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Aircraft Cabin Systems Engineer

Tamarac, FL
May 28, 2023

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Steven A. Linefsky **** N Belfort Cir Tamarac, Fl 33321 520-***-****


Systems Engineer with 20 years experience in Systems Design, Development, Integration and Test for such organizations as Bell Labs, SAIC, BAE, Hamilton Sundstrand/UTC, Honeywell, Boeing, GTE, DCA DDN, IBM, General Electric, and Lockheed Martin.

Extensive communications and systems design with local area networks involving IBM SNA, TTP/C, CAN, CDN/AFDX, A664/A429, MUOS Waveform / IW/ WCDMA / SATCOM / IRIDIUM /CELESTRI, RT-1939A(C) GEN5 Radio Systems, JTRS, AT&T Series II, NT DMS-250 Meridian MSL-100, INTEL/MOTOROLA/TI/AMD microprocessor based systems, IBM 3090, UNISYS 2200/1100, DEC VAX/ALPHA/MicroVAX and BBN C/10.

Communication Protocol Design and Test including X.25, SNA, OSI, A664, A429 / MIL-STD-1553, CAN, TTP, X.400, TCP/IP, BSC, SDLC/HDLC/UDLC and IEEE 802.X LAN, intelligent database machine connections/ interfaces to VAX LAN DECNET and IBM SNA; executive operating systems software and systems level design; image processing software development and networking for processing/routing images to customized SNA MCA networked platforms; firmware development, test, and debugging/troubleshooting

DSP digital signal processing hardware and algorithm development; device driver/network driver design, implementation and test.

Defense Data Network Global Area Networks packet data switches and software (SIPRNET/NIPRNET/ARPANET / DDN OSI protocols); network communications and control processor development; ATE compiler generator and ATLAS compiler and Testands; numerical controller and automated tool development & test; communications / controllers/ concentrators / hubs / routers/ bridges/ multiplexors design and integration; automated tools controllers; robotics


City College of NY SUNY - M.S. Operations Research/Systems Engineering

Summa Cumme Laude with 3.9 GPA and elected honorary Faculty Membership in AMS

Brooklyn College SUNY - B.S. Physics/Mathematics Magna Cumme Laude with 3.5 GPA. Elected Honorary Membership in SIGMA XI; Membership in IEEE Communications Group


LM MFC – Sr Systems Engineer 9/19-12/19

Grand Prairie, TX

Perform Systems Engineering tasks including Requirement Analysis & Management, RFC/ECP Evaluation & Monitoring and Systems Engineering Management Planning for Patriot Missile PAC-3 MSE Ballistic Missile Defense BMD to defend against Tactical missiles, cruise missiles, advanced aircraft and air breathing threats.

Attend various Engineering meetings to monitor RFCs involving changes to test/verification and manufacturing procedures to determine if RFC impacts requirements/specifications and generate an ECP or SCR in the event that requirements are affected.

Coordinate suppliers to identify and track/resolve events or that may adversely impact PAC-3 Program Cost/ IMS schedule/performance/producibility/supportability

Boeing – Sr Systems Engineer 8/18-4/19

BDS Oklahoma City, OK

Perform Systems Engineering/Systems Architecture, Systems Requirements, analysis and evaluation of 737 Airborne Early Warning & Command AEW&C Phase 6A Radar Pulse Doppler Nonelevation Scan PDNES that provides surveillance of A/C down to the surface by utilizing Doppler filtering and sharply defined Multi-rate Electronically Scanned Array MESA phase array antenna beams

Develop Interface Control analysis/evaluation for Surveillance Radar Computer SRC, Adaptive Signal Processor ASP with real pipelined arithmetic unit RPLAU gate arrays, Radar Control & Maintenance Panel RCMP, Spectrum Analyzer, Radar Interface Adapter Unit RIAU, Radar Data Processor RDP, Delay Line Pulse Compression Circuits and X-Band Adjunct Array

Analysis and evaluation of TASK 64/67//70 WT Radar Report for Follow On Radar Improvement Program FORIP

Systems Engineering Interface Design and Analysis for Phase 5A Airborne Mission Segment AMS including the following subsystems: Electronic Support Measures ESM, Electronic Warfare Self Protection EWSP, Radar/Identify Friend or Foe R/IFF, Communications COM, Mission Navigation NAV, Mission Computing Subsystem MCS, Aircraft Systems (CPCS, PPDA, SPDA, ETRS, Mission Avionics, FMS/AFMC), Engines

DOORS 737 AEW&C Systems Requirements Link Analysis & Management to Product Acceptance Demo PAD Test Cases to ensure total Systems Requirements coverage by acceptance ground & flight testing for 737 AEW&C Aircraft.

Lockheed Martin - Sr Systems Engineer 8/17 – 11/17

Owego, NY

Avionics/Radar/EW/FMCS Systems Integration and Test involving MMH-60R Romeo and MMH-60S Sierra Helicopter for US Navy customer including development/modification of requirements, problem resolution, test procedure creation and execution in ASIL and HSDL developmental labs.

Interface to helo weapon systems for test purposes such as torpedoes, Hellfire HFAGM-114 missiles, sonobuoys, Integrated Self Defense System Missile & Laser Detection ECM/ECCM, AN/AAR-47 Missile Warning System MWS, Counter Measure Dispensing System CMDS, Multi-Spectrum Targeting System MTS and Airborne Mine Counter Measure Sensor Data Computer AMCM SDC,

Utilization of Razor tool for creating Engineering Changes EC for each Problem Tracking Report PTR. Utilization 0f Microsoft Power Point presentations to interface with management, concurrent engineering and customer to present EC/SCR solutions

Harris - Sr Systems Engineer Aug - Dec 2016

Melbourne, FL

Systems Engineering design/development/integration utilized in creation of Hardware Design Document HWDD for xMG/RMG/TMG Media Gateway Chassis/Remote Media Gateway/Trunk Media Gateway with interface to RIU Remote Interface Unit A/G Network and G/G CWP Controller Working Position in FAA VCS21 Air Traffic Control Network (TMG interfaces PABX G/G via G.711 SocketSLIC).

Utilization of DOORS to map requirements to xMG/RMG/TMG hardware design as HW requirements verification/validation method along with conformance/performance test plan/procedures.

Raytheon - Sr Systems Engineer/Embedded Systems SW Nov 2015 - July 2016

St Petersburg, FL

Analyzed, strategerized, implemented a BITS test plan / Embedded Test Architecture Definition Directive ETADDS and Systems Requirement Document SRD for the redesign of EKV EXOatmospheric Kinetic Vehicle RKV including major subsystems Guidance Electronic Unit GEU/ Navigation Control NC/ Image Processor IP/Data Processor DP/Command Launch Equipment CLE/VSS Visual Sensor System VSS/ IR Infrared Subsystem/ Survivability Node SN

Develop IOKV Inert Operational Kinetic Vehicle HW/SW/EMI Requirements SRS and accomplished Systems Engineering/Systems Integration, evaluation, and analysis utilizing DOORS as a Object Oriented Requirements Development Tool with baseline, schema, requirements trace and requirements linkage capability.

HW/SW embedded RKV development and integration involving algorithms and simulation SAS design and integration with LINUX/C/C++.

Development of Cooperative Engagement Capability CEC Air Command and Control AC2 Design Document involving sensor fusion for Composite Tracking Network CTN RADAR/IFF DSP integrating AN/TPS-59 LMCO Phase Array RADAR and NG Ground Air Task Oriented RADAR G/ATOR.

Performed Requirements Analysis on the CEC enclave network Data Distribution System DDS utilizing DOORS Design Object Oriented Requirement System.

Lockheed Martin MST / TTS - Sr Systems Engineer May 2015-August 2015

Moorestown, NJ

Developed Systems Requirements Specification SRS and accomplished Systems Engineering/Systems Integration, evaluation, and analysis for the Aegis SPY-1D(V) Radar System Data Collector DVDC Linear Detection Processor LDP.

Utilized Matlab Signal Processing and Detection Theory techniques/algorithms including Constant False Alarm Rate CFAR, Pulse Compression, Cross Add, Subpulse SP Frequency and Time Slot Dropping, Time Alignment, Magnitude, Subpulse Summation, FFT/IFFT and Compaction and various SE tools/Software tools such as DOORS, MS-Office C/C++/MATLAB development platforms, Linux and code analyzers in order to optimize Engineering Analysis, requirements tracing, reverse engineering techniques, requirements development and subsystem decomposition/interface analysis.

Developed requirements, integrated and simulated Digital Beam Forming DBF SPY-1D(V) On-Array RCVR / Digital Radar Phase Array Antenna A/D Ladder Network to Digital Summation Processor (Off-Array SPY-1D(V) Receiver) utilizing down-converting IF frequency / digitizing signals processed at each antenna radiating element with UHF Output via UHF Coupler transmitted to ISSP Signal Processor RCVR Signal Distribution Box (RSDB)/UHF XMIT & Sum Channel RCV Signal that interfaces the Data Acquisition System.

Identified, synthesized, engineered, and evaluated subsystem interfaces including DVR Interface Recording and Processing Subsystem IRP, Linear Detection Processor LDP, High Speed Data Recorder HSDR, Display Video Processor DVP, Naval Tactical Data Server NTDS-B Tap Switches, Stimulus Trigger Module STM, Data Acquisition System DAS, In-Service Signal Processor, S-band Delta Victor Receiver SDVR2, and S-band Receiver Processor SRP.

GE Aviation / Randstad - Sr Systems Engineer 4/14-8/14

Grand Rapids, MI

Boeing KC-46 USAF Tanker Avionics Flight Management Computer GE AFMC Flight Management Control System FMCS DO-178B/C compliance Low Level Requirements LLR development, Systems Test Plan Development, and Data Coupling Analysis utilizing GPS/Understand Code Analyzers, DOORS, EXCEL Spreadsheets, and MS-OFFICE.

Derivation of new requirements and requirement tracing/linkages to High Level Requirements HLR utilizing Rational DOORS. Review and analysis of the Data Coupling Report in accordance with DO-178B/C utilizing Data Control Coupling Analysis Toolset DCCAT in the Embedded Software Flight Management Function FMF component, ADA/C/C++ OOD/UML and Understand (Build 674) Code Analyzer Structural Coverage Tool SCT. Utilized DOORS for system to subsystem requirement decomposition and analysis, LLR to HLR requirement traceability development of FMCS customized views and FMCS DCA & conformance Embedded Software test plan report generation

Boeing - Systems Engineer - 11/10-4/13

Wichita, KS

Developed Interface Control Document/Schematics / Integration Specifications for the KC-46 USAF Tanker involving Self Defense Subsystems including AN/ALR-69A (V) Radar Warning Receiver RWR Subsystem, Tactical Situation Awareness Subsystem TSAS, Large Aircraft Laser Infrared Countermeasure LAIRCM and Enhanced Warning Emergency Unit EWEU.

Devised KC-46 RF SDS RWR System Implementation Plan including SRD Compliance Matrix with components consisting of Warned Threat Baseline/Threat Warning Response Time/Geo-Location/Radar Warning/Emitter Detection/Frequency Coverage/Emitter Identification/Azimuth Accuracy/Signal Density/Range Determination/Elevation Determination. Computer Signal Processor CSP FO fiber optic interface with reception of digital Pulse Descriptor Words PDWs was also integrated into RWR

Accomplished L3 System Architecture / requirements identification / analysis / traceability / linkages / decomposition and L4/L5 requirements verification. Development of structured requirements for KC-46 GNC/TCAS Tactical Collision Avoidance System/DFDXUA Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit/AFIRU Air Data Inertial Reference Unit/GPS DAR Digital Antijam CVR/GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System/DGPS Differential GPS Approach & Landing System AFMC Avionics Flight Management Computer/TACAN Tactical Air Navigation System/DO-181 Air Traffic Control MODE S Transponder RADAR BEACON /DO-317B MOPS A/C Surveillance Systems ASA Utilized CADDS5, DOORS, VISIO, MS-Office, Team Center Systems Engineering TcSE, BORIS and SLATE as systems development and integration tools. Utilization of DOORS for requirements schema definition, creation of customized views, requirements derivation, requirements traceability, requirement subsystem decomposition, and quality test reporting/V&V.

Developed system evaluation of SDS interfaces including Primary Power Distribution System PPDS, 1553B Electronic Warfare Bus EW, SONET Fiber optic Network and High Speed Ethernet.

B-52H Bomber Network Centric Operations NCO sustainment engineering radio and communication systems development / upgrades / integration / analysis / evaluations. Developed trade study, technical evaluation, and R&D white papers for B-52H Aircraft Satcom including Mobile Users Objective System MUOS, Integrated Waveform IW, Commercial Satcom Alternatives (Iridium, WGS AEHF, ViaSat, and Intelsat) and radio transceiver terminal analysis.

Rockwell Collins - Systems Engineer 3/10 - 10/10

Melbourne, FL

Bombardier BA Global 5000 Aircraft project including SATCOM Systems Engineering work involving development, integration and test of RCI SAT-2200-2 Satellite SDU System for commercial aircraft utilizing ARINC 781/SwiftBroadband SBB specifications.

Develop systems functional design plan, SAT-2200 Interface Control Document ICD, SAT-2200 Systems Design Document SDD and Systems Requirement Evaluation Plan. Participate in Preliminary Design Review and Technical Interchange Meetings by developing Systems Design and Systems Test Strategies White Papers for the SAT-2200 System.

Analyze and trace System Requirements with DOORS utilizing ARINC 781/761/615A and EMS Equipment Development Specification EDS including L-band interface to Inmarsat Geostationary Satellite Constellation. Developed integration study for the SAT-2200–2 interfaces with RCI ProLine Fusion Avionic System and Cabin Electronics System CES.

SAIC EMA - Systems Engineer - 10/08-5/09

Lexington Park, MD

As System Engineer III on the ARC-210 Radio System NAVAIR Program served as technical engineering consultant to the Navy in its System Engineering process of the RT-1939A(C) GEN5 Radio and the deployment of the RT-1851A(C) and prior ARC-210 Radio Systems.

Participated, analyzed, evaluated and monitored the DoD Mobile User Objective System Program with particular attention to how the MUOS Key Performance Parameters KPPs (both Threshold and Objective), MUOS Waveform / IW/ WCDMA, UFO DASA / DAMA MIL-STD-188-183B SATCOM and MUOS CONOPS /ORD /Link Budget Analysis effects to the ARC-210 GEN5 Program with respect to LNA/T and HPA design, test and implementation.

Evaluate ARC-210 Interface Control Documents, ARC-210 Product Specs (System Segment Specifications) and perform associated Engineering Analysis / Trade Studies as required by the ARC-210 Radio System Engineering Team and RS Engineering Team Leadership. Reviewed, evaluated, modified and wrote ARC-210 and MUOS specifications and System Engineering Design Documents.

Also as an integral part of the Engineering Team Project Management Process participate in Engineering Team meetings and update / coordinate project task scheduling via the Engineering Tasking Project Scheduling Coordination EXCEL Spreadsheet.

Moreover participated in all key ARC-210 System Engineering / Program Management Meetings including System Design Reviews SDRs, Test Readiness Reviews TRRs, Program Management Reviews PMRs, Technical Interchange Meetings TIMs, Basic Ordering Agreements Program of Records BOAs PoRs, Black Side Design Consideration BSDC TIMs, MUOS IW TIMs and USER Interoperability COMM Working Groups ICWGs.

BAE Systems - Systems Engineer - 6/07-3/08

Johnson City, NY

Design and development of Future Combat Systems FCS FRMV/MULE Tracked Vehicles for US Army in 2011 time frame deployment involving all aspects of Systems Engineering / Mechanical Engineering / Electronic Engineering / Vetronic design, development, and planning methodology utilizing computerized techniques including RPE/ROSE, DOORS, UML/Use Case Methodology, pSOS/SPICE/VHDL.

Developed Interface Control Documents ICDs, Hardware Requirement Specifications HRSs and Subsystem Description Documents SSDs for FRMV Future Combat System Recovery and Maintenance Vehicles and Multifunction / Utility Logistics & Equipment Vehicle MULE. Conceived and established preliminary FCS MULE PPS & FRMV system designs and follow through from development to operational product.

Developed, validated and implemented FCS Test and Verification. Analysis of system effectiveness at all levels. Allocated & defined various specifications and interfaces for both the MULE and FRMV. Assessed the system interaction and improved the System Design and Development Interface Control Document.

Wrote Future Combat Systems system trade studies, developed system requirements for all aspects of electrical, DO-160E Environmental Testing, EMI/EMC Verification Plan/Matrix, mechanical and software engineering disciplines.

Allocated system requirements to subsystems, traced requirements to system baselined in DOORS. Applied knowledge of multidisciplinary processes and systems engineering methodology and techniques to develop, validate and manage product-level system/subsystem requirements and architectures and ensure system integration for the Multifunction Utility Logistics and Equipment Vehicle.

Allocated requirements and specified integrated functional specifications for FCS Recovery & Maintenance systems, subsystems, and components and to determine the functional, electromechanical, and procedural interfaces between subsystems.

Good working knowledge of DOORS, DO-178B, DO-254, CMMI, Microsoft Office.

Hamilton Sundstrand - Systems Engineer - 8/06-5/07

Rockford, IL

Aeronautical Communications Systems Engineering development, integration, verification and validation involving the Boeing 787 Electrical Power System EPS communication buses and networks including Time Triggered Protocol / SAE Class C TTP/C, CDN/AFDX/ARINC 664 deterministic fast Ethernet and Controller Area Network CAN ISO 11898.

Developed Design Specification DS 10386/127 TTP/C Development SIL Test Plan for the Hamilton Sundstrand 787 Electric Power System EPS and Design Specification DS10386/14 Communication Bus Verification Plan for the Hamilton Sundstrand 787 EPS/PPDS/SPDS including the communication bus requirements Verification Matrices RveM Matrices for the TTP/C bus and EMI/EMC Compatibility QTP/QTM, CDN/A664 bus and CAN bus.

Innovated test and verification methods for the Rockwell Collins Packet Engine ESASIC/Hamilton Sundstrand CDN ES/AFDX IEEE 802.3 and HS RDC Remote Data Concentrator CDN/ to CAN gateway.

Extensive utilization of DOORS for Requirements Verification Test Matrices, Subsystem SE decomposition and analysis. System-Subsystem requirement traceability, and Quality Test Procedure Report Generation. Interacted with various customers, government agencies and Hamilton Sundstrand/ Boeing Engineers in order to design test requirements for communication bus circuitry and develop reports for various tests.

Honeywell - Systems Engineer – 1/2006 - 6/2006

Tucson, AZ

Aerospace Engineering development, analysis, systems test procedure development, systems evaluation and technical report writing / white papers/Windows and UNIX Test Programs and Scripts utilizing ATE Atlas test C & C++ compiler generator and LEX test procedures involving Aircraft Cabin Pressure Control System CPCS for Dassault Falcon 7X commercial passenger carrier jet, ETRAS Electrical Thrust Reversal Aviation System with Trent/GE turbofan engines, deHavilland AC Generators with Oil-Spray Cooling System.

RTCA/DO-160E & EMI/EMC test development cases, analysis/simulation and QTR Quality Technical Reporting Systems. Development of QTR verification matrices and technical evaluation summaries.

Aeronautical Product Engineering and Management including PERT/GANT scheduling, system level evaluation and lead engineering development. Development, implementation and test with ARINC 429 databus specification and DO-160E/MIL-STD-202 involving testing electronics and electrical components including environmental testing utilizing test cases for humidity, flammability, vibration, dielectric, insulation resistance, salt spray, thermal strength and acceleration.

Utilization of automated computerized tools including DOORS, Rational Rose/RPE, Clear Case, Labview, and EXCEL.

ECSDT CSC/MILSATCOM - Systems Engineer - 1/2000-12/2005

Ft Monmouth, NJ

Supported UHF Standards Working Group and MUOS Working Group Vision 2010 tasking that included MUOS link budget analysis development, technical evaluation and feasibility.

Evaluated, analyzed and consulted MILSATCOM client with written comments/recommendations/technical engineering analysis & evaluation concerning MIL-STD-188-181B 5-kHz and 25-kHz TDMA/DAMA Waveform and MIL-STD-188-183B UHF SATCOM 5-kHz and 25-kHz Channels Multiple Access.

Developed technical studies involving HHT Safety Factors and the Effects of EMR under different MUOS Operating Conditions and Parameters and HHT Level 1 Analysis of MUOS Vendor Team Issues and Cost as an Independent Variable CAIV

Developed technical papers for customer briefings concerning Mobile User Objective System satellite constellation link budget analysis and Hand Held Terminal HHT Safety Factors & Tables including HHT narrowband performance (Terminal EIRP & G/T) and Safety Factors MUOS Team Comparison Table.

Ericsson - Systems Engineer - 1999-2000

Development of Cable Modem CM/CMTS/OSS/RF specifications, requirements, design evaluation/verification, test plans and procedures, test implementation for alpha and beta testing, several test strategies and extension of test strategies for conformance/performance/regression/stress testing utilizing SmartBits, CATV Analyzer, LAN Protocol Analyzer and Spectrum Analyzer.

Testing and verification of CM/CMTS cable modem hardware and related interfaces to the OSS network and telecommunications switching network utilizing requirements traceability routines/matrix/database.

Telecom Technologies Inc. - Systems Engineer - 1998-1999

Design and implementation of signaling specifications, test plans and procedures utilizing Fastest for telecommunications signaling systems testing including SS7, ISUP, MTP, SCCP, TCAP, ISDN, PTS, MF, DTMF, DAL, FGD, with NT DMS-250 and Lucent 5ESS switch technology.

Specification and test plan development, communications signal/call processing analysis and troubleshooting via FASTest platforms, protocol analyzers/sniffers and Sage audio communications analyzer for customized telecommunications networks including T1, E1, ISDN, SS7 and H.323 VOIP with Operational Measurements OM/Capacity Planning CP/Device Independent Recording Procedures DIRP /Advanced Intelligent Network AIN capabilities including Call Processing Supervision/Signaling/Routing/Alerting basic function testing.

Development of new feature test plans/procedures/specifications/standards for Signaling System Number 7, Dual Tone Multifrequency DTMF, Feature Group A/B/C/D, Direct Dial Access DAL and Per Trunk Signaling PTS utilizing UCS DMS-250 Switch/DMS-250 domestic trunk groups/ISUP 92 Gateway Q.767

Motorola Satellite Systems – Sr. Satellite Systems Engineer - 1997-1998

Accomplished various Systems Level Test Engineering activities for Motorola's Low Earth Orbital Satellite Communications project IRIDIUM including Gateway Initialization and Testing, Telephony/Telemetry Test Case Execution utilizing protocol analyzers for signal analysis and protocol handshake verification,

Configuration and Testing of ITO interface to LEM/SV,

Acquisition and reporting based on ITO Logs, IPA/VPI, Tekelec and K1103 instrumentation logs for OT evaluation.

Created and validated SV Acquisition tables Staging Area with associated test procedures based on the TDD test plan.

Utilization of Gateway and WAN Time Synchronization with SV for conversion of L-Band Frame Count to Date-Time Format. Test, verify and validate IRIDIUM call processing and call connection procedures.

Troubleshoot, debug and modify TDD Telephony Test Cases including Autoregistration, ISU-PSTN, PSTN-ISU, ISU-ISU and Telephony SV-SV Handoff with successful test cases verifying IRIDIUM messaging, protocol and handshake utilizing test instruments.

Configuration and Testing ITO and interface to LEM with SV and TTAC Systems RF Engineering evaluation/analysis.

Test reporting for interface to telephony Siemen's D900 switch with K1103 CCS#7/ISUP/IRIDIUM/GSM Protocol Analyzer, Tekelec PA and ITO loggers.

Utilization of LabView ITO GUI for configuration control, test case execution and log analysis.

Successful Telephony test cases were executed in various configurations, both on-ground and in-orbit utilizing IRIDIUM test instruments and logging procedures.

Completed Celestri Broadband LEO/GEO Ka SV Constellation Systems Engineering Evaluation and Simulator concept study utilizing Windows NT and SUN Solaris workstations.

Racal Datacom Communication - Systems Engineer – 1996

Development, implementation and test of Frame Relay Fast Frame FF600 FRAN access board utilizing M68000 microprocessor, C, pSOS, TCP/IP, Windows 95 and UNIX.

Development of Megamux routing protocols interfacing Proteon transport and network layers, ISDN, X.25, SNA, ALC, T1, and OSI.

FF600 board level testing and C/ assembler firmware testing including test cases for every protocol/subprotocol on the Megamux including IP, TCP, OSPF, BGP, EGP, ISO OSI/GOSIP, ISDN, FDDI, X.25, TP4, TP2, SNA and SNMP/CMIP network management systems with LME/IOCTL interfaces to Frame Relay Protocol Handlers/Streams Drivers/Socket Drivers.

AT&T Bell Laboratories - Systems Engineer - 1995-1996

Development of test plans and execution of test cases involving AT&T Release 2.0/3.0/4.0 Cellular Digital Packet Data with RF interfaces to Series II/Series II m/mm base stations. Evaluation of test results including development of technical papers, test reports and analysis, completion reports and modification reports.

Laboratory testing and field testing with wireless customer interface. Served as project team lead test engineer for SIIm/mm small cell and simulcast CDPD testing as well as an FOA engineering team member .

Interfaced with both base station manufacturer and MD-IS Network Operating System designers.

The equipment tested included the MD-IS, MDBS, Administration Server, NMS, and High Availability Complex. The test equipment utilized was HP 4959 Protocol Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Airlink Analyzer, M-ES and IFR.

Developed numerous cellular test plans including AT&T Bell Labs April 1995 Test Plan for Simulcasting Cellular Digital Packet Data interfacing AMPS Series II Base Stations and AT&T Bell Labs Nov 1995 Test Plan for the Cellular Digital Packet Data MDBS interfacing the SIIm/mm Minicell and Microcell

Hughes Network Systems Communication - Systems Engineer - 1994

Cellular Digital Packet Data Project Engineer for Hughes CDPD network involving systems requirements and task scheduling to accommodate customer (i.e., Cellular Carrier Proponent) specifications. Conducted both Phase I and Phase II testing/troubleshooting with M-ES Netprobe and BCP/ BCC OMC (microVAX/VAXstation) DECNET including CSMA/CD, TCP/IP IS timing test procedures.

Performed trouble- shooting on Mobile Data Base Station (MDBS) involving Channel Unit (CU) configuration for MDM, MDM/S, SPM, RSM and CFM (DS0) with T1 interface for digitizing IF in the MD-IS (i.e., Mobile Data Intermediate System) customer CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data Processor.

Developed CDPD Field Configuration and Architecture for RF and System Testing at cellular carrier sites.

Systems Engineers and Management Associates (SEMA) - Systems Engineer - 1994

Performed Systems Engineering Structured Software Design and Test techniques as applicable to the Image Processing System utilizing IBM OS/2 MCA Token Ring LAN, Novell Netware, AS/400 OS and laser disk technology.

Development of communications protocol and optical disk retrieval software and test plans as required by client tasking.

Test procedures and network integration including SNA architecture, IEEE 802.X protocol suite, OSI gateway technology and IBM EFC/DDM/APPC/APPN communication subprotocols.

GTE - Communications Systems Engineer - 1992-1993

Telecommunication wideband/narrowband network testing and telephony test procedures development of Northern Telecom DMS-250 MSL-100 and Olektron PABX switches.

Design of network with interfaces for Test Instruments including Telecom Technique Corporation FIREBERD 6000 communications analyzer, TC-2000 and HP Dual Channel Oscilloscope for wideband and 4-wire A/D testing.

Test script development and testing utilizing SR Software Research Xsmarts/Xcapbak with X-window interfaces to TCP/IP, CCITT ISO X.25 and CCITT Rec G.705 ISDN/SS7/ CCS.

Boeing Aerospace/Kennedy Space Center - Communication Systems Engineer - 1992

Design of GOSIP Open System Architecture Protocol Test System including concept and scope study with implementation test procedures. Interconnection and conversion of diverse LAN/WAN protocols such as SNA, DNA, DCA, Banyan Vines, Novell, 3Com, Appletalk, Starlan, Proteon, TCP/IP, to ISO OSI 7 layer protocol stack architecture.

Development of LAN/WAN trade-off and competitive analysis tools. Research and development involving OSI, ISDN, FDDI and SONET

Telecommunications Architecture. Developed test procedure for X.400, X.500, ROSE, ACSE and Application Layer Testing in a segmented IEEE 802.3 FastNet test prototype lab.

IBM Consultant - Systems Engineer - 1989-1991

Design, development, systems integration and test of Local Area Network Communications Protocols/Interfaces and Image Processing software, LAN, APIs and Network Drivers, utilizing PS/2 workstations, OS/2 multitasking operating systems, IBM Token Ring LAN, 3Com LANs, Western Digital Ethernet, Unger Mann-Bass Ethernet, File Servers, Requester-Server Protocols and C/2 .

Developed test plan and conducted matrix configuration test strategies under OS/2 and AIX operating systems

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