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Quality Assurance United States

Tampa, FL
September 25, 2023

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Edric Maurice Kidd

**** **** ***** ****, *****, FL 33619 251-***-****


Weston Solutions Inc. September 2022-February 2023

Fuel Systems Superintendent II

Performs site management tasks related to fuel systems including minor construction, maintenance, and repair projects. Coordinates closely with local points of contact at the facility, the project manager, and subcontractors. Maintain health and safety requirements and quality of control on the site at all times. Document all project activities to ensure all project stakeholders remain informed throughout the project field effort.

United States Navy – USS Nimitz June 2020 – June 2022

Leading Divisional Chief Petty Officer/Departmental Leading Chief Petty Officer (E-8)

Analyzed and instructed personnel in malfunctions of aviation fuel system test equipment, aviation fuel and lubricating oil systems, and the nitrogen distribution system and determined corrective actions; maintained fuel and lubricating oil inventory records; calibrated, adjusted, tested, cleaned, and flushed aviation fuel and lubricating oil systems; applied principles to maintain centrifugal purifiers, rotary vane pumps and limitorque valves; trained subordinates in the operation of fuel systems and test equipment; prepared weekly maintenance schedules; maintained inventory and supply records; supervised flight deck, hangar deck, and below decks fueling and system operations; conducted quality control and safety inspections; and evaluated subordinate work center personnel.

Developed and implemented preventive maintenance and quality assurance programs; implemented and maintained aviation fuel quality assurance programs; administers long-range planning for interviewing, evaluating, and assigning personnel; organized and scheduled training programs; provided technical assistance as required; and performed general administrative duties, including writing reports, correspondence, directives, and instructions.

United States Navy – NAVSUP FLC 4/11/2018 – 6/9/2020

Contracting Officer Representative (E8)


oAuthoritative source of knowledge on fuel storage and distribution and served as the principal advisor for the station and tenant activities on all matters related to fuel management.

oAdvised and provided direction on problems involving the work efforts which affect mission accomplishment, coordinating both internal and external procedures and operations.

oReviewed and developed procedures incident to flow of work and methods to be used in monitoring the accounting for all fuel transactions, including the validation and documentation of receipts from suppliers, receipts from defuels, issues, transfers between tanks and inventory adjustments.


oAdministrator of DoD Fuel Service contracts answerable to the DLA Energy, Contracting Officer. Evaluated contractor's day-to-day compliance with all contract provisions and monitored the performance of contract personnel.

oAnalyzed and identified needed changes to the fuel service contract specifications as necessary to reflect any increase or decrease in the scope of the contract and workload.

oReviewed, audited and documented fuel service contract accounting, inventory ledgers, performance records, fuel usage and other technical and statistical information required in the performance of the fuel service contract PWS requirements including cost estimates, cost analysis, etc.

United States Navy – USS Wasp 01/20/2016 – 02/01/2018

Leading Chief Petty Officer/ Departmental Leading Chief Petty Officer (E8)

Supervised inspection, operation, maintenance, and repair of aviation fuel systems; monitored procedures for maintaining quality control; prepared quarterly maintenance schedules; responsible for materials and supplies for organizational unit; supervised inspection procedures to ensure that technical specifications and standards of workmanship are met; inspected and evaluated the operation of repaired or newly installed parts and components of aviation fuel systems and related equipment; conducted gas-free testing of tanks and other storage containers before internal repairs commence; evaluated subordinates; and used computers in fuel quality control and in administrative actions.

United States Navy – USS Roosevelt 01/31/2009 – 01/08/2016

Leading Chief Petty Officer/Work center Supervisor (E6 – E8)

Performed organization level maintenance on automotive gasoline systems, aviation fuels systems afloat and ashore, and catapult lube oil distribution and stowage systems. Operated electric pumps, electric valve, tank level indicating and control systems, centrifugal purifiers and manifolds for fuel, oil, CO2, and inert gas systems. Repaired and adjusted valves, pumps, filters, and meters. Ventilated and cleaned stowage and service tanks.

Coordinator of all facets of maintenance and material management (3-M) systems. Implemented, evaluated, and coordinated the unit’s planned maintenance systems (PMS).

United States Navy – NRD Atlanta 06/17/2006 – 12/08/2008

Navy Recruiter (E6)

Recruited individuals into the U.S. Navy and Naval Reserve utilizing expertise in recruiting techniques, Navy enlistment programs and policies, and knowledge of classification techniques.

United States Navy – USS Enterprise 06/25/2004 – 04/24/2006

Work center Supervisor (E-5 – E-6)

Replaced components of aviation fuel and lubricating oil systems; conducted tests on fuel filter elements; operated solid contamination detectors and water-free detectors; supervised crews in the fueling and defueling of aircraft; and performed personnel evaluations of subordinates.

United States Navy – USS Reagan 10/29/2002 – 04/25/2004

Work center Supervisor (E5)

Operated, maintained, and repaired fueling and lubricating oil systems, including service stations, pump rooms, pumps, piping, valves, tanks, and protective piping systems; operated equipment associated with the fueling and defueling of aircraft aboard ship and ashore; operated motor-driven fueling equipment; maintained fuel quality; handled hazardous materials and maintained environmental standards; trained, directed, and supervised firefighting crews and fire rescue teams.

United States Navy – USS Truman 11/23/1998 – 03/01/2001

Work center Supervisor (E4 – E5)

Operated damage control and firefighting equipment; served as a member of an aviation fuel damage control repair party; performed maintenance record keeping; aligned valves in fuel piping systems for various operations; fueled and defueled aircraft; obtained samples of aviation fuels and tested for water and solid contaminants; and operated crash firefighting and mobile fueling and lubricating oil equipment.

United States Navy – USS Independence 10/14/1996 – 10/01/1998

Aviation Boatswains mate (Fuels) (E2 – E4)

Under close supervision assisted in the maintenance of aircrafts, associated aeronautical equipment, and aircraft support equipment; serviced, cleaned, and handled aircraft; performed other apprentice-level duties involved in the operation of a naval aircraft afloat and ashore.


C. F. Vigor High School August 1992 – May 1996

Prichard, AL


Aviation Fuels Maintenance Technician

3-M System Coordinator/Inspector

Engineer Bulk Fuel System Technician

Gas Free Engineer

Bulk Fuels/Terminal Manager/Property Administrator

Quality Assurance Inspector

Quality Assurance Planner

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program Manager/Supervisor

Anti-Terrorism Tactical Watch Officer

Construction Quality Management for Contractors


CPR/First Aid


Florida Unarmed Security Officer License Class D

Florida Armed Security Officer License Class G

Florida Concealed Weapons Permit

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