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Power Plant Project Manager

Tallinn, Harju, Estonia
July 24, 2023

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Forename: ION

Surname: SOARE

Born in 1965, Romanian/EU citizen

Tel: +33-749******; +372-********;

Whatsapp: +372-****-****



Bucharest Polytechnic University (Romania), Mechanical Engineer, specialized in hydraulic and pneumatic machines, 5 years academic education/ master degree in turbo-machines’ hydro-dynamics, graduated in 1990

Skilled computer user (Windows, MS Office, MS Project, Power Point, internet, databases, some BASIC and FORTRAN IV programming experience).


Fluent English, Spanish, French and Romanian; some German, Italian and Russian.


11/2022 – present: Contractor for Engie Thermique France

SPEM, 450 MW combined cycle power plant in France

Technical assistance in analysing the plant operation and procedures; Coaching the plant operators.

09/2021 – 11/2022: Contractor for General Electric Power (France), final customer being EDF

Flamanville 3 (EPR), 1600 MW nuclear power plant in France

Commissioning manager for the liquid and gaseous waste decontamination treatment units and Emergency Diesel Generators (4 7.2MW), coordinating the assembly, commissioning and repair works with contractors and with EDF Construction and Commissioning teams.

09/2020 – 02/2021: Employed by AFRY (Malaysia)

Track 4A, 1440MW combined cycle power plant, Malaysia

Owner’s Engineers Commissioning Manager, coordinating the supervision and validation of the EPC contractor hot commissioning activities, test procedures and test reports, advising the Customer on technical and contractual issues.

07/2019 – present: Employed by DIONS OÜ (work online, part-time)

Koidu 2, solar power plant, Estonia

Owner’s Project Manager for solar photovoltaic project in Estonia, coordinate with the chosen EPC Contractor the project technical and contractual terms and conditions, starting by defining the right technical solution, the schedule, obtaining various approvals prior signing the Notice to Proceed.

07/2017 – 06/2020: Employed by General Electric Power (US company in Malaysia)

Kuala Lumpur, GE Gas Power Systems Offices

Project Engineering Manager for MELAKA 2242 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant, coordinating the GE Lead Engineers in charge of GT (9HA.02), ST (D652), Generator (W88), HRSG, WSC, DCS (Mark Vie), ECS and some BOP equipment; coordinating the Project Execution activities with plant Owner (Edra and Jacobs) and Partner (Hyundai); advising on relation with suppliers; managing budgets, schedule and contractual requirement compliance; providing expertise and propose technical solutions to the global and regional projects management; reporting to GE Global Engineering Head.

From 11/2019, after successfully finished the Engineering of the Melaka project, in parallel with assisting the Melaka site, nominated as Deputy Project Engineering Manager for DaTan 8&9, a 2100 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant EPC project, coordinating the work with the GE Engineering team and with the Partner (Marubeni).

07/2014 – 11/2016: Contractor for General Electric Power (France)

Tanjung Bin 4, 1000 MW ultra-supercritical coal fired Power Plant, Malaysia

Power Plant Operation Lead during Commissioning, implement the plant commissioning program and test plans, coordinating the plant operation during commissioning and training the local operators, provide technical analysis to the plant management.

Narva, 300 MW Power Plant, Estonia

Power Plant Operation Manager and Commissioning Coordinator, implement the plant commissioning activities and functional tests, coordinating the plant operation during commissioning and training the local operators, provide analysis to the plant management. The plant has an ALSTOM fluidized bed boiler on oil shale, heavy fuel oil, biomass and retort gas and a 300 MW ALSTOM steam turbine.

06-07/2015: Employed by Alstom Power (Switzerland), Birr Training Centre

Combined cycle power plant Operations Instructor, preparing simulator trainings

07-09/2014: Contractor for Alstom Power (France)

Manjung 4, 1000MW ultra-supercritical coal Power Plant, Malaysia

Power Plant Operation Manager, implement the commissioning plan, coordinating the plant operation during commissioning, analysis to the plant management. The plant has an ALSTOM coal fired boiler and a 1000 MW ultra-super-critical ALSTOM steam turbine.

11/2013 – 07/2014: Employed by Thiess (Australia)

Koniambo Power Plant, New Caledonia

Power Plant Senior Operation Engineer, working shifts to supervise the plant operation and to train the local operators. The plant has 2 BHEL fluidized bed boilers, 2 x 135 MW SIEMENS steam turbines, 2 x 46 MW Rolls Royce combustion turbines, 3 x 20 MW GE combustion turbines and 2 x 3.5 MW diesel generators, all used for feeding a new Nickel metallurgical plant.

09/2007 – 11/2013: Employed by ALSTOM Power – Baden, Switzerland

Steam Turbines Business - Research & Development

Safety Engineer in the Controls & Operation Department, responsibilities in steam turbine generic functional safety lifecycle analysis, compliance with international standards and customer requirements regarding turbine safety, safety philosophy implementation for turbine logic, involved in Plant functional safety analysis for different projects.

From 2010, Experience Response Team Lead, responsible for analysing the Field Service Reports, Non-conformity Reports and other site information, manage failure database and statistics, manage the process of validation for lube oil suppliers, maintain the technical documentation related to assembly procedures, inspection recommendation and lifting design instructions, conduct on-site power plant awareness trainings for R&D engineers, conduct safety awareness briefings for R&D engineers.

Green Belt Project Manager, certified after successfully leading 2 global projects for R&D processes’ improvement

Power Service – Alstom Gas Power Plants Fleet Operation Engineering department

From November 2012, Monitoring and Diagnostics Engineer, Water-Steam Cycle Expert, responsible for analysing operational data from the O&M fleet of combined cycle power plants with Alstom Gas Turbines, creating early warnings, create site reports, analyse site events, responsible to create warnings and tools to analyse water-steam cycle events.

11/2002 – 01/2008: Subcontractor for Electricité de France, CIT Paris, France

Martigues power plant, 250MW, France

11/2007 – 01/2008: Plant Commissioning Consultant for the DCS operation and logic improvement after Steam Turbine modernisation in view of the repowering project. Main tasks: support the plant commissioning team, coordinate tests, instruct and train the EDF operators.

Rio Bravo 2, 3 & 4 power plants, Mexico

10/2003 - 04/2005: Plant Commissioning & Operations Supervisor

Responsible for shift management of the commissioning and operations activities for 2 combined cycle power plants (Rio Bravo 3 & 4), 500MW each, built by EDF in Mexico. Main components per plant: 2 SIEMENS Westinghouse gas turbines, 2 CMI heat recovery steam generators, an ALSTOM steam turbine, and a BALKE-DÜRR air-cooled condenser.

Main tasks: implementation of the commissioning program, supervising the functional and performance tests, supervise the activity realized by the client’s operation team, train the client’s Mexican operation team, prepare plant overall operation instructions.

04/2005 – 08/2007: Plant Operations and Maintenance Consultant / Steam Turbine Expert for 3 combined cycle power plants - Rio Bravo 2, 3 and 4 (500 MW each).

Main tasks: Water-Steam Cycle O&M technical supervision (HRSG, steam turbines and air cooled condensers), coach the client’s operation team, analyse plants’ efficiency, analyse the process, improve the design, implement and test process improvement modifications, modify the plant automatic control, provide assistance to the plants’ remote monitoring service.

11/2005 – 08/2007: in addition, after each major outage, Plant Commissioning Coordinator for all the 3 power plants, defining the representative tests and methods, procedures for testing, planning the tests and integrating them in the maintenance plan to minimize the outage time.

Port Said East power plant, Egypt

11/2002 - 07/2003: Plant Commissioning & Operation Supervisor

Responsible for shift management of the commissioning and operations activities for the 2x360MW gas and heavy fuel-oil fired power plant built by EDF.

Main tasks: implement the commissioning program, manage the functional and performance tests, supervise the operations realized by the client’s operation team, and train the client’s Egyptian operators.

10/2002 - 11/2002: Contractor for Carthage Power Company, Tunisia

Rades II, 471MW combined cycle power plant, Tunisia

Plant O&M Technical Consultant

Responsible for plant performance analysis, operators’ supervision and coaching.

03/2000 - 10/2002: Contractor for ALSTOM Power (France)

Rades II, 471MW combined cycle power plant, Tunisia

Plant Commissioning & Operation Supervisor, responsible for the shift management of the commissioning and operations activities for the power plant.

Main tasks: supervise the correct operation of the plant, coach the French and Tunisian operators for ALSTOM and for the client, organize and support the commissioning activities, prepare the final operations instructions for the plant.

Laibin B, 2x360MW coal fired power plant, China

03/2000 - 02/2001: Commissioning & Operation Supervisor

Responsible for the shift management of the commissioning and operations activities, at the beginning for the 2 ALSTOM boilers, later on, for all the plant.

Main tasks: work in shifts for supervising the correct operation of the boilers. During last 4 months – supervise all the plant operations during commissioning and coach the client's Chinese operators.

01/1999 - 02/2000: Contractor for ALSTOM Energie (France)

Lavrion IV, 550MW combined cycle plant, Greece

Plant Commissioning & Operation Supervisor

Responsibilities: work shifts for the supervision of the correct operation of the plant (3GE Frame 9E gas turbines, 3 ALSTOM HRSG with diverter dampers, 1 ALSTOM steam turbine, Degremont water treatment plants, ALSTOM P320 DCS); coach the Greek operators; prepare the technical documents for the hand-over; supervise the maintenance works.

Atacama, 2x360MW combined cycle power plant, Chile

01/1999 - 07/1999: Plant Commissioning & Operation Supervisor

Responsible for the shift management of the commissioning and operations activities. Manage the operations during commissioning, coaching the Chilean operators.

04/1998 - 12/1998: Employed by ALSTOM P.P.G. (UK)

Sual, 2x607MW coal fired power plant, The Philippines

Commissioning Assistant-Supervisor

Responsible for the commissioning of the mechanical and electrical equipment from all the fire-fighting systems, de-mineralized water distribution, auxiliary cooling (sea-) water systems and fuel-oil unloading and storage systems; participate to the commissioning of other Balance of Plant systems - the hydrogen production plant, condensate extraction pumps, boiler feed-water pumps; train the client operators on the hydrogen plant theory; prepare the technical documentation.

Safety Controller for mechanical and LV electrical works.

03/1997 - 04/1998: Employed by EASTEM Technical Assistance, Bucharest, Romania

7 construction sites for France Telecom, in Romania

Engineering Procurement and Construction Project Manager

Manage the design, construction, commissioning and hand-over for 7 technical sites for GSM telecommunication (antennas 30-50m high support structure design, manufacturing, erection; civil and mechanical works; supervise the electronic equipment shelter design, manufacturing and installation, transport and installation of equipment, material purchasing; obtain state agency approvals, contact construction companies, supervise the working team; organize meetings with the client and with the sub-contractors, inform the client on site advancement).

12/1994 - 03/1997: Contractor for GEC ALSTHOM (UK)

Shajiao C, 3x660MW coal fired power plant, China

Commissioning & Operation Supervisor

Responsible for the commissioning of the water treatment plants, hydrogen generation plant, chlorine generation and injection plant; shift working as Operation Supervisor for the Balance-of-Plant systems: water treatment plants, hydrogen plant, chlorine plant, compressed air production plant, sea water cooling system; coaching the BOP Chinese operators.

09/1994 - 12/1994: Employed by Transilvania Technical University - Brasov, Romania

University Assistant Lecturer – part time job

Conduct seminary and laboratory activities; teach problem solving techniques, teach Fluids’ Mechanics to the university students.

08/1990 - 12/1994: Employed by UM TOHAN - Zarnesti, Romania

Starting as Process Engineer, responsible for re-designing the energy systems, coordinating the construction and commissioning works for the new projects designed for the hot water (Vulcan CAF7 boilers), steam (Vulcan CR6/ CR9 boilers), compressed air and waste water treatment systems, coordinating the operation and maintenance of the mechanical equipment and training the working teams - from March 1991;

Water Treatment Plants Manager, coordinating the entire activity of the 3 water treatment plants (19 operators) - from March 1992;

Power Plant Engineering Group Leader (7 engineers and technicians) - from June 1993; also responsible for the Fire Fighting protection and Safety in the department;

Power Plant Deputy-Manager (183 employees) - from June 1994.

Professional specialisations:

-Business Improvement Leader, Six-Sigma Green Belt certified, Alstom University (Switzerland) course & certification, 2010 – 2011

-Certified Functional Safety Professional, exida/ CFSP (USA) course & certification, 2008

-Project Management, Alstom University (Switzerland) course, 2009

-Steam Turbines Technology, Durham University (UK) course & certification, 2009

-Steam Turbine Controls and Regulation, ALSTOM Steam Turbines (France) course, 2007

-Gas Turbine Expert, Alstom University (Switzerland) course & certification, 2013

-Air-cooled Condensers, BALKE-DÜRR (Germany) course, 2006

-Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie (Belgium) course, 2006

-W501FD Gas Turbines Operations, SIEMENS Westinghouse (USA) course, 2005

-EHS international passport, Alstom University (Switzerland) course & certification, 2011, 2015

-Site Safety Controller, ABB ALSTOM Power (UK) course & certification,1998

-Nuclear Power Plants Safety certifications HN1, HN2, HN3, CSQ, TRIHOM (France) course & certification, 2021

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