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Sr. Android Developer

Hayward, CA, 94545
November 20, 2023

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Senior Android Developer 925-***-****


•10+ years of experience in Android app development.

•7 apps on Play Store.

•5 years in software systems/IT development prior to focus on Android.

•Proficient in object-oriented design, data structures, problem solving and debugging.

•Keen eye for front-end development and highly experienced working with UI/UX professionals.

•Advanced programming skills with Kotlin and Java languages.

•Know how to migrate from Java to Kotlin codebases.

•Build apps on MVP and MVVM architectures.

•Develop applications that need the usage of multithreading and asynchronous processes.

•Perform technical work in alignment with Agile project development/deployment methodologies.

•Add value to Scrums and Sprints.

•Consume RESTful web services using Retrofit, OkHTTP and Volley.

•Skilled in social networking integrations such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+.

•Hands-on with Bluetooth and NFC with Android frameworks.

•Write technical documentation such as requirements, specifications, designs, and manuals.

•Identify security risks and spot areas of opportunities that require attention.

•Developed NFC-based payment feature for a mobile banking app, enabling secure contactless transactions using Android's NFC technology.

•Conducted performance testing and optimization for NFC and IoT features, resulting in reduced latency and improved user responsiveness.

•Skilled in testing for Android applications using Robotium, Robolectric, Espresso, and Mockito.

•Skilled using version control systems like Git, SVN, and Bitbucket.

•Regarded as a motivated person and a mentor by my junior teammates.

•Work with Android inter-process communication and multithreading optimizations.

•Knowledge about code obfuscators to preserve intellectual property.

•Android application security knowledge on cipher algorithms such as SHA-1, SSL, and RSA.

•Design user interfaces with new trends such as material design patterns.

•Develop responsive apps to be used by Smart TVs, Tablets, Phones and Smart Watches.

•Skilled in the creation of friendly user interfaces with animations and custom controls views.

•Develop and consume Java web services such as JAX-WS (SOAP) and JAX-RS (RESTful).

•Handle JSON and XML responses using native implementations and third-party libraries.

•Work with stored procedures, triggers, and schemas of Database Management Systems.

•Expertise with native SQLite implementation and Content Providers for Android applications.

•Integrate third-party libraries for analytics such as Flurry, Crashlytics, and Localytics.

Technical Areas of Expertise

•Authoring IDE – Android Studio, Eclipse

•Content Integration – REST, SOAP, JSON, XML, GSON, Jackson, Moshi

•Content Providers, Android Media Player API, ExoPlayer for Streaming Audio/Video

•Team Tools – JIRA, Jenkins, Git, SVN,

•Old Android – Intents, Loopers, Loaders

•NineOldAndroids, ListView, AsyncTask, Volley

•Languages – JAVA, Kotlin, .NET Framework, (C, C++, C#)

•Databases – SQLite, SQL, Oracle, Firebase

•Basics – Material Design, MVC, MVP, MVVM, Dependency Injection, Permissions, Classes

•Tuning – Leak Canary

•Google – Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google API, Google Cloud Messaging

•Android Miscellaneous – Mockito, Espresso,, RxJava, Volley, Gradle, ORMLite, ButterKnife, MediaPlayer, RxCache, Spork, Runtime, JUnit, ZXing, EventBus, RecyclerView Animator, CoordinatorLayout, Content Providers, Support Libraries, Robolectric, Retrofit, XmlPullParser, RoboGuice, Glide, Picasso Logger, animations, VidEffects, Retrolambda, Push Notifications, Mixpanel, Services, Loaders, Ion, Urban Airship, MonkeyRunner, Dagger, JobScheduler, GreenDAO, Otto, AndroidAnnotations, Protobuf, Answers, MPAndroidChart

Work Experience

Walmart, Sunnyvale, CA

June 2022 to Present

Sr. Android Developer

The application connects to endpoints created for business, so the same previous logic is being used but with the difference that it contains new views, such as a business registration form or being able to send invitations to business users.

•Worked in agile scrum environment with daily stand ups, grooming and retro sessions.

•Taking interviews for a new Android team in Canada, guided scrum meetings with daily stand ups, grooming and retro sessions, mentored other android Devs and communicated technical spec to stakeholders.

•Developed new features on current application.

•Suggested new features and ways to improve app usability and aesthetic.

•Assigned tasks to the team regarding each Sprint.

•Created LOE (Level of Effort) document for requirements & conducted a demo to show the progress that is being made.

•Using Android Studio, used git, and created PRs to create new screen into new market.

•Creating/Coding new modules and injectables for some sections

•Assisting my team to get acceptable coverage on their code by using Jacopo.

•Create new views on different sections such as toolbar and a footer section.

•Adding components for GCP (Google Cloud Platform) regarding how to create firebase account.

•Make research about different External SDK Keys that Walmart uses in the app.

•Using Firebase to use Crashlytics and Firebase Cloud Message for push notifications.

•Supporting for testing the app from Play Store as internal version

•Helped during production incidents and applying hotfixes to the app.

•Add analytics events in app to track and send user actions & data to Splunk.

•Mentor and create documentation for other members of the team on processes for implementing specific functionality to the app.

•Use fragment result listeners, bundles, and fragment arguments to pass data.

•Optimize app smoothness and janky animations by refactoring old code.

•Implement new reusable components & screens through Base classes that are inherited from and customized.

•Remove old Kotlin synthetics & update to use View Binding so Kotlin version can be updated.

•Refactor and optimize old architecture and screens to modern standards.

•Identify problems tracked with firebase, reproduce, and solve them.

•Implement test cases on features added using mock k.

•Added talkback accessibility on some components of the application.

•Create reusable custom views for new screens using Kotlin and XML

•Review and give feedback on pull requests made by other members of the team on optimizing code to be merged.

•Write repository and View model tests using Junit for new business logic added to screens.

Personal Capital Corporation, Redwood Shores, CA

August 2020 to June 2022

Android Developer – Senior Level HYPERLINK ""& HYPERLINK ""hl=en

The Personal Capital Investing and Finance App - this is the smart way to track and manage your personal finance. Now you can see all your accounts in one place—bank accounts, stocks, retirement funds, and your investments.

•Designed/developed app using both API/SDK and business embedded logic to achieve desired functionality

•Collaborated with full-stack engineering team and a product manager to define, design, and ship new features.

•Developed login, security and tested utilities feature module in Clean Code Architecture on Presentation and Data layer.

•Used Android Studio IDE and implemented OOP throughout the entire development of the project and enforced SOLID design principles.

•Converted Java code to Kotlin code using MVVM Clean Code architecture with repository layer.

•Apply dependency injection with Koin.

•Created Kotlin coroutines for asynchronous execution and databinding.

•Utilized Android SDK and supporting development devices.

•Developed new features in Kotlin to reduce codebase with data classes and extension functions.

•Participated on the RESTFul API definition following best practices.

•Worked with back-end team to improve the RESTful API to include new features for the Android app.

•Consumed REST API to display user history on the user interface.

•Implemented various user interface components such as WebView, RecyclerView, ImageView, TextView to display the data for the application.

•Used Room DB to store information locally on Android device.

•Added biometric sign-in function to the app.

•Added Push Notifications through Backend support with Push Notifications and GCM.

•Applied Git for code versioning control.

•Implemented login and basic security services using OAuth2 authentication with Identity Server.

•Implemented Open Bank API to send payments from bank account, access user’s list of accounts and instant refunds.

•Performed unit and system tests with Mockito, Espresso, and Mock library.

IHOP, Glendale, CA

March 2019 to August 2020


Hungry? You’ve come to the right place. IHOP is the home of world famous buttermilk pancakes and a variety of craveable breakfast, lunch and dinner favorites beloved by people of all ages. Browse the menu, find locations and order online with IHOP n' Go®. All together with a smile!

•Developed modules in Kotlin using MVVM app architecture for ease of maintainability and extensibility, as well as improved quality testing.

•Performed technical work using Android Studio with Kotlin codebase and MVVM architecture.

•Programmed new Kotlin modules and migrated existing code into Kotlin.

•Refactored callbacks to suspendible Coroutines and performed network requests, JSON parsing, and reading from a database.

•Implemented concurrency design pattern using Kotlin coroutines to simplify code that executes asynchronously.

•Applied an Offline-First model using Room Databases and migrate from SQLite implementation.

•Used Retrofit2 and OkHTTP networking libraries to retrieve information relating to status and deliveries.

•Integrated Lottie animation library to parse Adobe After Effects animations exported as JSON and rendering them natively.

•Worked with business stakeholders to simplify flows for development and worked closely with QA to test and validate changes.

•Applied Roboelectric, Mockito, and Espresso for testing.

•Used reactive frameworks such as RxAndroid, RxBluetooth, and RxKotlin.

•Converted old responses into using Rx2 error handling methods.

•Programmed functions in Java and Kotlin.

•Used Retrofit and RxJava to consume RESTful web services and handle multithreading on background for smooth performance.

•Participated in code reviews strategies to ensure and establish best practices and enforce code quality for new developers. Utilized SonarQube.

•Performed troubleshooting of production problems arising from API errors and Low Connectivity and refactored code to address those problems.

PacSun, Anaheim, CA

June 2017 to March 2019

Android App Developer

The PacSun online shopping app elevates your shopping experience and provides you with the best selection of shoes, clothing, accessories, and home items.

•Performed technical work using an Android Studio IDE platform.

•Programmed code in Java and Kotlin.

•Developed new features in Kotlin to reduce codebase with data classes and extension functions.

•Developed a large portion of domain layer logic into the applications according to technical assignment.

•Used reactive frameworks such as RxJava, RxAndroid, RxBluetooth, and RxKotlin.

•Improved performance on back-end integration by transitioning to Retrofit working with RxJava and parsing JSON objects with GSON.

•Configured multithreads to receive and update calls from web server (Service and Broadcast Receiver).

•Used Frame Layout method to show background images of the app.

•Implemented local database using SQLite and optimized code.

•Worked in an Agile environment with bi-weekly sprints and daily scrums.

•Applied a MVVM architectural design pattern, transitioning code from MVP to MVVM.

•Utilized JetPack ViewModel to simplify the implementation of the MVVM architectural pattern.

•Simplified local database operations code base by providing a layer of abstraction to the code using JetPack Room.

•Implemented Android Activities and Fragments to create design for the mockup designs.

•Customized List Views, Spinners, Adapters, Table Layouts, etc.

•Designed screens using MVP pattern for the application with Android Studio IDE.

•Implemented dependency injection with Dagger II, and Butter Knife.

•Worked with Jenkins Continuous Integration server and used it to test real devices.

•Applied Leak Canary for memory leak detection/management.

•Designed logical flow for the application of different components.

Galaxy Theatres, Sherman Oaks, CA

April 2015 to June 2017

Android Application Developer

The Galaxy Theatres Android App is here! See show times and purchase tickets from your Android device. Get your ticket confirmation with barcode on your phone. Bypass the box office and head directly to the door person.

•Organized and improved global widgets and UI controls.

•Designed screens related to Categories and Detail description for Tablet for both 7-inch and 10-inch devices by customizing views as per mockup. Created Master-Detail Interface for tablet implementation.

•Worked on updating the UI as per design specs for Front Page and Categories.

•Designed screens related to Front Page and Categories.

•Used lazy loading of heavy resources, cached images on LRU cache as well as files on worker threads for performance.

•Implemented an array of backlogged UI elements.

•Worked with the design team to create the interactive UI.

•Involved in designs and implements UI, classes, and activities.

•Implemented unique design for portrait and landscape mode.

•Implemented a common interface for the application making it compatible with a desktop, web or mobile.

•Implemented HTTP tunneling using HTTP CONNECT method along with Retrofit. Extensively used thread and implemented a multithreaded solution.

•Tracked memory allocation, and it was more than just override memory allocation related methods. Demonstrated debugging skills and was able to nail down by implementing custom memory allocators.

•Major challenges included performance, efficient code. Because of the movie playback thousands of objects were created and hundreds of JAVA-JNI(reflex) calls were happening which was not efficient.

•So, we end up implementing Object pooling in both Java and native code and other strategies for limiting the reflexive JNI calls.

•Prepared wireframes for the process flow of the application to design the UI of the application using MS Visio.

AMC Stream, Kansas City, MO

December 2013 to April 2015

Android Application Developer

AMC is home to some of the most popular and acclaimed programs on television. Sign in with your TV provider and stay current with the latest full episodes and video extras from your favorite AMC Original Series. Use your phone or tablet to Chromecast directly to your television.

•Used native and third-party technologies to optimize the app functionality, including Java, Parse, Volley, SQLite, Fragments, Picasso, Android Studio, JSON, SQLCipher, Spongy Castle, Git, Jenkins.

•Actively worked with the backend team to improve the RESTful API to include new features.

•Enhanced the image downloading process by using Picasso.

•Implemented automated testing with Robolectric.

•Introduced navigation Drawer and Tabs, custom and compound views to the project.

•Implemented headless fragment retention to preserve the AsyncTask on orientation change.

•Worked extensively subclasing the VideoView for aspect ratio changes on rotations.

•Automated payment integration using Google Wallet and PayPal API.

•Integrated Android Wear compatibility for user notifications with voice control.

•Provided tools to start working and strategies to follow for the code development.

•Worked with asynchronous requests to the server with Volley library.

•Attended high rank meetings with the customer to know more about requirements.

•Built the UI/UX implementing Fragments, RecyclerView and Card View UI components.

•Closely worked with the UI/UX team to follow the guidelines as accurately as possible.

•Added selectors and animation effects on UI/UX elements to enhance the User Experience.

•Established the design patterns to be used in the Android development.

•Use of GIT for source control management and continuous integration with Jenkins.

•Introduced Push Notifications to keep the user engaged with Parse.

•Increased the app security by obfuscating the code and implementing encryption libraries such as SQLCipher and Spongy Castle to secure credit card and personal data on preferences and SQLite database.

Snag, Glen Allen, VA

September 2012 – December 2013

Android Developer

Snagajob is the #1 free, easy job finder app to find part-time jobs and full-time jobs, make job applications easier, get great career advice and more.

•Consumed Web Services with a Volley client to support for request prioritization and strong ordering that made it easy to correctly populate UI with data fetched asynchronously from the network.

•Added AndroidSlidingUpPanel component foe draggable sliding up panel and circular ImageView in List View.

•Developed a Snag Widget on Home screen to show the latest offers according to users’ geo-location.

•Added contacts, calendar, gallery device specific content-providers and build custom content providers to share data across processes.

•Replaced old SQLIte database with Realm to include difficult-to-build features like two-way data sync and real-time collaboration.

•Included Moshi library for built-in support for reading and writing Java’s core data types

•Perform 80% integration testing using Robolectric framework.

•Modularized the code by using Dagger 2 dependency injection library to decouple the classes, to make the code easier to test and maintain with no hard dependencies.

•Implemented Bolts Framework to perform branching, parallelism, and complex error handling, without the spaghetti code of having many named callbacks.

Infosys Limited, Richardson, TX

September 2007 – September 2012

IT/Software Systems Developer

•Installed, supported, and maintained servers and other related computer systems.

•Installed, configured, and maintained hardware and software components and systems.

•Conducted research on a variety of technical products and drafted overview documents outlining the pros and cons of the respective technology products for review by management.

•Configured and programmed ERP software.

•Programmed functions in computer programming languages such as Java, C++, and C#.

•Troubleshot technical and computer hardware/software-related operational issues over the phone and in person, accurately diagnosing and resolving issues in response to customer reported incidents.

•Performed remote control, patch management, operating system deployment, network protection, and other services via the Microsoft SCCM platform.

•Implemented thorough customer support policies, procedures, and standards, taking care to design them to be

•as enforceable and accurate as possible.

•Addressed server outages and corrected interruptions as quickly as possible.

•Performed dedicated strategic and budget planning for all systems and their hardware or software.


Instituto Technologico Superior De Apatzingan - Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems

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