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Truck Driver Forklift Operator

Georgetown, Demerara-Mahaica, Guyana
September 30, 2023

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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information

Name: Leslie Raymon Woodroffe

Date of Birth: April 16th, 1990

Gender: Male

Nationality: Guyanese

Address: *** ******* * ***** *

Golden Grove New Scheme

East Bank Demerara

E-mail Address:

Contact Numbers: +592-***-****

Tin Number: 111811523

Career Objective

To attain the role of a senior operator within a reputable organization which will enable me to utilize my years of knowledge and experience as a senior operator of several equipment which supports the development of Guyana’s emerging Petroleum Industry.

My operator experience includes being an assigned mentor to GYSBI’s truck drivers, and operating a fleet of equipment including motor cars, trucks with trailer, forklifts, rollers, and cranes (ranging from 80-ton, 160-ton, 180-ton, and 300-ton). I have minimal experience with operating bulldozers and excavators.

Education Level

Institutions Attended: Kwakwani Primary School

Overwinning Primary School

Vryman's Erven Secondary School

Kwakwani Secondary School


2013, Driver Licence

Classes: MT, ML, MC

2018, Certificate of Training from Farm Supplies

Safety, Maintenance and Operations for Doosan Forklift

2019, Certificate of Recognition from Guyana Shore Base Inc.

Senior employee on the shift and respected for operational talent

2019, Certificate for Banksman from TotalTec

2021, Certificate for 300-ton Crane from Guyana Shore Base Inc.

Working Experience

2014-2018, Truck Driver and Forklift Operator at China Harbour Engineering Company

Main Responsibilities

Loading and unloading of materials

Locating and safely moving loads such as pallets / crates

Ensuring the forklift is operated within its safe work limits (cannot overload)

Maintaining updated records

Compiling with all safety procedures and engaging in safety programs

Ensuring that loads are properly balanced and secured on the forklift

Conducting routine inspections and maintenance on the forklift

Always adhering to safety guidelines and protocols

2018-Present, Truck Driver, Forklift Operator and Crane Operator at Guyana Shore Base Inc.

Main Responsibilities

Assigned mentor to company’s truck drivers

Operating trucks with trailer, Doosan forklifts, and cranes (ranging from 80-ton, 160-ton, 180-ton, and 300-ton)

Following Banksman’s instructions / signals

Planning routes and utilize journey management plans

Thoroughly completing pre-operation checklist on each shift which includes inspection of tires, controls, fuel, and fluids to ensure reliable operation

Complying with driving rules and regulations (size, weight, route designations, parking, and break periods)

Loading / unloading of materials, waste, and other heavy objects

Ensuring all correct PPE is utilized during operation

Ensuring the crane is NOT operated over its capacity (SWL = Safe Working Load)

Operating the crane in a safe manner

Accurately interpreting and applying information from work orders, job orders, specifications, lift plans, blueprints, or drawings

Identifying and explaining crane signs

Identifying functions and limitations on various operating cranes

Identifying and recognizing factors that may reduce a crane's ability

Maintaining clear and constant communication with personnel involved in the lifting operation


Load chart competence

Pre-operation inspection

Load capacity

Communicate with hand signal and radio

Knowledge of proper rigging

Maintain line of sight

Knowledge of safety procedures

Continuous situational awareness

Emergency response preparedness

Lifting device safety


Critical thinker

Multitasking abilities




References will be provided upon request.

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