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Social Media User Experience

Charlotte, NC
September 29, 2023

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Charlotte, NC 980-***-**** Objective

To obtain an entry-level software developer position where I can utilize my technical skills, education, and problem-solving abilities to contribute to the development of high-quality software solutions. I am eager to learn and grow in a collaborative and dynamic work environment, and to contribute to the success of the organization through my creativity and attention to detail. Technical skills

• Programming Languages: JavaScript, Java(Started Learning)

• Web Development: React JS, HTML5, CSS

• Database: MySQL

• Version Control: Git

• Software Development Methodologies: Agile

• Development Tools: Intellij IDE, Visual Studio Code, Github Desktop

• Experienced in using ChatGPT




I have begun working on a project that involves a React and Java-based application designed to assist users in maintaining daily diary entries. This application features a dashboard, a diary input page with an integrated calendar, and the ability to revisit diary entries based on date selection. It utilizes MySQL as the database and Spring for microservices.

Completed Projects

1.Random Quote Machine


The Random Quote Machine is a single page React application designed to provide users with inspirational or thought-provoking quotes. It utilizes a third-party REST API to fetch random quotes and then displays these quotes on the web page. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how the project works: Key Features:

Single-Page React Application: This project is built using the React JavaScript library, which is a popular choice for building dynamic and interactive web applications. React allows for the creation of reusable components that can efficiently update and render data on the page. Fetching Quotes: The application interacts with a third-party REST (Representational State Transfer) API, which is a web service that provides data in a structured format (usually JSON). In this case, the API is the source of the random quotes. The application sends a request to the API when a user triggers an action (e.g., clicking a button).

User Interaction: The user interacts with the application by triggering an action, typically by clicking a button or performing some other form of input. This action signals the application to fetch a new random quote from the API.

API Integration: The application makes a GET request to the REST API, requesting a random quote. The API responds with data in JSON format, including the quote text, author, and possibly additional information. Displaying Quotes: Once the application receives the quote data from the API, it dynamically updates the web page to display the retrieved quote. This can involve updating specific elements of the page (e.g., a quote container) with the new quote text and author.

Refreshing Quotes: Users can continue to fetch new random quotes by interacting with the application, creating an engaging and ever-changing user experience. 2.Markdown Previewer


The Markdown Previewer is a React-based web application that provides users with the ability to compose Markdown text and instantly visualize the rendered HTML output as they type. It seamlessly and asynchronously converts Markdown syntax into HTML format, making content creation and formatting more efficient and user-friendly. This project was meticulously designed and developed in accordance with specific user story requirements, ensuring a robust and intuitive user experience. Key Features:

Real-Time Conversion: The Markdown Previewer operates in real-time, allowing users to observe the HTML representation of their Markdown content as they type. The application leverages asynchronous processing to ensure that the preview updates dynamically, providing instant feedback. React-Based Architecture: Developed using the React JavaScript library, this project employs a component-based architecture. React components are used to create distinct sections for Markdown input and HTML preview, facilitating a modular and maintainable codebase. Markdown-to-HTML Conversion: The core functionality revolves around the transformation of Markdown syntax into HTML markup. The project implements a parser or library capable of interpreting Markdown language rules and converting them into HTML elements. The conversion logic adheres to widely accepted Markdown standards.

User Story Requirements: The Markdown Previewer strictly adheres to predefined user story requirements. These requirements encompass the supported Markdown syntax, the layout and behavior of the user interface, interactions with the input and preview areas, and any additional features specified by the users or stakeholders.

Responsive and User-Friendly Design: The user interface is designed with a focus on user-friendliness and responsiveness. It typically consists of a well-structured layout, clear separation between the Markdown input and HTML preview sections, and intuitive controls. The design prioritizes readability and ease of use. 3. JavaScript Calculator


The JavaScript Calculator is a React-based calculator application designed to provide users with a comprehensive tool for performing arithmetic calculations and basic calculator operations. It offers a user-friendly interface and supports essential functions such as clearing input, computing results, and handling decimal operations.

Key Features:

React-Based Calculator: Developed using React, a powerful JavaScript library for building dynamic and interactive user interfaces, this calculator benefits from React's component-based architecture. React components enable modularity, making it easier to manage the calculator's various functions. Arithmetic Calculations: The core functionality of the calculator revolves around its ability to perform arithmetic calculations. It can handle addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations, ensuring users can perform a wide range of mathematical tasks. Basic Calculator Operations: The calculator includes fundamental calculator operations such as clearing the input (e.g., resetting the calculator for a new calculation) and calculating results. Users can easily input numbers and operators, perform calculations, and view the outcomes. Decimal Operation Support: In addition to handling whole numbers, the calculator supports decimal operations, enabling users to perform calculations involving fractions and decimals with precision. 4. Pomodoro Clock


The Pomodoro Clock is a React-based productivity application designed to boost user productivity and time management. It leverages the Pomodoro Technique, a popular time management method, which involves working in focused intervals (typically 25 minutes) followed by short breaks (usually 5 minutes). The Pomodoro Clock application facilitates this technique by alerting the user at the end of each 25-minute work session to take a 5-minute break and then resume work for another 25-minute cycle. Key Features:

React-Based Application: Developed using React, a versatile JavaScript library for building dynamic user interfaces, this application takes advantage of React's component-based structure to create an interactive and responsive user experience.

Productivity Enhancement: The core purpose of the Pomodoro Clock is to enhance productivity. By following the 25+5 Pomodoro cycle, users can effectively manage their work time and break intervals, helping them maintain focus and productivity throughout tasks and projects. Alert System: The application includes an alert system that notifies the user when each Pomodoro work session is complete. This alert can take various forms, such as a popup notification, sound, or visual indicator, ensuring the user knows when it's time to take a break or resume work. Customizable Settings: Many Pomodoro Clock applications allow users to customize the duration of both the work and break sessions. Users can adjust these settings based on their preferences and work requirements, offering flexibility to cater to various work styles. 5. HTML, SQL, and JavaScript Project for B2E Program (York Solutions) Description: Completed a comprehensive project as part of the B2E (Bridge to Employment) program offered by York Solutions. This project involved the utilization of HTML, SQL, and JavaScript to address specific technical challenges and achieve project objectives. HTML: Developed structured and responsive web pages to present project content effectively, ensuring a user-friendly interface.

SQL: Implemented database management solutions, including database design and querying, to handle data storage and retrieval efficiently.

JavaScript: Utilized JavaScript for enhancing interactivity and user experience within the project, incorporating dynamic elements and functionalities. This project not only provided practical hands-on experience but also demonstrated the ability to collaborate effectively with the York Solutions team and deliver solutions aligned with project requirements and objectives.


• Front end Development Libraries Certification by FreeCodeCamp

• Responsive Web Design Developer Certification by FreeCodeCamp

• Introduction to Databases and SQL Querying by Udemy EDUCATION

• Master of Engineering in Applied Electronics

• Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication WORK EXPERIENCE

Position: Volunteer

Organization: Proverbs226

Duration: April 2023 - Current

Key Achievements and Responsibilities:

As a dedicated volunteer, my primary responsibilities encompassed a wide range of tasks aimed at enhancing the online presence and functionality of our organization. I took pride in my role and executed the following key responsibilities:

Website Maintenance:

Maintained and updated the organization's website, which was built on the WordPress platform. Ensured that the website was always up-to-date by adding new content and making necessary edits to existing content.

Implemented design improvements and user experience enhancements to create a more user-friendly and visually appealing website.

Payment Page Migration:

Successfully managed the migration of the Payment page from one service provider to another for the organization's donation page.

Ensured a seamless transition with minimal disruption to the donation process, maintaining financial stability for the organization.

Mobile App Coordination:

Actively participated in coordinating the development of a new mobile app for the organization. Took charge of content management for the mobile app, including adding event information, volunteering opportunities, and forms to engage our community effectively. Social Media Management:

Managed the organization's entire social media presence across various platforms. Regularly posted updates about events, news, and activities to keep our audience engaged and informed. Maintained the organization's YouTube channel, ensuring that videos were uploaded, organized, and optimized for maximum visibility.


Position: Data Administrator

Employer: David Matriculation School, Chennai, India Duration: January 2015 – January 2016

Key Achievements and Responsibilities:

Spearheaded the creation of a comprehensive database for 1600 students from inception, including the generation and assignment of unique EMIS numbers, a government-provided identifier for each student. This pivotal system streamlined data management and reporting processes. Demonstrated exceptional initiative and technical proficiency by independently extracting EMIS numbers from a centralized database, enhancing data accuracy and accessibility for the entire student body. Earned accolades from school management for the successful implementation of the EMIS numbering system, underscoring a commitment to precision and efficiency in data administration. Assumed the additional role of coordinator for the school's staff, exemplifying strong organizational and interpersonal skills while facilitating effective communication between team members. This experience showcases your exceptional proficiency in data management, database creation, and coordination skills. It highlights your initiative in implementing systems that have a positive impact on school operations, earning recognition from management for your contributions. Position: Assistant Professor

Employer: Vins Christian College of Engineering, Tamil Nadu, India Duration: June 2012 – February 2013

Key Achievements and Responsibilities:

Instructed and mentored final year engineering students in the field of Digital Signal Processing, imparting comprehensive knowledge and practical skills.

Developed and delivered engaging lectures, coursework, and assessments to facilitate a deep understanding of complex DSP concepts.

Coordinated and supervised the corresponding laboratory sessions, ensuring students gained hands-on experience in DSP experiments and applications.

Actively contributed to curriculum development and enhancement, incorporating industry-relevant advancements and emerging technologies into the educational program. Fostered an environment of academic excellence and encouraged critical thinking among students, resulting in notable improvements in subject understanding and performance. Collaborated with colleagues on research projects, publications, and academic initiatives, enhancing the institution's academic standing and reputation.

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