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Cloud Engineer Developer

Cleveland, OH
June 06, 2023

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● Problem solver and passionate cloud engineer with 5+ years’ experience

● Self-motivated and demonstrated ability to adapt to new environments and learn new technologies and languages.

● Demonstratable skills in CLI, PowerShell, Azure Resource Manager.

● Strong Knowledge of Azure Security constructs.

● Ability to work well in both a team, and in an individual setting.

● Good analytical problem-solving skills

Work Experience:

Employer: Tata Consultancy Services January 2022- present Title: Azure Cloud Developer

● Strong understanding of Azure Resource Manager (ARM)

● Experience in deploying and configuring Azure Virtual Machines (VMs)

● Knowledge of Azure Virtual Networks (VNets), Subnets, Network Security Groups (NSGs)

● Understanding of Azure Load Balancers and Traffic Manager

● Experience in configuring and managing Azure Storage and Azure Backup

● Familiarity with Azure Active Directory (AD), Azure AD Connect, and Azure AD Domain Services

● Knowledge of Azure Site Recovery and Azure Monitoring and Alerting

● Understanding of Azure DevOps, PowerShell, and Azure CLI

● Familiarity with Azure Cost Management and Azure billing

● Understanding of Azure role-based access control (RBAC) and Azure Resource Policies

● Knowledge of Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel, and Azure Log Analytics for monitoring security compliance

● Experience in managing Azure Security Group and Network Security Group

(NSG) rules to ensure compliance

● Understanding of security best practices such as multi-factor authentication

(MFA), conditional access,and identity protection

● Understanding requirements and creating key test deliverables such as test strategies, data scenarios, and test data.

● Test estimation, requirements traceability, execution and reporting results to various audiences.

● Develop reusable functions to handle common functionality in test cases.

● Understanding operating environment, business and applications.

● Application Development using Software Development Life Cycle SDLC using various methodologies like Agile/Scrum.

● Building pipeline by creating configurations and executing those configurations in processors written in java.

Employer: SarayaTech Solution

August 2017 - January 2022

Title: Aws Cloud Developer (Zenith)

Understanding operating environment, business and applications Application Development using Software Development Life Cycle SDLC using various methodologies like Agile/Scrum

Building pipeline by creating configurations and executing those configurations in processors written in java.

Monitored databases and related systems to verify optimized performance. Use AWS around Basic AWS services such as EC2, S3, IAM, VPC, DirectConnect, and CloudFormation

Used Git for source control

Involved in analysis, specification, design, and implementation and testing phases of Software Development Life Cycle SDLC

Design and modify database schemas

Developed applications using Core Java, Multi-Threading, Spring Boot, Beans, Hibernate, Transaction, MySQL, Maven

Experienced in performance tuning, maintenance, upgrading and patch management, capacity planning, Disaster Recovery, Backup and recovery support of Databases with Strong Unix/Linux administration skills Experienced in configuring AWS RDS and EC2 instances, AWS EKS, AWS S3, AWS Config, AWS ECS, Kinesis, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Glue, AWS Analytics, Big Data analytics, Amazon Redshift Got Experience building a fully managed serverless ecommerce application on AWS integrated with other Services like AWS Lambdas, Cognito or even AWS DynamoDB

Automating Development and Deployment via Script using Python boto3, terraform, bash Script

DevOps Practices by orchestrating Application Deployment using Kubernetes/Helms, Jenkins, Terraform, CloudFormation and Monitoring with AWS X-Ray, CloudWatch, ELK Stack

Helping Ops Team maintaining their AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment for their Backend System.

Participated in ongoing training to enhance own job skills and knowledge. Key Skills:

● Aws, Azure, Devops

● GitHub, Heroku, Docker, Kubernetes

● SQL Databases

● Eclipse, Goorm IDE, Visual Studio Code, MySQL workbench, IntelliJ

● BigData, Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, Automic, JIRA, Rally,Python Education

Bachelor degree in software engineering at DakarTech University. microsoft az-900 certification & aws cloud practitioner certification

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