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Stack Developer Lead

Piscataway, NJ
$6000 ~ $8000 per month
September 30, 2023

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I'm a senior full stack developer who has experience for over 7 years.

I've worked on the De-Fi projects such as Fastswap, Pantherswap, Sushiswap, Brewlabs communities and coca-cola metaverse.

I worked as a lead developer on the Fastswap community.

My role there is to smart contract development by using solidity and integrating the web3.

And I worked as a react&typescript and web3 guy on the Pantherswap.

Also, I've worked on the DAO of fastswap, NFT marketplace and IDO platform of Sushi community - batch and dutch auctions)

I've worked as a full-stack dev there.

And the Yearn Coordinape Contract has been developed by myself as a core dev.

On the other hand, I worked on the harmony and matic chain for the makimoon community by using Golang.

So I have a rich experience with implementing the Dex, staking, farming, pool, limit order, stop loss, zapping, NFT marketplace, trading bot, trading platform on ETH mainnet, BSC chainnet, harmony, Gochain, matic and solana networks.

These are some of my prior projects.

This is the gambling site I took part in the development of in the past.

It uses ERC721 tokens as a NFT.

Also, I've experienced implementing the candle auction and bridge between two chains - ethereum and cellframe through the cellframe project.

So I think my experience would help you and your business and I want to learn more and grow my skills, working with you.

This is my personal site.

You can check my resume on it.

And this is my git account.

And this is my linkedin profile.

If you have any tasks for me, I can complete it successfully in a timely manner.

Thanks, James

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