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Data Entry Collection

Harar, Harari, Ethiopia
September 27, 2023

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Curriculum Vitae

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Name: Degefa Gebissa Mati

P.O.Box, 138 Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Telephone number : +251-********* Mobile number: +251********* E-mail address:

Sex: Male Date of birth: 12/05/1979 Nationality: Ethiopia Desired employment

/ Occupational field

Academic Technical Assistant One (TA-I) (August 07, 2003 G.C)

- Promoted to TA – II (August 07, 2005 G.C)

- Promoted to TA – III (August 10, 2007 G.C)

- Employed as Graduate Assistant two (GA-II) on August 28, 2012 G.C

- Promoted to Assistant Lecturer on August 28, 2013 G.C.

- Employed as Lecturer (75%) and Researcher (25%) in the school of plant sciences, Haramaya University, Ethiopia



Lecturer 2015- up

to present

Teaching “Field Crops Production and Postharvest Value addition” course for mid-career students

Teaching “Research Method In Plant Sciences” course for 3rd year undergraduate BSc students Teaching “Crop Production and Management” course for undergraduate BSc students ADMINISTRATIVE EXPERIENCE

August 2003-Sep 2005 Coordinator of Haramaya University Research Site at West Hararghe (Hirna), Haramaya Sept. 2006- Sept 2013 University, Ethiopia

Coordinator of Administrative TA’S and FA’s under Maize Research Program of March 2017- up to

Haramaya University, Ethiopia

Technical Advisor of Haramaya University Early Generation Seed Production of Field Present crops including Potato in collaboration with BENEFIT-ISSD. In October 2017 Collecting data (Survey of Crop Production and climate related field data Collection) Which is funded by Christian Aid

In October 2018

Name and address of


-Electronic data collection (Survey of socio-economic data collection in Eastern Hararghe) which is proposed and funded by BENEFIT-REALISE Haramaya University, P.O. Box – 138, Telephone: +251*********, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia



2017-Present Giving the training for Developmental Agents (DA’s), Jobless youths and farmers around the area based agronomic practices.

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MSc, in Agronomy (3-9/4.00), Haramaya University, Ethiopia (on October 26, 2016)

MSc Thesis: “Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizer Rates on Yield and Yield Components of Maize (Zea mays L.) at Haramaya, Eastern Ethiopia” Thesis defense result = A+ (Excellent)

Some of the major courses I attended at MSc. Level were: Soil and Plant Nutrition, Plant Physiology, Biometry, Soil, water and Plant analysis,, Crop Production and management, System Analysis Crop Modeling, Field Practices, Laboratory Techniques, and etc. BSc (3.94/4.00) in Plant Sciences, Haramaya University, Ethiopia (on July 07, 2012) Some of the major courses I attended at BSc. Level were : Introduction to Agricultural Microbiology, Soil and Water Management, Introductory Soil, Experimental Research Design (Biometry), Field Crops Production and Managements, Vegetable Crops Production and Processing, Fruit Crops Production and Managements, Coffee, Tea, Spices and Herbs Production and Managements, Irrigation Practices and Managements, and etc.

Diploma in General Agriculture at Debub University (the then Awassa College of Agriculture) on July 23, 2003.

TRAININGS Training on Induction (Pedagogical Skills) held by College of Education and Behavioral Sciences Higher Diploma Program, Haramaya University, Ethiopia, October 16-25, 2012.

Training in microbiological techniques, Soil and plant Analysis at National Soil Testing center

(Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, March 3 – 19, 2009.

Computer training at Haramaya University (the then Alemaya University) August 14, 2003 - September 29, 2003

Laboratory technician training in Soil, Plant and Water Analysis Methods on June 10, 2013 at Nairobi, Kenya.

Training on Psychological First Aid for Students and Competency Based Curriculum Design on February 01-05/2018.

Training on Enhancing the Quality of Education at Higher Education Institution on 07 March, 2023.


Mother tongue(s) Afan Oromo


Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production Amharic Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent English Excellent Excellent Very good Very good Excellent Communication


I can understand different social behaviours and different social back ground with different peoples. Organisational /

managerial skills

Excellent in Program Coordination (like Agronomy and Crop Ecology Program Coordination)

Excellent in cooperation and motivating people towards a specific task or objective, generate scientific ideas and practical methods-based plant science principles. Curriculum Vitae

© European Union, 2002-2018 Page 3 / 3 Job-related skills Excellent in Laboratory activities, Field works and Participating in research areas and competences Computer skills . Excellent in computer skills like Microsoft word, Excel, Power point, and Data entry in excel, summarizing and statistical analysis


- Bulti Tesso (PhD)

Associate Prof. of Plant

Breedind and Genetics at

Haramaya University


Tel: +251*********

- Jemal Abdullahi (PhD)

Assistant Prof. of Agronomy

Instructor of Agronomy at

School of Plant Sciences,

Haramaya University


Tel: +251*********

- Yibekal Alemayehu (PhD)

Associate Prof. of Plant

Physiology, School of Plant

Sciences Head.


Tel: +251*********

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