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Program Manager, Senior Technical Writer, Documentation Manager

Louisville, CO
May 30, 2023

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Jorena Jones Collins Superior, CO Open to remote and hybrid roles 720-***-**** Skilled Technical Writer and Program Manager

Over 12 years of technical writing, editing, and documentation management experience, much of it performed while holding an engineering position. This includes over 2 years of program management in cloud security. Expertise in producing customer and product content, developer guides, user-friendly instructions, troubleshooting, engineering procedures, reference manuals, templates, and style guides. Highly skilled in simplifying complex information for optimal user experience. Trained in Agile Scrum methodology and holds a BS in Physics with a strong emphasis in Computer Science.

• 6 years experience leading technical content programs and initiatives for software engineering teams, technical sales, and customer-facing content, informing and influencing through smart content strategy, concise instructions, and links to relevant resources. Adept at researching, and prioritizing highest-value deliverables aligned with leadership goals.

• Passionate about serving and advocating for the developer community; always listening and proactively asking for input and feedback to make life easier for developers.

• Ability to explain complex topics in an accessible manner; written documentation as well as sample code, UI text, charts, diagrams, and other educational and training materials.

• Demonstrated proficiency in documenting source code in GoLang, Python, JavaScript, and C++.

• Highly regarded member of cross-functional initiatives, building trusted rapport with directors, developers, technical product managers, architects, and content managers.

• Data analytics experience as a Design Engineer at Quantum and for the Tech-X sales team.

• Consistently recruited by former managers based on unwavering dedication, technical aptitude, and outstanding outcomes in fast-paced, rapidly evolving environments.


SALESFORCE 8/2021 to 3/2023

Program Manager Lead Technical Writer, Security

• Recruited as a full-time member of staff following contract assignments. Reported to Director of Security Technical Communications. Worked independently, managing all aspects of internal developer content to enable implementation solutions for security standards concerned with secret and key management. Trusted by 5 Product Managers and high-level leadership to support their security services with comprehensive technical documentation.

• Successfully managed 500+ pages of developer content for Secrets and Key Management, as well as the training content that enables all Salesforce developers to keep their secrets and keys safe. Consistently delivered ahead of schedule.

• Authored, edited, and published content for all new features in a fast-changing environment, working from design docs and GitHub, and collaborating with product owners and developers. Designed and led technical reviews for documentation.

• Solved an important secret storage problem by collaborating with Security leadership to create a guidance document and new training content designating approved solutions by type of secret, addressing ambiguity in standards.

• Reduced support requests by reorganizing the Confluence space and formatting, making it easier for developers to locate their instructions based on the environment their service runs on, the type and scale of their secrets, and if they use automation script, Spinnaker, or command-line arguments. Optimized content for discoverability by bot.

• Identified documentation that should have been tracked and monitored by GRC as implementation solutions to standards, remedying gaps in regulation controls.

• Created instructions for Salesforce Vault access configuration (ACLs) using the principle of least privilege. Instructions included Auth, required certificates, sidecar/webhook retrieval of secrets/keys, and FAQs (optimized for discoverability by customer support bot). Also supported the Salesforce IAM team with FAQs optimized for the bot.

• Documented services running on AWS EC2 instances, including CI/CD pipelines, authentication, access control, API reference, SDKs, and certificates. Experience also includes Open Source HashiCorp Vault, Spinnaker, and Terraform. Documents managed in Confluence, with collaborative drafts and designs created using Google Docs and Quip. Exposure to Splunk through daily standups. Training slides crafted in a light, informal tone to influence security best practices and facilitate effective learning.

Contract Technical Writer & Consultant 8/2016 to 8/2021 Served multiple technology leaders, software developers, and government agencies. Highlights include: GOOGLE via THE JUDGE GROUP

• Created developer guides for public-facing customers integrating their applications with Google Assistant. Content described how releases are managed for the Conversational Actions API and how the AI NLP works. Jorena Jones Collins 720-***-****



Contract Technical Writer & Consultant 8/2016 to 8/2021 SALESFORCE via CREATIVES ON CALL - Consulting Agency

• Delivered crucial documentation for thousands of developers transitioning to the AWS cloud with an upgraded security platform, new best practices, and a continuous delivery process.

• Worked with the Secrets team and used various design docs, developer drafts, code samples and comments.

• Delivered instructions included onboarding to HashiCorp Vault, configuration of access to the vault, storing secrets and keys, and calling them when needed instead of having the secrets as cleartext embedded in the code. SALESFORCE via MBO PARTNERS - Consulting Agency

• Produced comprehensive internal documents for a key Salesforce data security and threat detection feature. Docs are used to rapidly onboard new members of the software development team, as well as provide critical information for the Salesforce legal team and executive leaders. (API, JSON)

• Provided documentation to the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) to explain the new security feature and inform the response team of the working details and the basic procedures for use. TECH-X - Simulation Software for Physics Applications

• As a member of the technical sales team and sole technical writer for Tech-X, managed all documentation projects, achieving deadlines for releases by prioritizing the most critical issues and working extra hours as necessary. Punctual, engaging, error-free publication for the product and website for all software releases, including user instructions with accompanying screenshots, graphics, and a detailed technical reference manual with code samples.

• Edited and maintained software product user guide and reference manual for a complex product (VSim), utilizing rough documentation provided by staff physicists and developers, with follow-up collaboration, and by testing/using the software.

• Used Sphinx reStructuredText markup language, with output to HTML and PDF for the website, manuals, and in-product software help. Document control management with SVN version control software and Linux. Acquired reference manual elements directly from Python script. Issue tracking with Redmine.

• Developed a Tech-X Style Guide on my own (from scratch) to standardize formatting for customer-facing documentation, including guidelines for developers and physicists to use for submitting documentation input.

• Data analytics for the sales team using data from project tracking tool and Excel spreadsheets. ATMOSPHERIC OBSERVING SYSTEMS - Atmospheric Measurements used by NOAA for Climate Change Studies

• Represented AOS at the International Carbon Dioxide Conference and other scientific trade shows and conferences. Delivered presentations to scientists and academic professionals.

• Led weekly meetings with NOAA climate scientists to facilitate relationships and glean ideas for new designs.

• Edited and prepared technical grant proposals and reports for DOE, NSF, and DOC, detailing proprietary designs of scientific instrumentation used for high-visibility research on atmospheric and oceanic distributions of carbon dioxide. Early Career Highlights

9 years in development engineering, project management, software development, and quality control as a Design Engineer for QUANTUM and as an Engineering Technician for STORAGE TECHNOLOGY CORP Education Skills

BS Physics (strong emphasis in Computer Science) - UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO BOULDER Agile Scrum Project Management Methodology – LINKEDIN, SALESFORCE, and self-directed training Salesforce Leadership Path Training – SALESFORCE


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