA Team

●Reviewed QA members performance/Hire new QA Engineers

●Built the Junit frame work and performance tests frame work

●Worked on distributed CI model and devops distribution

●Automated mobile devices testing

Infosys Inc., Fremont, CA June 2014 – January 2016

Senior Tech QA Architect

Project 1: Apple Inc

●Developed many manual and automation tests in UI level and API level

●Provided architectural support for different projects in their automation both API and UI

●Built and managed daily automation Python frameworks using Robot framework

●Responsible for managing QA team in Agile process

●Coded Coverage Analysis using jacoco in all the projects

●Automated email rendering functionality in the hosted service

●Responsible for Performance testing of various Apple components

●Involved in Security and fraud testing implementation

Project 2: Charter Network

●Built the automation framework from scratch

●Implemented Continuous Integration and checkin all the automated scripts

●Responsible for Gap analysis with code coverage and code quality

●Provided architectural support for different projects in automation both API and device level

●Developed many manual and automation tests in UI level and API level.

●Built and managed daily automation Python Frameworks using Robot Framework, Redwood HQ, TestNG and Jenkins

●Developed unit tests with TDD model and added lot of cases using python PYtest, unittest

●Tested Web Frameworks using tools Mocha, Meteor, Jasmine and Jtest using node.js

StumbleUpon Inc., San Francisco, CA April 2011 – May 2014

QA Lead

●Built and managed the QA team for the day to day QA activities.

●Conducted daily scrum and schedule daily tasks to the QA Team

●Reviewed QA members performance and hired new QA Engineers

●Developed automation framework for Stumbleupon APIs using SoupUIPro and JMeter

●Developed white box level unit test cases using Junit framework

●Automated and developed the performance test script

●Designed and implemented E2E automation in Java

●Built the Junit frame work and Performance Tests frame work

●Automated mobile devices testing

●Responsible for Gap analysis and added and executed missed functional tests

●All the GUI applications were automated using selenium Junit framework

Marin software, San Francisco, CA April 2010 – February 2011

Sr. QA Lead

●Responsible for leading the efforts of automation team

●Built the automation framework using selenium, junit, testlink and Jira

●Web Services Automation – both Soap and Restful services

●Developed and executed performance related functionality using Jmeter

●Followed the daily scrum schedules and QA tasks

●Mentored the junior QA engineers

●Implemented Continuous Integration and integration testing’s

Axway Inc. November 2009 – March 2010

Automation Architect

●Developed Automation framework for FTD server and email security

●Designed and implemented E2E automation in Java

●Built the Junit framework

●Responsible for webservices implementation and Integration with other Axway B2B module

Ebay Inc., Sanjose, CA June 2009 – November 2009

QA Architect

●Designed and implemented E2E automation in Java

●Built the Junit framework, fixed the existing Testframe work and test fixtures

●Integrated GUI, MidTier, Backend tests

●Responsible for test driven development – merchant experience module

Yahoo Inc, Sunnyvale, CA January 2008 – April 2009

Sr. QA Engineer/Lead

Multi-threaded test client development –both in Java and C.

●Responsible for YMB sprint code development

●Automated MobStor (Media object store) WebServices tests using curl and perl framework

●Developed and ran the performance tests using JMeter and loadrunner

●Triage and tuned the performance bottlenecks in the projects –from code level to all possible configurations and setting for different use case scenarios

●Responsible for test plan and test cases development for MobStor, DORA, YMB projects.

●Automated Java-API, C-API tests using JUnit, CPPunit frameworks

●Test Driven development

●Mentored and led the other QA Engineers for their QA projects and progress

VISA/ CyberSource Corp May 2006 – January 2008

Sr. QA Engineer/ Lead

●Defined team organization, roles, and responsibilities. Set the milestones periodically and tracked the progress.

●Contributed to selection of test automation tools, and design of automation framework for payment applications

●Responsible for J2EE web application component level testing

●Developed automation framework, automated functional tests with Java, SOA tools, Perl - load and performance tests with JMeter

●Responsible for team development, hiring, training, motivation, performance reviews and evaluation.

●Defined team organization, roles, and responsibilities. Set the milestones periodically and tracked the progress.

●Improved the processes, and defined the product exit-criteria

●Participated in root cause analysis of production issues

●Defined QA strategy and roadmap for payment server applications

●Analyzed testing tools, and developed automation strategy

●Responsible for Security Testing using SAINT – Memory leak testing using Jprobe

●Workload testing using Autosys

●Improved the code coverage and code quality

BMC software Mountain View, CA June 2004 – May 2006

Staff QA Engineer

●Responsible for software quality assurance function for a highly complex product

●Responsible for team development, hiring, training, motivation, performance reviews and evaluation.

●Defined team organization, roles, and responsibilities. Set the milestones periodically and tracked the progress.

●Improved the processes, and defined the product exit-criteria.

●Led a team of engineers in test design, test development, test automation, and test execution

●Developed and executed functional/performance/stress tests using Silk Performer, JMeter, Microsoft WAS tools

●Automated Java-API tests using JUnit framework

●Developed tools for automating web application tests

●Designed the functional and performance test plan, checklist, test cases

●Conducted performance tests in the distributed and load balanced environment

●Automated more than 1000 functional test cases which run in different platform.

●Functional and performance testing of Webservices, SOA, SOAP, WS-Profile using SoapSonar

●Code coverage and Code quality - measured

●Responsible for Memory leak Testing using JProbe and Purify

●Conducted lots of performance tests and identified the issues both in-house and customer site

●Published four whitepapers for our gold customers and one for BMC Educational Department.

●Worked in Sun Labs with their latest technology and published a performance white paper

Symantec December 2003 – April 2004

Principal QA Consultant

This project involves Testing Symantec security products in Window-XP environment

●Tested network database security in ATM machines (Embedded XP operating systems) which involves setting up network lab - such as configuring DNS, subnets, routers.

●Created and reviewed test plans, test cases, test metrics, and other QA documents to ensure sufficient test coverage based on requirements and specifications. Work closely with development to ensure desired level of quality is built-in. Also influenced team to build-in testability during design and implementation

●Thoroughly tested the offering through all phases of development life cycle (Functional testing, regression/ integration testing, performance testing)

Openwave Systems July 2001 – November 2003

Sr/ Lead QA Engineer

This project involved testing and automating -Tests of OPENWAVE Provisioning Manager, MAG (Mobile Access Gateway) in the distributed environment:

●Responsible for Web based GUI testing and developing test cases from the Functional Specification.

●Developed/modified test and installed scripts using Perl, Shell

●Back port the bugs as well as filling bugs using ClearQuest

●Tested the voice and phone wireless data

●Third Party software integration testing

●Automated the tests using WinRunner, TestDirector

●Developed test case - using C++, Perl, Java, SQL, Shell Scripts

●Maintained the test cases and data in the source control system

●Developed and Tested the load - by using Load Runner Script

●Trained the QA Engineers and periodically updated the status to Manger

●Tested the performance and sizing

●Tested API adapters code using TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML, WAP tools

●Managed and coordinated the QA team test efforts simultaneously in Redwood City, USA, Belfast, Ireland and Pune, India

Oracle Corporation December 1995 – June 2001

Senior Member of Technical Staff

●Tested Oracle RDBMS server and products in Unix Platforms like HP-UX, AIX, DEC, Linux, SPARC, Intel (Intel Solaris, NCR, Sequent, Unisys, Unixware, DG). This position involved:

●Wrote test code/scripts in C, C++, Java, SQL for various Unix platforms

●GUI products manual, automate testing

●Designed and created test plans for Oracle products

●Bug fixing and delivering patch sets

●Built the entire Oracle Product in the clear case environment

●Automated all the regression tests by using Ora*Tst, Python, Perl and Shell programming

●Ran all the regression tests for Oracle Server Products

●Triage and fix the test bugs By using Puify, xdb, gdb, and sdb

●Verified the code coverage By using PureCoverage

●Automated the build process (Full /Partial/Product)

●Installed and tested Oracle Server Products

●Tested Oracle Webserver and iCache products

Projects worked on:

QA Automation:

●Developed different workflow programs and Unix Shell Script programs to automate the test process of Oracle Server and Web products

●Designed and created test plans. Automated the long regression tests for Server Products like RDBMS PLSQL, Java, SQLJ, Network, Oracore, Nlsrtl, Precompilers

●This also involved updating the results in the Oracle database and triaging the results

●Created reports and published them on the porting automation web site

Characterization of the Oracle code:

●Analyzed the source code for its compliance to corporate development, coding and testing practices using tools such as Olint, Mint, Dlint and Tlint, and updated the coding standard

Product Maintenance:

●Four years in charge for bug fixers, backports and patchsets delivery for the following Intel platforms: NCR, Intel Solaris, Unisys, Unixware, Sequent. This involved fixing the P1 and P2 platform related customer bugs round the clock and developing the simple test cases to reproduce the problem

●This involved coordinating closely with DDR and customer support

●Performance tuning and Benchmark testing. Performance related Oracle code was modified to tune the performance

●Did compiler based optimization like ROfixing, Profile based optimization, Position independent code to tune the Oracle performance

●Run the TPCC, TPCD Bench mark test program and generated the performance tune numbers

Product Bundling and Shipping:

●Product bundling and shipping using Oracle Universal Installer to bundle the Oracle Server products and cut the media and doing various Installer testing before shipping to the customers

Porting UNIX Kernel:

●As part of Oracle Server development, worked on the following areas of Unix kernel: Design and

●Development of Process control, Memory Management, Buffer Cache, Volume Manager, Driver Interface, IPC Sockets, TCP/IP, SMP, IO Subsystem, NAS, SAN and UNIX file system internals

Oracle Database Migration:

●NCR moved their UNIX operating system from MPRAS to Intel Solaris7

●Individually worked on this migration project which involved serious code review in both NCR and Intel Solaris, vigorous database testing and developing migration utility

●Also wrote the white paper for the NCR customers

●Intel Unification Project: Did the code review and identified the generic objects and delta objects for the Unified Model and moved many of the delta objects to generic objects

●This project involved lot of code modification and testing

●Dev OPS Scientific Officer, Super Computer Education Research Center, Indian Institute of Science, an Internationally acclaimed Institute in the field of Science

●Developed and maintained many Software tools in UNIX environment which were used for Research and Development in the Institute such as Job Scheduling in the clustered environment, Batch Scheduling, Printer Job Scheduling and monitoring all the systems in the ring topology

●Developed a sixteen processor hyper cube parallel machine in the UNIX environment


Published six papers in Parallel and Cloud Computer Algorithms in leading international journals

Member Ship

IEEE member

Member in IIST (International Institute of Software Testing)

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