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Customer Service District Manager

Marlboro, NJ
May 31, 2023

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NAME: Sanjukta Gayen

Address: ** ***** *****, ********, ** 07746

Phone: 732-***-****

E-mail Address:


Interested in a position in Technical Program/Solution Management, Broadband Network Architecture, Planning, and Customer Advocacy.


PgMP-Program Management Certification from PMI – May 2011

MBA in Finance, Rutgers University, NJ, May 2004

Ph.D. in Physics, City University of New York, May 1988

Master of Science in Physics, Utkal University, Orissa, India, April 1981

Batchelor Degree in Physics: MPC College, 1976


A. Solution Architect (SA), GCS-Design Center of Excellence for Managed Security Solution (MSS), Jan 2017 – July 6th, 7/2022 at AT&T.

As a Solution Architect for MSS, I was responsible for developing Custom Managed Security Solution for Retail and IBM Customers. As part of my responsibility, I develop the cost and SOWs and hand it over to NI for pricing. I have supported for simple and very complex solutions covering Firewalls, Proxies, Next Generation Fire Walls, Intrusion Prevention System. I supported customers such as, IBM VTS, IBM Bank of Ireland, IBM Bank of India, Danieli, Dupont, Sears Holdings, Thomson Reuters, IBM Astellas, IBM Panasonic, IBM Case New Holland, IBM De Chille SAC, IBM Cigna, IBM CLS, Chicago Public School, DXC Denmark, DXC Braskem, DXC Vattenfall, DXC Campbell, DXC Technology, Reyes Holdings, Naiman Marcus, Nitto Denco and many other similar deals.

Taking lead for coordinating Partner Training for MSS Team. It is a monthly training and call.

Contributed to the MSS revenue of about $100M so far.

Finalized GSG Select and GSG Premium SOW. Worked on finalizing SOW for the team.

Exposure in cloud solution by working on Tech Mohindra

Largest security cloud on the planet to make doing and navigating a change to simpler and faster and more productive experience.

Customer service is dedicated to Public Service Edge and never store in user mode, Log date is for every transaction is compressed, ZIA Public Service Edges are deployed in active -active load balancing mode all over the world.

A key component of the Zscaler cloud, ZIA Public Service Edges are full-featured secure internet gateways that provide integrated internet security. They inspect all web traffic bi-directionally for malware and enforce security, compliance, and firewall policies. Each Public Service Edge has two main modules for inspecting traffic and applying policies: a web module and a firewall module.

Public Service Edges are deployed in Zscaler data centers around the world and can handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent users with millions of concurrent sessions. Because of this, regardless of where your users are, they can access the internet from any device and the Public Service Edges protect their traffic and apply your corporate policies. With the exception of sandboxing, all inspection engines run within the Public Service Edge.

Lumen® SASE Solutions unify network and security management for your distributed enterprise. A centralized, cloud-based experience makes it easy to quickly design and purchase your solution, then add sites and users. Choose flexible pro- or self-managed options to suit your needs from industry-leading partners, such as VMware and Fortinet.SASE SME for Cisco SASE

Gain a unified view of network traffic and security operations so you can quickly identify and resolve issues that impact your business.

Simplify network access, security and management with SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solutions on the Lumen Platform.

Basically provided the SASE SME for Cisco SASE.

Provided the SASE solution for Fortinet SASE.

B. Solution Architect (SA)/Strategic Bid Manager (SBM), GCS-Design Center of Excellence, July 6th, August 2000 – 2016, until AT&T.

As a Solution Architect for Untravellable Service (UVN), responsible for technical, operational, and financial assurances for all the UVN solutions that I propose to multiple corporations. Main responsibility is to design and assure the custom and complex solution to support the business continuity for customers using Ciena and Cisco optical equipment. Work as a contact point between sales and implementation team for Operational Assurance. Also work with Financial Architect and CFO organizations for financial assurance and make sure that the solution and proposal is profitable for AT&T. Led contract negotiations for custom terms and conditions and languages. Worked with multiple customers and closed contracts for customers like American Express, Goldman Sachs, State Street, Dow Jones, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Carnival Cruise, DST Systems, Shell Oil, Home Depot, West Interactive, Bank of New York, CSFB, Pershing, MBNA, BioGen, Verisign, Ameriprise, Wyeth, ADP, FM Global, Geico, Medco, Progressive Insurance, DTCC and Target. Total AT&T revenue for the closed deals are in excess of $900M. Complex solutions were designed not only using AT&T IOC circuits, but also 3rd party circuits. To make the process work, led the process (Provision and Maintenance) definition involving 3rd party IOCs circuits for UVN. Most recently worked on Beers for Video solution involving 65 UVN rings, providing UVN solution to major sports venue.

Revenue Achievements for the last 3 years:

Total Contract Value (TCV)

2018: $40M, 120% of Target

2017: $61M, 140% of Target

2016: $60M, 148% of Target

Led a team to define the AR to UV2 migration project in support of multiple Strategic Initiatives like one AT&T and one AT&T ring product and Product Simplification and retirement.

Coached and mentored three individuals to come up to speed for designing and pricing for UV2 solution.

Developed the custom Service Level Agreement (SLA) envelope for UVN team. This SLA envelope package is enabling the SBM team to use custom SLAs without going for formal approval until contract finalized. As a result negotiation time and hence cycle time is shortened.

Worked to improve IOC process for UVN solution

Co-ordinated and ran the Monthly Lesson Learned Session to learn continuously from our Presale, Post sale and Implementation teams' experience and make the shaping process more efficient and pricing more accurate.

C. Solution Architect for Custom Ethernet Solution-June 2015 to 2017, until July 6th AT&T.

Supporting custom SLAs for all Ethernet services. Main accounts supported are Wells Fargo ADE (AT&T Dedicated Ethernet -100G), T-Mobile, Time Werner and VZ Wireless for ASE (ATT Switched Ethernet) and OEW (Opti-E-WAN) services. As part of this responsibility I work with Account team, Product Management, SLA Center of Excellence, ICB and Contract management. VZW is sold and T-Mobile is work in progress.

Worked on improving Sales one Process so that Sales Team have clear instruction as how and when to request custom SLA support for all Ethernet Solutions

Worked on to compare UVN and ADE (AT&T Dedicated Ethernet) solutions and recommendation to sales team as when to lead with UVN and when to lead with ADE solution. Worked with ADE Product, UVN product and UVN and ADE ICB team.

D. District Manager, Operation Strategy for Cable Telephony, September 1998 - August 2000, Until July 6th, in AT&T.

Formed and led a group consisting of 3 Senior Technical Staff Members (STSMs). As a District Manager I coached and helped them in their career planning, technical development and conducted the year-end performance appraisal.

Led the group to specify business and functional requirements for major systems to support end-to-end processes involving both Circuit Switched and IP Cable Telephony. The processes included: Customer

Network Provisioning, Network Maintenance, Capacity Planning, Traffic Management, Dispatch and Installation, Material Management, Billing and Fraud Management

Worked closely with cross functional groups involved in defining OS Architecture and Operation Planning Process for Voice over IP over Cable Solution. Lead a team to define Process/Work Center requirements to support Operation Technical Planning.

E. Principal Technical Staff Member, NCP&D Process Aligned Division (PAD), Operation Technology Center (OTC), NCS, January1997 - September 1998, Until July 6th, in AT&T.

Worked as a Solution Manager for SONET deployment program and Solution/System Engineer for Equipment Planning and Engineering System (RESPOND). Specific responsibilities were:

1. Program/Solution Manager for System Support of SONET Deployment Program: SONET deployment programs involved high priority projects like Big Gulp, Quantum Leap (QL) that dealt with deploying additional capacity in the Network at a faster rate. These projects were supported by Core Network Integrated Planning Support (CNIPS) Platform, which is based on Three Tier Architecture with common WEB based GUI (NIP CIG) and a common data layer (TPPDL). More than 30 solutions were delivered under CNIPS platform in 1998.

D. System Engineer for Data Acquisition Reports and Integrated Control System (DARICS), Operations Technology Center, August 1991 - December 1996, Until July 6th, in AT&T.

DARICS is the Operation Support System which supported Engineering for Switching and Signaling Network Elements. Responsibilities included leading System Engineering Effort on Capacity Management of 5ESS, Engineering/Planning/Forecasting of Segmentation Directory and Planning and Engineering of Network adjuncts. In that capacity, I wrote/led the OTP and FRS (Feature Requirement Specifications) for all the features related to the Segmentation Directory, 5ESS Capacity Management and Easy Reach/CLD adjuncts.

F. Postdoctoral Research Associate, Chemistry Department, Illinois Institute of Technology, January 1988 - March 1989 – August 1991. Until July 6th, In AT&T.

Research involved computational study of the photo dissociation of compound molecule.

MANAGEMENT SKILLS: until July 6th, AT&T.

Managed to develop complex end-to-end solution for multiple customers with cross organizational input.

Formed and led an effective group of 3 STSMs;

Coached and worked with the team members for their Career Development, Technical Training and Professional Growth;

Worked with group members to keep them engaged based on their skill set;

Recruited personnel on a temporary basis from other organizations to specify requirements while my group was being formed;

Project/Program Management for OS Architecture and Operation Planning for Cable Telephony.;

Ran weekly meeting which was the platform for issue resolution and escalation if necessary;

Program management: Managed Quantum Leap (50+ features), BIG GULP, and CNIPS (30+ features)

AWARDS: Until July 6th, in AT&T.

Women Of Color STEM award – June 2021

Spotlight Award - Nov 2020

Spotlight Award – Nov 2016

AT&T GSSO Top Achiever Award – Sept 2015

AT&T Service Excellence Award - Sept 2014

AT&T Extraordinary Leadership Award/Recognition-2012

AT&T Customer Service Award/Recognition-2011

Nominated for Career Achievement for STEM from AT&T/Hoppe’s org-2011

Significant Revenue Contribution for 2011, 2012

Significant Contribution Award 2010

Shooting the star award for 1Q2010

Others: in AT&T.

Participating in evaluating Scholarship Program from 2016 and 2021 with Inspire Asian Team.

Member of Women of AT&T, Inspire Asian team.

Participating in Mentoring program through ATT Aspire program

Secretary – AT&T Pioneer South Jersey Chapter 2004-2005

Member At Large - AT&T Pioneer South Jersey Chapter 2003-2004

Led Book About Me Project for Elementary Age School Children 2003-2005


1. Sanjukta Das and Joel I. Gersten, “Theory of Continuum Surface Raman Scattering from Electrons in Metals,” . Chem. Phys. 85, 647 (1986).

2. Sanjukta Das and Joel I. Gersten, “Theory of Raman Scattering from Spherical Particles,” Phys. Rev. B 37, 6063 (1988).

3. Sanjukta Das, J. I. Gersten, Z. Weisz, O. Resto, A. Many and Y. Goldstein, “Interference Effect in the Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy,”Phys. Rev. B 39, 11251, (1989).

4. Sanjukta Das and David J. Tannor, “Chemical Branching in two Chromophore systems: Application to the Photodissociation of C2F4IBr,” J. Chem. Phys. 91, 2324 (1989).

5. Sanjukta Das and David J. Tannor, “Time Dependent Quantum Mechanics using Picosecond Time Steps: Application to predissociation of HeI2,” J. Chem. Phys. 92, 3403 (1990).

6. Sanjukta Gayen, Walter C. Ermler and Claude J. Sandroff, “Theoretical Study of GaAs Surface Passivation with Se,” J. Chem. Phys. 94, 729 (1991).

7. Sanjukta Gayen, R. B. Ross and Walter C. Ermler, “Ab Initio Relativistic Effective Potentials with Spin Orbit Operators, Ce through Lu.” J. Chem. Phys. (1992)

Cyber210: Foundation of Cyber Security; Champlain College

Cyber240: Networking and Security; Champlain College

Cyber310: Mobile Security; Champlain College

Cyber335: Ethical Hacking; Champlain College

Cyber410: Emergency Threats; Champlain College

Cyber420: Cyber Political Analysis; Champlain College

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