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Research Chemist Mass Spectrometry

Pittsburgh, PA
September 26, 2023

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ARUL CLEMENT **** Ward Street

Research Chemist Pittsburgh, PA 15213 Cell No :412-***-**** U.S. Permanent Resident


o 10+ years hands on research experience in organic synthesis and experience modern analytical chemistry techniques such as (NMR, IR, mass spectrometry, DSC,TGA, DMA) o Proficient at maintaining and troubleshooting laboratory equipment Skills:

Multi-steps Organic Synthesis and polymer synthesis

Experienced in assay & methods and developments

Instrumental analysis and Purification

Research Experience:

Research Chemist University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA Oct 2014 -

• Conducted research on the synthesis, design and characterization of Liquid crystal elastomers (LCE s) materials

• Developed novel LCE formulations with tailored properties for specific applications

• Designed and synthesized LCEs with precise control over molecular alignment and cross-linking to achieve desired mechanical and optical properties.

• Designed and implemented responsive systems or devices utilizing LCEs for targeted applications.

• Developed creative solutions to overcome challenges related to LCEs material synthesis processing or application development.

• Developed and modified a number of chemical procedures to save time and money of the research group

• Conduct and Schedule lab inspections looking for expired chemicals or equipment proper labeling, and overall safety -On occasion

Polymer Chemist Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea Nov 2010 - Sep 2014

• Developed and optimized fully conjugated,unique semiconducting polymers for organic electronics and Organic solar cells.

• Implemented strategies to improve the power conversion efficiency (PCE) of organic polymer solar cells through material selection device architecture optimization and interface engineering.

• Fabricated organic polymer solar cells using various deposition techniques such as spin coating or vacuum deposition.

• Optimized device fabrication processes to enhance the performance of solar cells Research Chemist at University of madras India Nov 2005 - Sep 2010

Designed novel synthetic routes for the synthesis of complex drug intermediates, employing Suzuki coupling, Direct C-H activation and tandem reaction as a key step.

Conducted high-throughput screening of reaction conditions to identify optimal catalysts and ligands for Pd- catalyzed coupling reaction.

Characterized reaction intermediates and final products using NMR, IR and mass spectrometry ensuring product purity and structural elucidation.

Published research findings on innovative Direct C-H coupling methodologies in peer reviewed journals contributing to the advancement of the field


M.Sc. Department of Chemistry, Loyola college, Chennai, India May 2005 B.Sc. Department of Chemistry, St. Joseph’s college, Trichy, India May 2003

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