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Transportation Driver Food Service

Cleveland, OH
June 04, 2023

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Sonya Branch

***** ***** ******

Cleveland, Ohio 44108


OBJECTIVE: To maintain a position in Housekeeping, Cleaning or general maintenance position in the Hospitality Industry. To maintain and perform the work duties given to me.

ME MYSELF & I Cleaning Services

Housekeeping: February 2023 – Present

Clean up residents and any businesses homes, apartments or place of business. Maintain of keeping residents houses freshly cleaned by sweeping, mopping floors, vacuum carpets, wipe out and down windows, clean out bathroom tubs, sinks and toilets Take out garbage when needed. Keep their place of businesses smelling fresh, disordered with special cleaning solution chemicals. Cleaning for special occasions, birthday parties, sporting events, baby showers and wedding receptions. Wash, dry and fold clothes for customers if/when needed. Cook, prepare meals for residents (if asked).


(Various Jobs – Contracts Completed)

Hospitality: February 5, 2017- April 6, 2019


HOUSEKEEPING – Cleanup /out hotel rooms before and after residents come. Sweep, vacuum, mop wax floors; dust down tables, countertops in rooms. Scrub out bathroom tubs, wash out bathroom sinks and toilets. Change bed linens (sheets, pillowcases) make up bed, clean linen. Remove garbage from garbage cans, empty out and replace with a new bag.

John Carroll University

Hospitality: December 2017 – April 2108

Cleaning / Dishwasher – Clean up after teachers and students finished eating inside cafeteria. Pick up dishes from tables, remove trash from tables and floors. Wash and dry dishes and put them inside the correct places. Wipe down chairs. Tables after students leave. Sweep and mop floor areas. Take out garbage from cafeteria take to dumpsters outside back facility.

Construction Sites (varies)

High rises/ Apartment Complexes. 2017 -2018

Worked different Construction sites. Perform duties of sweeping, pick up trash off concrete / floors while construction workers complete their work duties. Maintenance outside department stores, parking lots kept cleaned.

Help unload furniture of trucks; help carry different furniture to apartment where needed. Vacuum carpet, mop kitchen floor and make sure bathroom sink, tub and toilets are wiped out/down and clean professionally.


Transportation Driver: April 5, 2015 – October 15, 2017

Pick up passengers and drop them off at their destination locations. Maintain a record log sheet in a timely matter. Pick up packages from passengers and take the packages to the address given by the passengers. UBER EATS delivery – Pick up passengers’ food as they call and order food service from different restaurants’ location. and take to the passengers’ destination home or place of business.

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