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Business Analyst Project Manager

Novi, MI
September 25, 2023

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Monica Wagh

Greater Detroit Area Phone: 248-***-**** Email:


** ***** ** ******* ********** in IT including managing the product backlog, defining and documenting requirements as per business needs and Quality Assurance and Software Testing with major emphasis on

Managing the project backlog, planning and leading backlog grooming meetings, sprint planning meetings and retrospective meetings for every sprint.

Managing the sprints in agile method as per the capacity of the sprint.

Informing the Project Manager about the current and future sprint goals keeping the backlog clean and groomed and planned as per team capacity.

Involved in the deployment process from dev to QA environment and from QA to Production

Once the code is deployed to Production make sure that everyone including the Customer support team is informed about the new changes in Production.

Noting the feedback from the executive team and documenting it to discuss and bring changes accordingly.

Define requirements and sign off from the business.

Create user stories and maintain the board for each sprint.

Create dashboard to see the progress of team during the sprint in agile methodology.

Developing test strategy, test plans, test cases, and test scripts for automated and manual testing

Creating detailed and structured test cases

Executing manual tests and running automated testing for functional testing, integration testing, regression testing, UAT testing, system testing, security testing, stress testing and performance testing

Perform Regression testing to confirm the bugs resolved and application meets the requirements.

Managing test results capturing, analyzing, fixing, documenting, tracking, reporting, and presenting test defects

Validating if the products meet specified requirements and evaluating testing results against the objectives.

Analyze the root cause of the bug and record steps to recreate the issue.

Worked with different bug tracking and reporting tools including Mercury Quality Center, ALM, TFS, Jira and Asana

Ability to work across the different teams involved to see that the application is developed as per requirements.

Following documented procedures and ensuring compliance to product and process quality systems and processes

Experience in working extensively with SQL queries for back-end testing.

Drafted and reviewed the contracts like statement of work and proposal.

Reviewed Vendor contracts and proposals to define fixed bid, time and material for short term contract.

Good working knowledge of different phases of Software Development and Testing

Life Cycle (SDLC) includes Agile methodology.

Managed and executed projects in terms of defining deliverables, planning, managing timelines through tracking and resource scheduling.

Experience in vehicle testing and bench testing. Involved in vehicle test drives.

Excellent analytical, troubleshooting and debugging skills, excellent communication, and organizational skills, both oral and written

Detail-oriented problem solver, quick learner, can work as an individual as well as a flexible team player.

Excellent skills in communication & collaboration, interest & ability to learn new technologies in short time

Technical Skills

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows NT, UNIX, Linux.

Testing Tools: Mercury Quality Center, TFS, ALM and Asana

Languages: HTML, XML, XSLT, JavaScript SQL, JavaScript, VB Script.

Databases: Oracle 9i, SQL Server 2000/2005, MS Access.

Internet Tools: XML, Java Script, HTML, HTTP/HTTPS, SOAP.

Application Servers: BEA Weblogic, IBM Websphere.

Web Servers: IIS, Apache, Tomcat.

Version Tools: Visual SourceSafe, CVS, Clear Case.

Bug Tracking Tools: Quality Center, ALM, TFS, Jira and Asana


Bachelor of Science, Mumbai University, India

Work Authorization

US Citizen


Clarience Technologies Aug 2022 to present

Sr. BA/Scrum Master and Quality Analyst

Currently working on web application that monitors the trailers in the trucking business. The platform I am working on is new and is being developed from base. In order to introduce this platform to the existing customer base we have to ensure that we are not losing any existing functionality from the previous product and that the new product has improved and new functions that the existing product is lacking. The application contain various sensors that can be installed to monitor the location, cargo, door status, temperature on the trucking trailers and also includes monitoring the tire and brake health of the trailer. As a scrum master and BA, my responsibility is to ensure that the requirements are precisely conveyed to the team and the product owner and the business is aware of the capacity and sprint wise development progress of the platform being developed.

I am involved in understanding the business requirements, making notes, write emails to get approval of the business requirements form the business. After gathering requirements and getting sign off from business, I create user stories and keep clear requirements for the developers to begin development. I ensure while allotting the requirements to developers I take in to count the capacity of the team and inform the project manager about what can be accomplished during the current sprint (sprint goals). I plan ahead fof time for upcoming couple sprints to have the user stories ready along with story points so I have fair idea of what can be achieved during the next couple sprints ahead of time.

I involve the senior developers to understand the user stories for backend if required to determine the amount of effort involved for development of any feature or improvement of the existing feature.

While planning for the sprint looking at the capacity, to see if there are any holidays or if the team members are taking any time off. I ensure some percent of capacity is left open in every sprint for resolving the bugs which might come up after deployment sometimes which show up in integration testing.

I also ensure that if during the testing or developing if any member of team sees short coming in the requirement, then it is immediately brought to the notice of the Product manager of the problem that can be seen to see if it has to be rethought and requirements redefined to have a good product developed.

I plan and conduct demos to the larger audience making sure the developers display the development so that Product owner and business is aware of the progress of the team on biweekly basis.

I ensure that the Project backlog is well groomed making sure the developers have a clear understanding while developing the application and sprint planning, speaking to business regarding any clarifications on the application and also testing of the application. Involved in reviewing and ensuring complete test case coverage and related test data. I prepare and review test Plans and test cases. I ensure various tests such as positive and negative to check business functionality manually and automation testing is done. I keep a track of the logged defects in issue tracker. I ensure regression testing is done after every deployment to QA environment so that the bugs can be caught in the QA and fixed in QA so that production environment remain bug free. Sometimes if small bugs get slipped in the production the customer care team is made aware of the shortcomings of it so that they are ready in case the customer calls in and they are given a way to work around to overcome those bugs. The management team is also kept in loop and the bug fix is done as soon as possible and deployed to Production at the earliest. Migration of customer from older platform to new platform is carefully monitored.

I create summary reports with details of developed functionality, upcoming features, executed, passed and failed test cases and involve myself in daily Scrum meetings. I conduct backlog grooming session, sprint planning and finally retrospective meetings after each sprint making note of the feedback from the team to ensure improving the process for the team. I ensure the team remains motivated and away from distractions to achieve the sprint goals. I keep the product owner informed of all the developments throughout the sprint.

General Motors Sept 2021 to Aug 2022

Business Analyst

Worked on apps that can be downloaded on dashboard of vehicles of different make and models including future models. As a QA making sure all the requirements for Driver safety first are met within each app. I conducted meetings to achieve that with the client and the third-party apps. Worked closely with Alexa Amazon team, iHeart Radio team Weather Channel team to display accurate information but in a manner that is in accordance with client and third-party expectations. I ensured that the data base was mapped and updated in the back end and displays as per requirement to match the tables in Internal Customers GM data and client organization third party backend data, like favoriting some places (adding home and office address) while going through route guidance, updating last visited, etc. in the navigation app. I documented the behavior of Google maps and apple maps navigation when changing the navigator to Alexa.

I kept track and traced the requirements in traceability matrix. I tracked the updates or changes or added new requirements, if any, using CRs and kept all the documents ready, signed off and recorded for future reference. I also communicated to the product team architect, developers and testers about the new changes or new updates. Some types of requirements were functional, and some are nonfunctional. I created different documents like BRS or SRS or CR or FRS and sometimes depended on make system design document. While creating documents I made notes of preconditions and business rules and note assumptions and risks and dependencies in completion. After completion or deployment of the project I conducted retrospective meetings for future learning.

Everdays, Inc. Oct 2019 to Sept 2021

Senior BA/ Testing Analyst

Everdays is an app (IOS and Android) which provides a planning and e-commerce platform that empowers people to take control of their end-of-life planning long before they pass. As a BA I gathered all the requirements from the business and made sure the application was developed by the developers according to the business requirements. As a senior tester I am involved in testing all the process that goes in developing and modifying various services provided by the app. I attend the meetings with Product team and use the user stories for writing test cases. Once the test cases are ready, they are executed to see that the product developed is as per the requirements. As testing is complete in the dev environment it is pushed to Production. This service is also on Web along with app. I am responsible for web testing as well as app testing (iOS, iPad and android – various versions). I attend scrum calls. I also get on triage calls to solve the issues with the developers and the Users as required. Once UAT testing is complete the app new features or changes are pushed in Production. Being the senior tester, I smoke test the production app as soon as released to inform of any issues in prod that may have occurred during the process of migration from dev to prod which is very rare but not impossible.

Ally Financial May 2019 to Sept 2019

Testing Analyst

Ally financial Inc. is a leading digital financial services company offering financial products for consumers, businesses, automotive dealers and corporate clients. I had been actively involved in testing various variations in financial letters that are system generated for customers who have taken loans. The letters are either reminder notices or cures for customers who have defaulted on their lease payments of late charges or any other dues outstanding from them. Each letter had a lot of variations depending on the state and other legal factors. These collection letters have legal biding and I was testing if all the legal criteria are met. Writing test cases, meeting business owners to see if the test validations are as per requirement. Other letters that I was working with are the ones which are sent to the lessee and co-lessee or buyer and co-buyer when the lease term is over or if the customer is defaulter and action needs to be taken then the letter notices are send to the customer and guarantor regarding legal action that will be taken.

General Motors, Detroit Jan 2019 to Mar 2019

CRM Operations

Worked on campaign mart where sensitive PII data was received from various business owners or campaign managers.

Worked on files with huge amount of data and sent them for scrubbing. The scrubbed data was then verified and various types of testing and evaluation of the data were done before sending it back to the manager. This data was used in various campaigns all over the country.

Test Analyst June 2018 to Dec 2018

The project involved the Data being transferred from outside vendor to GM in-house. New servers were being set up to bring in this huge amount of data in-house. I was actively involved in testing data transfer from vendor. The data had lot of privacy restrictions and all the testing was done in secret zone. Initially the testing was done by using dump data. Input files and the output files were tested. The received dump data was tested against the extracted data. SQL queries were used to extract data from the tables and compare it against dump data. Each column and number of rows were compared to the data. Also, the file lay out was checked against the process document expected layout.


General Motors (OnStar) Detroit Sept 2012 to May 2015

Software Test Engineer - Infotainment for Connected Vehicles

Managed Testing Team for Pricing and Packaging

The new software package was introduced to change the Pricing and Packaging for the Products offered by the company. The packaging of the product for the services previously offered was modified and new services were introduced. Family Link was one of the newly introduced services.

I led the pricing and packaging testing team consisting of one test lead and eight testers to test the product being developed. I was responsible for gathering the requirements, mapping them to the test designs and writing the test cases for the new pricing. I reviewed the software specification and designs and attended meetings involving Architects, Business Analysts, Developers and the Customer to know exact requirements and business flow in order to develop the test cases. I identified regression test suite and tracked the project issues to convey the status report to the Program manager. I arranged weekly meetings with Program managers, business and development team to convey the status of the testing. I tracked the created bugs and fixed bugs and saw that the fixed bugs were retested and ALM was updated. As a test engineer, I also trained the testing team to achieve a bug free product.

Migration of the existing customer to new pricing and packaging

The existing customers were migrated to the new pricing and packaging seamlessly. The customers were notified via emails and reminders, so developed test cases for testing emails being sent out. The Billing management team was also involved to validate the smooth migration from old to new billing cycle.

Quality Analyst - Infotainment

On off boarding UAT team

Testing the software package integrated with test hardware to see if the hardware had and software were communicating as expected in managing the enrollment of new customers for OnStar services, offer different types of services to existing customers, execute additional requests for the existing customers as well support discontinuation of services. Web based testing was done for enrollments through web. There was also extensive integration with Verizon Wireless and AT and T for the US customers, Bell Canada for Canadian customers, and Telephonica for Mexican market. Testing of hardware, which is installed in all the new GM cars, was also conducted. Testing also included supporting after-market mirror units sold at Best Buy.


Worked with automation team to identify the test cases to be automated. Created test case suite for automation and validated the results of the automated test cases.

In Vehicle integration testing for Connected Vehicle

The new hardware introduced for Gen10 4G LTE was hooked on the vehicle while testing the software. Conducted vehicle testing to validate Turn-By-Turn instructions. Lock Unlock and locate vehicle service were also validated. Using CAN tool Initiated Crash to validate the crash response. Validated vehicle slow down services that are offered to customers in case of vehicle theft. Worked on testing Lock/Unlock, remote start of vehicle, worked on Family Link to see if the vehicle left the designated border than SMS being sent to the registered number. Worked with Gen 10 hardware where the vehicle became hot spot for 4G LTE. Worked extensively with AT&T for data packages and phone hands free calling minutes.

Bench Testing

Older and the New Hardware were hooked to the bench and with vehicle ignition on and crash response was validated using simulation. Vehicle Slow Down was validated. My efforts towards testing this software and making it bug free were greatly appreciated. Worked in SIT team as well as in UAT team.

Worked closely with teams of BA’s, Architects, developers, users and testers throughout the entire development life cycle, to identify and manage requirements, execute, track, and report on functional and integration test cases generation and execution of assigned modules.

Worked directly with Business Analyst, business customers, and project team members to identify appropriate test case coverage and related test data.

Involved in setting up the End-to-End testing to review requirements in early stages of SDLC and designed baselines for testing activity to finalize the test plans and test cases.

Worked as a test engineer for Pricing and Packaging and On/Off boarding modules.

Involved in test planning and creating Test Scenarios for the application to ensure that the system modification will meet the specified business requirement. Reviewed and suggested Test Plan draft changes, created Test Cases and identified data required for testing.

Enhanced scripts using ALM for any changes or modifications in the requirements.

Performed backend testing using SQL queries to verify the correct information was entered into the Database.

Performed Positive and negative testing using different sets of data and verified the results.

Responsible for training and education of other team members so that they are better able to handle the projects.

Identified functionality and performance issues, including deadlock conditions, database connectivity problems, and system crashes under load.

Assisted in resolving issues with different domain team members and development team members.

Provided management and vendor with analysis reports and recommendations, which resulted in a redesign of the architecture by the vendor. Communicated with the vendor to resolve issues.

Entered, tracked and retested Defects found during testing.

Completed testing and documentation as per assigned schedule with weekly status reports provided to QA Manager and Designed status reports by using Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables and Graphs.

Jackson National Life Insurance, Lansing, Michigan Feb 2012 to Aug 2012

Quality Analyst

The software package was used to manage the issuing life insurance policies by agent country wide. Using this package, the agents have been able to instantly access the details of policies such as the name, account number, installment details, outstanding balance, payment history etc. of each client. Only authorized agents have access to only specific accounts.

Involved in extensive testing of Business Applications.

Involved in reviewing Business requirements for the applications

Work directly with application Business Analyst, business customers, and project team members to identify appropriate test case coverage and related test data

Preparing, executing and reviewing Test Plans and Test cases.

Performed various tests such as positive and negative to check business functionality manually.

Executed tests in the test lab, logged and tracked defects in issue tracker.

Performed regression testing after the bugs have been fixed.

Monitored status to close the bugs/cases as and when fixed

Prepared status summary reports with details of executed, passed and failed test cases

Involved in daily Scrum meetings

Responsible in providing regular test reports to the management.

Conducted GUI functionality testing, integration testing and regression testing.

Updating the status of all the Test Cases & Test Scripts that are executed during the testing process.

Keep track of defects using the bug tracking system.

Provide daily and weekly status reports.

Environment: Manual Testing.

Perry Johnson, Troy, Michigan and Bangalore June 2009 to Dec 2011

Quality Assurance Analyst

The software package was used for medical transcription. Using this package, the medical transcriptionists could transcribe reports and directly upload it and administers were able to instantly access the details of patient accounts, patient information, visit dates, and hospital account details, doctor details etc. of each client in accordance with HIPA rules.

Worked closely with teams of BA’s, developers, users and testers throughout the entire development life cycle, to identify and manage requirements, execute, track, and report on functional and integration test cases generation and execution of assigned modules.

Reviewed and analyzed the Business Requirements document and technical specifications.

Developed Test Strategy and Test Plans to ensure that test cases reflect user needs for the functional, GUI, performance.

Perform Regression testing against every build of the application.

Involved in doing System testing of the entire applications coordinating with Tech Leads and Business Users.

Performed User Acceptance Testing on the application.

Interact with developers and report the software bugs through Issue Tracker

Involved in preparation of Manual Test Plan.

Involved in gathering Business Level Requirements and reviewed manual testing methods.

Preparing, Executing and reviewing Test Plans and Test cases.

Performed various tests such as positive and negative to check business functionality manually.

Executed tests in the test lab, logged and tracked defects in HP Quality center (QC)

Monitored status using Quality Center to close the bugs/cases as and when fixed

Prepared status summary reports with details of executed, passed, and failed test case

Responsible in providing regular test reports to the management.

Conducted GUI and functionality testing.

Wrote and executed SQL scripts and stored procedures to validate data, which flows to the end user with the actual data in the Database.

Used Mercury Quality Center for updating the status of all the Test Cases & Test Scripts that are executed during testing process.

Preparing Test Reports and keeping track of defects using the bug tracking system (Mercury Quality Center).

Provide daily and weekly status reports to the QA Lead.

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