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Law Firm Cdl A

Oxnard, CA
September 26, 2023

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Bern J. Galvin

Oxnard CA ******


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Work Experience

HO Cash Manager/Financial

Controller/Turnaround Specialist

Aquila Steel/BHP Billiton Group 1979 - 1985

Increasingly responsible positions in multi-national construction services company. Produced full financials each month on a rigorous schedule. Worked in various divisions in Australia, USA and Canada, progressing to becoming the company’s turnaround specialist; consequently spending most of my time at the company’s underperforming divisions and subsidiaries.

VP Corporate Finance Lorimar Telepictures 1986 - 1988 Responsible for daily cash management operations for this public company. And for raising film financing. Renegotiated $100M revolving credit facility with 10-member bank syndicate. Collaborated with accountants to produce 10K’s and Q’s. Worked to redeem post-merger debt and replace it with longer term high yield bonds, underwritten by Drexel Burnham (Michael Milken). CFO/COO Warren Miller Entertainment 1989 - 1990

Shepherded company through generational transition from the founder to his son; expanded Revenues and broadened Revenue base to include Product Placement, Event Sponsorships and Foreign sales. CFO/CEO/Turnaround Specialist Highland Plating Company 1991 -1998 Took this company through a complete turnaround, using a little known but highly effective out-of-court workout mechanism – a CMA Creditors Moratorium – rather than a Chapter proceeding (Chapter proceedings are time consuming, expensive, inflexible and often not successful for the Debtor). In the process I developed with outside counsel, a way to effectively judgement proof underperforming companies, thus creating the financial runway, or breathing room, needed to enable them to revitalize their operations. I’ve since used this process successfully at several other companies in similar situations, including successfully executing the first CMA Creditors Moratorium out-of-court workout for a 501c3 company. CFO/Founder Linux Capital Group/Progeny Debian 1999 - 2003 Set up Linux ‘Open Source’ incubator; performed capital formation work, raising all capital using the Reg. D safe harbor exemption. Acted as CFO as company gained commercial footing; worked to develop HP’s Linux back end. Debian OS ultimately became the 3rd most popular community-based OS on the planet, noted for its stability and security, powering thousands of servers around the globe, including Google, the international Space Station, and today it is widely used including by city, state, provincial and local governments in many countries. It even has its own clone, Ubuntu, which has gained a foothold in the commercial desktop space. CFO Radciff Frandsen Dongell/Radcliff Saiki 2004 - 2007 Wound down operations of large downtown law firm, resolving all litigation, arranging for the completion of all matters in process, collecting receivables, doing all accounting and compliance. Subsequently put together partners for new law firm, set it up and acted as CFO as it gained traction. Bern J. Galvin

Oxnard CA 903030


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Founder/CFO B&R Liquid Adventure 2008 - 2013

Founded a natural organic beverage company. Bucha Live Kombucha, the world’s first good tasting kombucha, began in my kitchen because of my dissatisfaction with the then available commercial brands. Set up the company, wrote the LLC Operating Agreement, hired the employees, did the capital formation work and raised all the capital (7 rounds through various Angel networks), built a state-of-the-art production facility (Chinese fermentation tanks, American bottling, Italian labeling, Taiwanese conveyance system, German robotic packing) and guided the company as it gained commercial viability. Bucha became a national brand sold, by a NASDAQ listed public company in thousands of retail locations – Whole Foods, Kroger, Vons/Safeway, Amazon

– throughout the US and Canada.

Outsourced CFO Multiple predominantly 501c3s 2014 -present After selling all stock in my Kombucha company, I retired. That lasted about 2 weeks. I then began providing my CFO services to a series of non-profit companies, and have continued to do this ever since. I bring to the table advanced accounting, financial, budgeting, forecasting, systems, IT and compliance skills developed in the for-profit sector; a good understanding of GAAP, the applicable FASB’s, government contracts and regulatory and grant compliance. More recently I’ve begun providing financial sustainability analyses to foundations considering investing in grantee non-profits. Education

• Business Degree

• Law Degree

Both degrees are from the University of New South Wales, Australia, which I attended on a Commonwealth academic scholarship.

• Admitted as Barrister of the Supreme Court of NSW, Australia (though I have never practiced)

• LEED Green Associate (obtained this credential several years back in support of my then wife, who was a green building realtor). I’ve since become fascinated with environmentalism in the built environment; built the 4th Passive Haus in Los Angeles, and am now embarked upon building the 1st Passive Haus in Ventura County.


Available upon request


• Residency status – permanent resident alien (“Green Card”)

• Covid status – fully vaccinated

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