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Electrical Engineer Power Plant

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
October 01, 2023

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SOMASUNDARAM.K Phone: +971-********* / +91-894*******


Current Location: UAE-Dubai


Seeking challenging assignments with an organization of repute which recognizes true potential and effectively utilizes excellent analytical and technical skills. Educational Qualification:

B.E, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Graduation April 2012 Dr. Navalar Nedunchezhiyan College of Engineering

Percentage: 75.3%

Post Graduate Diploma in Electrical System Design, Graduation July 2014 Dimensional Academy – Mumbai

Percentage: 88%

Professional Certifications:

TRANSCO Competency Certificate- UAE, Abu Dhabi

ADDC Competency Certificate-UAE, Abu Dhabi

Institutional Occupational Health Safety (IOSH)

Basic Fire Fighting (BFF)

Basic First Aid (BFA)

Work Experience:

Designation: Electrical Engineer (Protection & Control) From July 2021 to Till date Company : Loops Automation LLC, Dubai-UAE.

Replacement, upgradation & modification of ABB & SIEMENS SCMS Systems with New SCMS System (GE, SPRECHER).

Design, submission, plan and execution of SCMS upgradation projects at 220kV/33kv, 132/11kV TRANSCO & ADDC-Abu Dhabi substations. Preparation, review, design the all required project documents and get approval from client.

Preparation, co-ordination and execution of FAT and SAT with client.

Preparation and Review method of statements for site installation of new SCMS system replacement and installation of BCUs (Bay control unit), testing & commissioning of protection relays at TRANSCO & ADDC substations.

Carried out Installation of new SCMS systems including new SCMS panel, Installation of Monitors & its PC cabinets, Installation of GPS, FO cable lay, FO splicing & testing, FO cable schedule preparation, control cable lay, replacement, installation and testing of

(220kV & 132kV LCC) BCU, Protection relays testing & signals simulation for SCMS testing at substations.

Panel designing and design execution, preparation of required bill of materials, preparation of Purchase requisition(PR) for Purchase order(PO) issue for the projects, coordination with vendors and sub-contractors, drawings preparation for panel, assemble of panel and snags clearance.

Assist the discipline staff on projects in the final inspection for certification and handing over the works.

Design coordination of BCU replacement and SCMS system Installation.

Conduct regular (daily) site visits and supervise/inspect and certify the installation of electrical services ensuring compliance with the Client documents.

Supervision of SCMS panel installation and Fiber Optic cable installation.

Opening permit to carry out activities at TRANSCO & ADDC substations.

Co-ordination with client, attend project meetings with client to solve the problems raised during project.

Attended GE SCMS system training (SCMS system Configuration tools, BCU configuration tools).

List of Replacement, upgradation & modification of ABB & SIEMENS SCMS Systems with New SCMS System projects worked:

220/33kV substations: CNTG,MGIC,ARDG,CTCG,SILA

132/11kV substations: AIRP,CONH,MKAA,SMHG.

Designation: Electrical Engineer From Sep 2017 to Jan 2021

(Transmission Protection)

Company : Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)-Dubai, supplied by Velosi certification services LLC, UAE.

Witness the protection testing activities of Busbar Differential (Low & high impedance), transformer, line, bus coupler, reactor, synchro check, BCU, BCUPU, feeder and Capacitor bank relays.

Witness the fault recorder commissioning and signal triggering, charger panel, battery bank and battery monitoring system commissioning.

Witness the Trip logic test and CBF trip, Dc scheme check, VT secondary injection, CT primary injection, busbar sensitivity and stability, Transformer sensitivity and stability

(by Voltage and current method).

Witness the Commissioning of GIS, IDT, 11kV Switch gear, Reactor, Capacitor Banks.

Verification of red markup and as built drawings

Main and backup relays, BCU and BCPU relays Configuration, testing, IEC61850 station configuration, communication establishment between relays and SCMS systems, simulation and verification of SCMS signals by secondary injection & simulation

(Protection signals, status and commands, common alarms) to the SCADA systems & up to LDC.

Witness the relay protection signals & alarms, status & command signals and substation common alarms reporting to the SCADA systems and up to LD.

Verification of FO cable laying’s.

Verification of SCMS architecture & verification of GIS & Switchgear interlocks at SCMS systems.

Witness the protection relay testing activities. Technical support of the manufacturing and the commissioning engineers concerning analysis of technical problems and answering of technical inquiries.

Worked more than 5 no's 400/132KV DEWA sub stations, more than 40 no's 132/11KV DEWA sub stations.

List of Worked 400/132KV DEWA substations:


Designation: Lead Electrical engineer (Protection, T&C engineer) Company : Al-Ahleia Switchgear Co. Ltd, Kuwait From Mar 2017 to Aug 2017

Erection, Installation and commissioning of substations up to 33kV.

Testing and commissioning of many substations in KNPC and KOC projects. Configuration, Testing and commissioning of protection relays (Motor, feeder, transformer, generator, feeder and busbar protection relays), auto change over scheme check, testing and commissioning of breaker, CT and VT. Dc Scheme check, circuit verification, interlock checking of motor feeder and its starter, trouble shooting of problems.

Testing and commissioning of packaged sub stations at KOC.

HV test for 33/11kV switchgear.

33/11 kV Switchgear HV test and interlock checking.

Co-ordinate with client and planning, executing site activities. Asbuilt and red markup drawings submission.

Remote end activities, Shutdown testing and commissioning, alarm and fault investigation, energization, yearly maintenance for pumping substations, electrical substations.

Retrofitting of protection relays and commissioning of existing substations.

Worked more than 15 no’s substations at KNPC & KOC projects.

SCADA signals configuration, simulation and verification at SCADA systems. Designation: Electrical engineer (Protection engineer, Service engineer, T&C engineer) From Sep 2012 to Jan 2017

Company : POG Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India.

Configuration, testing and commissioning of relays upto 400kV. (generator protection, busbar differential protection (low & high impedance upto 400kv), transformer differential protection, line differential protection (Distance protection with auto reclosure function upto 400kV), motor protection and feeder protection).

Worked on Remote end modification works, bay extensions works, retrofitting works of protection relays and yearly maintenance works.

Testing and commissioning of transformer, CT, VT, breaker, isolator, lightning arrestor in switchyards ad switchgears activities.

Configuration of SCMS signals at relays, IEC61850 station configuration, communication establishment, simulation of signals to the HMI, verification & modification of substation SCADA signals at SCMS systems.

Yearly Electrical maintenance of thermal power plant projects, steel Power plant projects, many states electricity boards, many central government networks, solar projects and worked on many states private client’s projects.

Worked as a Protection service engineer, testing and commissioning of relays for the major manufacturers relays (SIEMENS, GE, ABB, ALSTOM,..etc)

Worked on many Substations at various voltage level (400/132kv, 400/220kV, 132/33/11kv, 11/0.4kv).

Worked as service and assistant engineer at GE laboratories-Bangalore.

MOS preparation and verification, Electrical drawing preparation and correction, submission to clients for approvals. Co-ordination with client in As Built Scheme drawing submission, test report submission.

Major Projects Handled in India:

1200MW Rosa Thermal Power Plant (Reliance), Shajakhanpur, Uttar pradesh

Yearly maintenance testing of protection Relays (Numerical & electromagnetic relays) & equipment’s testing (CT, VT, CB, Isolator, Earth switch) in substations available at Thermal power plant.

Scheme check & routine test for substation.

Configuration and Testing (SAT) of Siemens IEDs (Maintenance).

Schematics Logic verification.

Testing (SAT) and Commissioning of Generator Control and Relay Panel and 400kV Line Control & Relay Panel, Reactor Control & Relay Panel, and 400kV Bus-Bar Relay Panel (Maintenance).

400/230kV PGCIL, Kalivathapattu Substation, Tamil nadu

Testing (SAT) and Commissioning of 400kV Line Control & Relay Panel, Reactor Control & Relay Panel, and 400kV Bus-Bar Relay Panel


11/6.6 kV Solar Project in Vadodara, Gujarat

Testing (SAT) and Commissioning AIS Equipment such CT, PT, CB, Isolator, Earth switch for 3 Bays in 11kV

Configuration and Testing (SAT) ABB IEDs.

Schematics Logic verification and As Built drawing preparation.

Testing (SAT) and Commissioning of 5x350MVA Transformers.

11/6.6kV Mahan Aluminum Project, singrauli, Mathya Pradesh

Testing (SAT) and Commissioning AIS Equipment such CT, PT, CB, Isolator, Busbar, Earth switch for 4 Bays in 11kV

Schematics Logic verification and As Built drawing preparation.

11/6.6kV Vijay Sugar Project, Andhara

Testing (SAT) and Commissioning of 11kV Line Control & Relay Panel. 1x11/6.6kv Transformer Control & Relay Panel, and 11kV Bus-Bar Relay Panel.

Configuration and Testing (SAT) of SIEMENS IEDs.

Schematics Logic verification and As Built drawing preparation.

220/132kV VIZAG Steel Plant, Andhara.

Testing (SAT) and Commissioning of 220&132 kV Line Control & Relay Panel.

Configuration and Testing (SAT) of SIEMENS IEDs and ABB IEDs(Maintenance).

220/66kV South Wazirabad Substation, Delhi.

Testing (SAT) and Commissioning of 1x160MVA Transformer Control & Relay Panel (Augmentation).

Configuration and Testing (SAT) of SIEMENS IEDs.

Schematics Logic verification and As Built drawing preparation.

400/220kV Substation, Ajmer, Rajasthan.

Testing (SAT) and Commissioning of 400kV Line Control & Relay Panel, and 400kV Bus-Bar Relay Panel and 2x400/220kv Transformer Control and Relay Panel.

Configuration and Testing (SAT) of SIEMENS IEDs and ALSTOM IEDs.

Schematics Logic verification and As Built drawing preparation.

220/132/66kV Substation, Puri, Odisha.

Testing (SAT) and Commissioning of 4x400kV, 6x132kV,8x66kV Line Control

& Relay Panel, and 1x400kV Bus-Bar Relay Panel and 2x220/132kv, 2x132/66kV Transformer Control and Relay Panel.

Configuration and Testing (SAT) of SIEMENS IEDs and ALSTOM IEDs

Schematics Logic verification and As Built drawing preparation.

700/400/220kV Substation, Tumkur, Karnataka.

Testing (SAT) and Commissioning of 400kV Line Control & Relay Panel, and 400kV Bus-Bar Relay Panel and 1x400/220kv Reactor Control and Relay Panel.

Configuration and Testing (SAT) of SIEMENS IEDs and ALSTOM IEDs.

Schematics Logic verification and As Built drawing preparation.

SCADA signals and IEC61850 station configuration, simulation and verification.

Apart from above mentioned projects, worked with Central power organizations and state electricity boards for testing & commissioning of numerical protection system from 220kV to 0.415kV level.

Skills & Key Responsibilities:

Testing and Commissioning switchyard equipment’ (from 0.415kV up to 400kV) such Bus- Bar, Earthing, CT, CVT, Breaker, Isolator, Earth switch, motor, Power transformer and its related scheme, control circuits through.

Testing and Commissioning of Power Transformers from 0.210 MVA to 350 MVA.

Testing and Commissioning of Conventional & Numerical Relays from 0.415kV up to 400kV.

Line Distance Protection (from 66kV to 400kV)

Line Differential Protection (132kV to 400kV)

Transformer Protection

Feeder Protection

Bus Bar Protection (220kV and 400kV)

Generator Protection (from 120MW up to 600MW)

Testing of Protection Control & Relay Panels

Schematics - DC Logics Checking (AREVA, ABB, SIEMENS, BHEL, GE, L&T, etc)

Ferrule verification and updating in As Built Drawing

Preparation of Cable Schedule and Termination Schedules

Testing and Commissioning of Switch Gear Panels, Testing and Commissioning Power Control center and motor control center.

Good understanding, analysis and interpretation skills on Protection.

Good leader, trainer and mentor. Proficient in managing highly efficient and skilled operational teams.

Travelled all over India.

Worked GIS(Gas insulated substation) Manufacturers (up to 400kV):





Worked SWITCHGEAR Manufacturers:






Skillfulness On Test Kits:

Switchyard Kits:

CT Primary injection kit (up to 5000A) - Anand Jyothi.

PT Primary injection kit (up to 5kV) - Anand Jyothi.

Insulation Resistance Tester (up to 5kVDC)-Kyoritsu.

Hi-POT kit (up to 70kV) - Anand Jyothi.

Time interval meter for breaker – Scope MXP.

Contact Resistance kit for breaker – Scope 100B, 100C.

Capacitance& Tan Delta kit – ELTEL

Numerical Relay Test kit:

Omicron 356, 256-6

Doble F6150


Megger SMRT

Schemes Handles:






Skillfulness On Software Tools:

Siemens IEDs :

Digsi-4 series- 4.80, 4.83, 4.84, 4.85, 4.86, 4.87, 4.88, 4.89,4.91 (IEC Browser) Digsi-5 Series- 7.30,7.90 (IEC Browser)

ABB IEDs : PCM 2.4, 2.41, 2.5, 2.6,2.8

ABB IED’s Communication : CCT 4.1.3

ALSTOM IEDs : Mi-Com 2.14, Mi-Com 3.4, Mi-Com 3.41, Mi-Com 3.52

GE IEDs : Enervista UR, Enervista F650, Enervista SR3

GE IED’s Communication: F650 - IED 61850 Integrato

SEL: AcSELelrator Quickset 4.0, 5.1, 6.8.

Experience with Relays:

SIPROTEC-4 relays:

7SS52X- Bus-Bar and Breaker Failure Protection Relay

7UM662 – Generator Protection Relay

7SA6, 7SA5 SERIES- Line Distance Protection

7SJ60 SERIES- O/C and E/F, Motor and Overload Relay

7SJ6X SERIES- Multifunction Protection

7SJ80X SERIES- Multifunction Protection

7UT6 SERIES- Multifunction Protection for Transformer and Motor Differential

7SD60, 7SD61, 7SD80– Line Differential Protection

7SK804- Motor Protection

6MD66- Bay Control Unit

7VK610 – Auto Reclose Relay

SIPROTEC-5 relays:

6MD85-Bay control and protection unit with sync check

7SJ85- OC protection relay

7SA82- Distance protection relay

7UT82- Transformer differential protection relay

7SL86- Line differential and distance protection relay

7SS85-Busbar protection relay


REL 670- Line Distance Protection

REL 650- Line Distance Protection

RED 670-Line Differential protection

REB 670-Busbar protection

RET670 –Transformer protection

RET650 - Transformer protection

REF615-Feeder protection relay

REC670-Bay control unit


P111 – Over current Protection,

P211 – Motor Protection

P444 – Line distance protection

P141- O/C & E/F Relay

P632- Transformer Differential protection Relay

P633- Transformer Overall Differential Protection Relay


D60 - Distance protection relay

F650-Feeder protection relay

T60-Transformer protection relay

SR345- Transformer protection relay

MIV-2 – Voltage protection Relay


351,351A-Distance Protection

751,751A-Feeder Protection

487E-Transformer Protection

411L-Feeder Protection

487B-Busbar Protection

451- Bay control and protection unit with sync check PERSONAL DETAILS:

Date of Birth : 15-May-1991

Nationality : Indian

Driving license : United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Passport Details : L6808516

Blood Group : B +ve

Height/Weight : 175 cm / 75 kg

Marital status : Married.

Permanent Address : 114,North street, Pinjanur, Edaichittur-Post, Veppur-Taluk, Cuddalore-District, Tamilnadu, India, Pincode-606104. Declaration:

I hereby declare that the above details are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I assure you sir if I had a chance, I will execute my work to the fullest Satisfaction of my support.


Date: Somasundaram.K

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