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Devops Engineer Ci Cd

Charlotte, NC, 28202
September 29, 2023

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Uday Mittapally



• Accomplished DevOps Engineer with extensive expertise in orchestrating and overseeing CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure as code setups, and deployment automation strategies.

• Proficiency in using tools like Terraform, Ansible, Chef, or Puppet to automate the provisioning and management of infrastructure components.

• Solid programming and scripting skills in languages like Python, Bash, PowerShell, or Ruby to automate tasks and build tools.

• Proficient in devising and executing dependable, scalable, and fortified solutions, prioritizing the punctual and budget-compliant delivery of top-notch software.

• Knowledge of container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

• Understanding of networking concepts, firewalls, security best practices, and the ability to implement security measures in a DevOps context.

• A collaborative and articulate professional, proficient in driving project achievements by seamlessly collaborating with interdisciplinary teams and stakeholders.


• CI/CD Tools

• Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

• Cloud Platforms

• Containerization

• Scripting Languages

• Monitoring and Logging

• Configuration Management

• Version Control

• Container Orchestration

• Networking and Security

• Database Management

• Collaboration Tools

• Versioning Strategies

• Agile Methodologies


• Communication

• Collaboration

• Team Player

• Self-Motivated

• Problem Solving

Technical Skills

• Scripting: Python, Go Lang, Groovy, Shell Scripting, Power Shell, YAML

• Database: Oracle, MySQL, Azure SQL database, Azure Data Factory, AWS S3, AWS RDS, AWS DynamoDB.

• Cloud Platforms: AWS, Azure

• Automation Tools: Jenkins, Jfrog, Nexus, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform

• Containerization Tools: Kubernetes, Docker, AWS Fargate, OpenShift Container Platform EDUCATION / CERTIFICATIONS

• Master’s in Information Technology Clark University GPA 3.7 Aug 2021 - Dec 2022

• Bachelors in Computers Osmania University GPA 3.2 Jun 2014 - May 2017 PERSONAL DETAILS

• Date of Birth: 24th Dec 1996

• Languages Known: English l Hindi l Telugu

• Nationality: Indian

• Visa Status: OPT - EAD


Sr DevOps Engineer Sep 2022 - till date

Mutual of Omaha l Nebraska

• Orchestrated the launch of AWS EC2 Cloud Instances within Amazon Web Services, encompassing Linux/Ubuntu/RHEL environments, and meticulously tailored instance configurations to specific application needs.

• Generated Snapshots and Amazon Machine Images (AMI's) for backup solutions for mission-critical production servers.

• Proficiently managed DNS records utilizing AWS Route53, effectively overseeing DNS zones and furnishing public DNS names for elastic load balancer IP addresses, thus enhancing accessibility and navigation.

• Leveraged Azure services, including Azure Active Directory (AD), Azure storage, Azure Cloud Services, IIS, Azure Resource Management

(ARM), Azure Blob Storage, Azure Virtual Machines, SQL Database, Azure Functions, Azure Service Fabric, and Azure Service Bus. Employed PowerShell Automation to streamline operations.

• Employed Azure DevOps technologies such as Azure Repos, Azure Boards, and Azure Test Plans, skillfully organizing tasks and nurturing collaborative development, code building, and application deployment.

• Automated the software release process via AWS CodePipeline and Gitlab as the source code management (SCM) tool.

• Employed AWS CodeBuild to compile, test, and package source code, seamlessly integrating AWS CodeDeploy for automated deployment across EC2 instances and on-premises servers.

• Masterfully configured and managed Ansible and Ansible Tower, harnessing their power to automate repetitive tasks.

• Skillfully crafted Windows and Linux image pipelines through Ansible Playbooks and Roles, maintaining organized group variables and inventory files in Ansible Tower.

• Pioneered the use of AWS Lambda to convert existing AWS infrastructure into a serverless architecture.

• Employed Terraform to expertly oversee this transition, and AWS Lambda functions were implemented to run scripts that were prompted by CloudWatch events, DynamoDB tables, S3 buckets, and HTTP requests made through Amazon API Gateway.

• Implemented AWS Lambda functions to execute scripts triggered by CloudWatch events, DynamoDB tables, S3 buckets, and HTTP requests via Amazon API Gateway, all facilitated by AWS SDKs.

• Designed and implemented AWS EKS clusters, enhancing the management and scalability of Kubernetes workloads. Leveraged EKS to achieve efficient container orchestration and resource allocation.

• Implemented blue/green deployment strategy in maintaining production ready clusters by leveraging Docker and Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) for use, including configuration standards, implementing infrastructure with secure networking, and CI/CD pipelines. Used Elastic Kubernetes Service to deploy a managed Kubernetes cluster in AWS.

• Designed and implemented policies and controls in AWS App Mesh to manage traffic routing, access control, and traffic encryption, ensuring that microservices architectures meet security and compliance requirements.

• Utilizing AWS ECS for streamlined container management, orchestration, and scaling. Successfully optimized resource allocation and ensured the efficient execution of containerized workloads.

• Embraced AWS Fargate for serverless container deployment, consistently delivering high-performance solutions with automatic scaling, integrating with AWS services while adhering to industry best practices.

• Prioritized security throughout the containerization process, implementing robust security measures to protect applications and data.

• Monitored containerized applications, implementing robust monitoring solutions to identify and address performance bottlenecks. Continuously optimized resource allocation for cost-efficiency.

• Configured Kubernetes Provider within Terraform, deftly interfacing with Kubernetes resources to create Deployments, services, ingress rules, Config Maps, and secrets. Ensured secure traffic management within the Kubernetes Cluster through Istio mesh and Calico CNI-based network policies.

• Automated application deployment using YAML scripting through Ansible Playbooks, seamlessly integrated with Jenkins. Introduced Jenkins Workflow and Plugins to facilitate consistent, multi-tier application deployments, artifact management, and Docker-based services.

• Employed various Prometheus operations to collect and scrape metrics from diverse targets while leveraging Grafana dashboards for comprehensive data analysis and visualization, thereby enhancing backend insights.

• Engaged in the implementation of Kubernetes clusters, crafting YAML files to establish pods, replication controllers, Namespaces, deployments, labels, health checks, Ingress resources, and Controllers. Achieved integration through Calico SDN, while resource utilization details were meticulously tracked via the Sysdig monitoring platform within the Kubernetes environment.

• Administered and supported Kubernetes clusters, using GitLab as a powerful CI/CD tool, Argo CD, using GitOps principles as the CD tool, Terraform Enterprise as the IAC tool, and Ceph as the storage class solution that was easily integrated. Sr DevOps Engineer Jul 2017 - Aug 2021

Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd l Hyderabad

• Proficiently established and maintained Linux servers, encompassing tasks such as network interface configuration, IP address setup, and installation of essential software packages.

• Monitored Linux server performance, tracked resource utilization, disk usage, and network connectivity for optimal system operation.

• Skillfully orchestrated the creation of EC2 instances utilizing Ubuntu, RHEL, and Windows AMIs, streamlining processes through shell scripts for automated domain joining.

• Strategically implemented NAT gateways, enabling private instance communication with the internet via bastion hosts.

• Designed and configured build plans, inclusive of trigger setup, build environment configuration, and seamless integration with version control systems via Jenkins.

• Leveraged IAM to establish roles, users, and groups, enhancing security in AWS accounts and resources through Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

• Developed Ansible roles and playbooks, curated within Source Code Management (SCM) systems, to orchestrate workflows and schedule nightly automation tasks, facilitating seamless patching through Ansible Tower.

• Established Git repositories, skillfully managed access controls, and automated tasks such as code reviews and merge requests using webhooks and scripts, and configured Git repositories for streamlined version control.

• Crafted Dockerfiles to construct Docker images and manage container runtime environments, utilized Docker registry and Docker Hub for image storage and distribution, harnessed Docker Compose for orchestrating multi-container applications and container management through Docker Swarm. Utilized volume mechanisms for efficient data sharing between containers.

• Engineered High Availability by harnessing horizontal Auto-Scaling within Kubernetes. Deployed Horizontal Pod Auto Scaler resources to effectively manage application scaling behavior.

• Implemented an ELK monitoring system to visualize and analyze production system logs within the cloud environment.

• Integrated Splunk with diverse cloud platforms, container orchestrators, and CI/CD pipelines to establish a unified monitoring ecosystem. Designed data inputs, search queries, and dashboards within Splunk, while configuring alerts based on specific conditions, ensuring timely issue detection and proactive resolution. DevOps Engineer Jan 2017 - Jun 2017

Netxcell l Hyderabad

• Crafted EC2 instances by leveraging Ubuntu, RHEL, and Windows AMIs, streamlining operations through scripted automation of domain joining.

• Formulated shell scripts for this purpose and established NAT gateways to enable seamless communication from private instances to the internet via bastion hosts.

• Employed IAM to design roles, users, and groups, strengthening AWS account and resource security with the implementation of Multi- Factor Authentication (MFA).

• Configured S3 buckets, integrating diverse lifecycle policies to ensure efficient archival of infrequently accessed data based on specific storage requirements.

• Proficiently configured and managed Linux operating systems, expertly utilizing package managers like apt, yum, and pacman for seamless software installation, updates, and removals.

• Diligently monitored system performance, skillfully managed user accounts, groups, and file systems, and resolved issues efficiently.

• Seamlessly configured network interfaces, managed network services, and upheld vigilant network security monitoring.

• Implemented rigorous security policies, conducted comprehensive security audits, and executed systematic system backups and disaster recovery procedures, fortifying Linux-based systems against unauthorized access and potential system failures.

• Expertly employed log files and diagnostic tools including ping, telnet, trace, and traceroute to collaboratively troubleshoot and debug a spectrum of Linux server and network support issues alongside application teams.

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