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Data Center Project Manager

Feasterville, PA
September 30, 2023

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Kevin Fetter

**** ******* ***

Feasterville, PA *9053

Phone: 215-***-****

Cell: 445-***-****



To obtain/maintain full time employment designing, installing, selling and or servicing LAN, MAN, WAN computer network systems (network segments or data center hubs) locally, regionally, nationally or internationally in a field service or in-house capacity or to secure employment as a (NOC) or (MIS) administrator, engineer or manager in networked computer h/w, s/w, telecommunications (data, voice, hard-wired & or wireless) or similar venues or environments.


6\18 to 7\23:

Contractor for Astra Zeneca Corp. within Sungard and subsequently 365 Data Centers @ 1500 Spring Garden St. Philadelphia, PA. as well as Bensalem & Red Lion Rd. AstraZeneca - DC (IDF\MDF) facilities. Data Center Technician: Performed all duties & responsibilities of position as such: Internal DC engineer: responsible for cable management including structured cabling, carrier data and voice & data circuit cables (copper & single\multimode fiber patches). Equipment rack builds, rack-and-stack, and oversight of power, backup power, network equipment maintenance, replacement of racked equipment and parts, i.e., failed power supplies, isolation, identification & swap of failed pcb’s on component-equipment, configurations (port & v-lan segmentation-identification & spreadsheeting) port turn-ups, IOS\OS upgrades\updates for servers & router\switch IOS’s. Utilized (DCIM) app, MS Office (Excell) and MS Teams to maintain, report and monitor equipment placement of racked segmentation per daily monitoring of DC environment via NOC & laptop reporting.

Data Center infrastructure project and break fix work: on servers, routers, switches & HW\SW firewalls, medium to large-capacity dB’s and all other internal DC racked equipment. Build outs of the physical DC within cabinets & telco room. On-site & remote installation & ghosting of system images on various manufacture component equipment (Cisco-Nexus and Catalyst series switches\routers, Dell–Power Edge servers\switches, MS-Azure server units, NetApp dB Storage servers, etc). Troubleshooting of common networking anomalies, i.e., IP & DNS issues, cable traces, continuity test etc. Decommission & physical disassembly\removal\disposal of equipment for improvement (decrease) of power consumption.

7\14 to 5\18:

Data Center Tech Black Box Company for Bank of America, Levittown, PA

50% Data Center Network Hardware\software engineering HW\SW repair (break\fix) through Remedy ticketing system of all data center equipment, i.e., routers, switches, servers, taps, load balancers, firewalls, dBs, apps, OSs. 50% Project work (installation, replacement, decommissioning, new installs) of data center pre-fabricated and component LAN\WAN rack equipment for Bank’s 65000 sq ft. mission-critical data-center. (Levittown, PADC).

01/14 to 07/14

Field Engineer Tek Systems. Contracted to do installation\integration of a racked, prefabricated, R&D prototype equipment in Verizon Switch-Hub (DATA CENTER) buildings in Boston, NJ, Oklahoma & Tennessee.

2/09 to 11/13

Owner/Proprietor Keys Computer Company, Feasterville, PA

Consulting company & digital equipment programming/repair shop. Installed, serviced and repaired major-manufacturer-name-brand client\server computer systems specializing in back-end networking equipment, retail & industrial POS, VOIP, CCTV and wireless systems as well as hw\sw repair of commercial & residential IT equipment. Keys performed project work in hospitals, school systems, and commercial & government agencies. Contracts varied but included small to medium-scale data-centers and network core and distribution layer (Data Center & Network Segment) router and switch replacements\upgrades, medium-scale wireless 802.11G\N installations, new install\configuration of data & voice (VOIP) systems, system migrations & integration and many standard cabling projects. Technologies utilized/integrated/ implemented included drive imaging\copying for redundancy with Norton Ghost & Acronis imaging SW, VMware – vitualization, software deployment & configuration of various server OS’s including Active Directory (user, group & computer) policy configuration, use and implementation as a consultant of FTP, TFTP & SSH file sharing\up & downloading for clients and business purposes, implementation of VPNs, IPSEC and various manufacturer, topological and network based protocols, i.e., ATM, Frame Relay & TCP\IP, segmented (interior) LAN routing protocols OSPF, RIP EIGRP as well as WAN (exterior) model protocols: MPLS, BGP etc., for Internet servers VOIP and telco connectivity. Keys has also installed EMC dB SAN & NAS server racks and has performed numerous LAN\WAN projects implementing routing and switching technologies including hw\sw based firewalls on Cisco routers & switches for data and voice. Keys shopped and successfully completed a (NextGen) LAN rollout for local area hospital data centers in NJ & PA for Catholic Health East. This contract entailed installation and configuration of Cisco\Microsoft\Eaton products (LAN) network segments for hospitals and doctor’s offices. Candidate also was contracted for the Genuardis to Giant supermarket POS rollout contract. The migration consisted of IBM, Fitjitsu & Dell equipment on Wintel platforms. Direct customer references and project-photo-library can be provided upon request.

7/08 to 2/09

Pomeroy IT Solutions, Hebron, KY

Field Service Engineer:

Conducted & documented pre-installation site surveys and performed on-site engineering duties for GMAC. Duties included equipment upgrades i.e., installation and configuration of layer 1 through 3 rack-mounted and free-standing LAN/WAN equipment, i.e., routers, switches, modems, UPS’s and related peripherals. Replaced old Cisco, Nortel-Baystack, Lucent, MGE & US-Robotics equipment with brand new Cisco & APC\Schnieder H\W and insured TCP/IP connectivity over various IP backbones including T1 frame relay, DSL and dial-ups for OOB. The contract was for Schnieder Electric and entailed direct client interaction at individual client offices for the northeastern US region. The work primarily involved LAN/WAN upgrades for all Schneider sales offices physically located east of St Paul, MN. Some voice and data switch hubs controlled other office virtual and physical LAN segments. Agent (self) replaced and configured LAN equipment and insured router, switch & demarcation connectivity, functionality & correct configuration for all telco (voice) & data equipment including wireless & networked peripherals – printing etc. Agent also assisted in configuration of Verizon T-1 upgrades and extended

(toned & punched down) out-of-band and back-up router services. Worked in conjunction

and coordination with Verizon/AT&T, IBM, Logicalis, Avaya, APC, Pomeroy &

Schneider Electric companies on this project.

11/07 to 7/08

New York Life Insurance Company, Bala Cynwyd, PA

IT Department Manager

Oversaw, managed and coordinated all aspects of IT related duties for Philadelphia and Newark, DE corporate offices of New York Life Insurance Company during leave of absence of permanent manager. Worked to completion of contract performing various duties including IP address mapping and DNS name resolution, location and troubleshooting of various sections of ATM & frame relay segmented outages and trouble tickets utilizing HP-Openview software. Assisted in IP-subnetting project with corporate IT. Candidate also performed a large amount of system-admin (in-house and field) duties for associate insurance agents on their individual LANs, NAS, dB’s and PC equipment.

6/98 to 11/07

A&A Computers, Southampton, PA

Network/PC Technician & Project Manager

Survey, design, assembly, installation, modifications and programming of client/server PC’s and LAN/WAN networks. Management level field service duties i.e., locating, securing, planning, documenting and managing crews for pre-existing contracts and new network jobs\projects. The work that these projects entailed was typically data center, LAN/WAN installs, rollouts, upgrades & network configuration, modifications, hardware and software\OS installs, protocol & driver installation\configuration and troubleshooting. The technologies were gigabit & 10\100 base-T Ethernet, DSL, cable modem, POS, VOIP, V-LAN & VPN diagnosis and resolution. The types of platform and server-specific configuration typically implemented and upgraded were server, dB, mail, and file\applications client-server & peer systems. The manufacturer equipment worked with, on a daily basis, included: Cisco, Nortel, 3-Comm, Lucent, Fijitsu, Toshiba, Juniper, Bay networks, IBM, Sun, HP and Compaq hardware on NT, Wintel, Unix & Novell platforms. Candidate gained nine+ years of Network equipment install and replacement experience in local area hospital, data-centers as well as various duties included VOIP integration projects with servers and data phones, CSU-DSU, T1 and PBX\POTTS legacy system switches, bisket jacks, terminal block punch downs and various telco equipment. Candidate incurred extensive experience building, installing & configuring servers, modular & rack-mounted network equipment including server configuration, implementations, mods, upgrades etc. server migrations, Sybase, SQL & EMC racked hardware dB install & configuration including copper and fiber channel, software app distribution, TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, TFTP SSH, RRAS, Active Directory, ATM, Frame-Relay, DNS, DHCP, SMS, Proxy Server & Terminal Services protocol installs and configurations. Candidate did coordination and overseeing of WAN interface implementations in conjunction with various telecom companies and customer MIS personnel; included among these are T1,V-LAN, VPN and trunk implementations with Cisco switches. Direct exposure to and interaction with CCNP level network protocols i.e., BGP, OSPF, RIP, EIGRP & MPLS. Client system imaging with Wise Package Studio and Symantic Console Data Archive storage systems install\repair. In this job capacity, candidate performed approximately 75% field work and 25% in-house management duties including stand-alone PC repair and upgrades on all major brand PC’s.

6/97 to 6/98

Ingersol Rand Corp, Flemington, NJ

Position: Systems assembly/Design

Built, programmed, tested and troubleshot prototype networked,

microprocessor-based robotic systems used on assembly lines for the

automobile industry. Related duties included circuit analysis, design

modifications, C++ programming and embedded O.O. class library code import, command line script language i.e., DOS and UNIX programming and field system implementation. Direct experience with both rack mount and integrated sub-assembly PLC’s, AtoD converters, multiplexers, and related analog and digital equipment assemblies and troubleshooting of said equipment.

5/96 to 8/96

PC Portal, South Hampton, PA

Position: Summer employment; assembled, troubleshot, repaired and modified IBM Clone PC’s. Installed and serviced O/S 2 and NT-based Local area Networks for banking industry. In addition, an installation of a LAN to WAN, frame relay network, on a Windows platform. Direct experience with Cisco and Bay-Networks hardware here.

5/95 to 8/95

Lockheed Martin Corp Valley Forge, PA Position: Summer employment for semester break. Performed parts formation and preparation, i.e., tinning operations, cable harness assembly and parts ordering. Obtained CAT-E military solder spec. cert 6/95.

8/93 to 6/94

Contracted through Tad Technical services: SGS Thompson Microelectronics Corp Montgomeryville, PA Position: Microassembler, performed pick and place operations, wafer fabrication, dye mounting, Ball bonding and wire bonding on a Kulicke & Soffa model wire bonder. Also, microassembly and test fixtures preparation, etc.

6/90 to 8/93

General Electric Co Aerospace Division Moorestown, NJ Position:

Microcircuit Specialist, performed hybrid thin and thick film manufacture, wave soldering, pick & place operations, wafer fabrication as well as assembly and repair of through-hole and surface-mount scale and microcircuitry for sonar, radar and missile guidance systems. Worked in clean-room environment 50% of tenure.



{6/00 to 8/03}

Microsoft MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Associate).

{Currently studding course material for}: CCNA (Cisco Cert net assoc.)


{6/98 to 6/00}

NOVA SE University: Ft Lauderdale, FL Masters of Science Degree: Management Information Systems. Related courses and acquired skills include: C++ & JAVA programming, Information Systems Management, Project Management, Client-Server & Network computing, Internet & E-Commerce, Databases, Telecommunications and Object Orientation theory. Earned degree through on-line (distance education) format.

{8/94 to 5/97}

Florida Atlantic University: Boca Raton, FL BA Degree: Communications. Related courses and acquired skills include: Media Studies, Telecommunications & Mass Media, Technical Writing, Sociology and Psychology, Public Speaking, Broadcasting, Journalism, Public Relations, numerous composition and literature courses, MS Windows, typing skills (approx. 95 wpm), MS-Office suite. Additionally, candidate possesses proven interpersonal skills.

SKILL SETS INSTRUMENTATION, STANDARDS & HARDWARE CONFIGURATIONS: Experience and familiarity with: all aspects of PC and computer hardware, Intel (8080 - P4) & AMD microprocessors, IDE, AGP, SCSI, SATA, USB, NIC, PCI, RS232. Telco (RJ 11,14,45) T1 thru OC3 installs, FTP, TFTP, SSH, VPN, IPSEC, VOIP, RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP & MPLS including legacy to IP telephony and OS site migrations, firewire, CAT 5 & 6, shielded & UTP, coaxial, memory and peripherals. Also, SAN & Fiber channel equipment, i.e., RAID units (racks) HP-Unix, IBM-RISC & Blade servers, Dell Power-Edge servers, Cisco & Compaq server hardware, Network Segment build & PM experience. DEC AS 400 mini-computer interface and tape backup experience. SUN & NT parallel processor server builds and configuration experience. Expert with Client\Server and Networking equipment, wireless, application and dB software, command-line troubleshooting and standards: Cisco IOS, Packet Sniffers, AirMagnet wireless data capture equipment, IEEE standards, 10/100 and GIGAbit base-T and protocols, TCP/IP, Ethernet, OSI Reference Model Protocol Stack, TCP/IP, HL7, routers, switches, gateways, bridges, hubs, and throughput h/w, s/w & protocols. CSU-DSU, Network topologies i.e., star, bus, token ring etc. Hardware & Software firewall experience including PIX, Checkpoint, Barracuda and numerous, various others. Troubleshooting of common OSI layer anomalies including Spanning tree Loops, Duplicate IP addresses, protocol & config anomalies, Cisco TACACS interaction. Direct experience with a vast array of electronic test equipment and hardware including network analyzers (Fluke, HP & Net-Gen) SNMP and software variations thereof, 0-scopes, frequency/pulsewidth, generators/analyzers, DVM’s, programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) variable power supplies, AMP, MOLEX, BNC, USB connections, piezoelectric pressure sensors, thermocouple as well as 2 & 3 phase high voltage applications.


MSDOS, WINDOWS 3.0 through Windows 11 - all versions, 2023 & most previous versions of Windows server, i.e., 08, 2016 & client, NT & Unix/Linux file systems, Novell and IBM O/S.


HP Openview, BMC Remedy Ticketing System, Citrix Metaframe, Norton Ghost, Accronis Disk Image, Veritas & most Symantec products, MS-Office Suite including MS-Visio & Outlook, Exchange, Lotus Notes, Adobe, WinZip\Rar, Putty, Proxmox, VMware, numerous others.


Familiarity and experience with C++, Cisco IOS, SQL and MS BASIC\PowerShell cmd- line code.

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