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Virtual Customer Data Entry

Westminster, CO
April 30, 2023

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Jack L. Foster Aleman

**** * **** ***.,

Apt. D-*02 Westminster, CO 80030

787-***-****, 202-***-****


Department of Homeland Security Region II, Puerto Rico Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 11/2017 – 09/2021 Public Assistance: Emergency Management Specialist Guaynabo, Puerto Rico Program Delivery Manager – PR Covid-19 Vaccination Task Force Team, Training Specialist 05/2021 – 09/2021 Branch: Joint Regional Office, FEMA-DR-4493-PR Grade: IM 12, Salary: $34.28hr., Hours per Week: 40 Supervisor: Charlene Portell 202-***-**** Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

• Special Mission Assignment: Puerto Rico Covid-19 Vaccination Task Force Team

• Covid-19 Vaccination Task Force Team, repositioned Puerto Rico from the 25th position in May 2021 to the 9th position nationwide in September 2021, on vaccinations per 100,000 population.

• Assist in the closure of reporting gaps between the Tiberius program and the locally managed Puerto Rico Electronic Immunization System (PREIS) reducing backlog of administration data.

• Mentor, coach, and build teams; providing programmatic resources and support in the implementation of VAMS system in over 400 Covid-19 declared vaccination sites throughout 78 municipalities island wide.

• Program implementation and record management in collaboration with Puerto Rico Department of Health (PRDOH), Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Cardinal Health Federal Pharmacy Retail Program.

• Provide detailed VAMS PowerPoint Training to health providers at Covid-19 vaccination health centers, PRDOH and CDC.

• Ensure adequate reporting mechanisms are established to provide real time demographic data.

• Schedule meetings, workshops, trainings, and conferences with health providers.

• Develop and maintain an accurate organized record of communication with health providers.

• Support public outreach and relation initiative with Covid-19 vaccine health providers and personnel.

• Provide technical assistance for the improvement of capacity to access, navigate and operate VAMS program.

• Complete Courier Mission by contacting the PRDOH and Cardinal Health Federal Pharmacy Retail Program providers to assist in the transportation of 243,264 vaccine administration to the Data Entry Center at the Puerto Rico Convention Center and back.

• Coordinate route logistics and schedule appointments with providers.

• Provide Virtual customer service assistance for Covid-19 VAMS system users.

• Conduct on-call interviews to health providers.

• Complete daily check in, logs and reports to Team Supervisor.

• Load, unload, prepare, inspect, and operate a federal fleet vehicle on daily delivery and pick up routes.

• DOT regulations and safety standards implementation for the use of FEMA Federal fleet vehicle.

• Compliance with FEMA, PRDOH and CDC regulations and safety standards.

• Complete 40-60 calls a day, communicating with English and Spanish speaking vaccine health providers via phone or email.

Public Assistance: Emergency Management Specialist Ponce, Puerto Rico Program Delivery Manager – Site Inspector Specialist Earthquake Disaster Recovery 01/2021 – 05/2021 Branch: IV FEMA-DR-4473-PR Grade: IM 12, Salary: $34.28hr., Hours per Week: 50 Supervisor: Ramon Tiru Ruiz 202-***-**** Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

• Performed over 200 Specialized Earthquake Damage Site Inspections of Categories C-G: Roads, Bridges, Recreational Facilities, Government Buildings, Schools, Hospitals, Universities, Churches, in collaboration with Puerto Rico Department of Education and Department of Puerto Rico Housing Administration.

• Maintain consistent Program Delivery Plan, providing accurate eligibility recommendations and document validation.

• Manage and provide daily reports, effectively communicating workload progress to leadership.

• Coordinate logistics for Site Inspections with EHP, Mitigation and other Government counterparts.

• Ensure that engagements are organized, the information is delivered consistently, and the Applicant understands the Site Inspection process.

• Provide client centered technical services to support program delivery to innovate, learn and address emerging issues.

• Technical leadership within the agency and externally to enhance program outreach.

• Identify potential Hazardous Earthquake Structure Damage.

• Capture quality data to develop the Damage Description and Dimensions (DDD) and Scope of Work, through data entry in the Grants Manager Program (photographs, site sketches, drawings, measurements, technical and detail information, Maps, GPS Logistics, FIRMette maps, etc.).

Public Assistance: Emergency Management Specialist Caguas, Puerto Rico Site Inspector Specialist Hurricane Maria and Irma Disaster Recovery 04/2019 – 01/2021 Branch: III, FEMA-DR-4339-PR, DR-4336-PR Grade: IM 12 Salary: $28.49hr., Hours per Week: 60 Supervisor: Victor Sierra 202-***-**** Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

• Conduct Site Inspection for over 800 public owned damaged facilities of All Categories A-G, Z: Debris Removal, Emergency Protective Measures, Schools, Roads, Bridges, Parks, Recreational Facilities, Buildings, Vehicles, Equipment, and Direct Administrative Costs for 78 municipalities island wide.

• Coordinate logistics for Site Inspections with EHP, Mitigation staff, and other Government Counterparts.

• Instruct Applicant of roles and process during site inspection and project development for start to fund disbursement.

• Capture quality data to develop the Damage Description and Dimensions (DDD) and Scope of Work (SOW) through data entry in the Grants Manager Program.

• Create site sketches, drawings, measurements, technical and detail information, FIRMette maps, Flood Elevation maps, and location maps that support projects.

• Provide detailed description of the facility, exact dimensions of the damage, specific materials, size, and capacity.

• Coordinate Meetings with EHP and Mitigation staff on Site Inspections.

• Developing damage estimates, scopes of work, and cost estimates for FEMA PWs.

• Provide required forms and reports with up-to-date information and dates. Emergency Management Specialist Caguas, Puerto Rico Public Assistance: Project Specialist Hurricane Maria and Irma Disaster Recovery 11/2017 – 04/2019 Branch III, FEMA-DR-4339-PR, DR-4336-PR Grade: IM 12 Salary: $28.49hr., Hours per Week: 60 Supervisor: Manuel R Sosa 202-***-**** Okay to contact this Supervisor: Deceased

• Completed Over 120 Project Works formulations and collaborations, that led to the Obligation of Cat A-B Projects for a

$244M disbursement, Cat C-G Projects with over $201M disbursement, and Cat Z Projects for $13.3M disbursement of Federal Emergency Funds.

• Lead Project Specialist and Site Inspector for the Municipality of Ceiba (1.4 years), providing superb customer service satisfaction and programmatic assistance throughout the Grant process, to ensure consistent grant development.

• Provide supplemental Federal Disaster Grant Disbursement assistance for Debris Removal, Emergency Protective Measures, and the Repair, Replacement, or Restoration of disaster-damaged Public owned facilities.

• Document compilation, basic eligibility determinations, data validation, funding obligation, and site inspections under the 406 and 428 Pilot Program for permanent work and project formulation.

• Experience with FEMA Public Assistance (PA) Delivery Model, Grants Manager, and Grants Portal.

• Facilitate and coordinate the accurate delivery of grant funding while coordinating the Applicant’s recovery priorities.

• Provide technical and administrative supervision for staff while conducting quality assurance for the Public Assistance grant program.

• Conduct quality reviews of grants to ensure accuracy, compliance, and proper supporting documentation.

• Explain Public Assistance guidance, policy, and regulations to stakeholders.

• Determine Applicant capabilities and capacity to develop projects and participate in site inspections.

• Support the Applicant with the development of the Damage Inventory list.

• Provide requested information from Consolidated Resource Center (CRC) through Request for Information (RFI) accordingly.

• Logically group line items from the Damage Inventory into Project categories.

• Conduct successful Exploratory Calls, Recovery Scope and Collaboration Meetings with the Municipality.

• Plan and develop completion of projects in accordance with established priorities.

• Create, execute, and manage complex interrelated project work plans and revise as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.

• Coordinate with the applicant’s technical staff, consultants, Core3 (Government counterpart), and others as required by the applicant and project development guidance and policies.

• Productive communication with Task Force Lead (TFL) and participate in daily huddle boards.

• Plan, discuss and procure all necessary documentation for each Project Work with the applicant.

• Write Determination Memos / Letters, required forms and reports with up-to-date information.

• 406 Hazard Mitigation Proposal Development in collaboration with Applicant. Faccio Pizza Inc. Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

General Manager / Head Chef 06/2003-11/2017

Branch: Esmeralda Ave. Salary: $12.00hr., Hours per Week: 40 Supervisor: Ángel Faccio 787-***-****) Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

• Manage Restaurant’s daily operation, including the selection, development, and performance of employees (40+).

• Prepare and implement standard operation procedures, policies, production, productivity, and quality.

• Support human factor by devising strategies for recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, coaching, counseling, mentoring and disciplining staff.

• Maintain professional and technical knowledge by tracking emerging trends in the Gastronomy Industry and attending educational workshops.

• Create a comprehensive Business Plan for the Restaurant that considers the market, local competitors, sales revenue, and expenses.

• Oversee Restaurant’s finances, including bank accounts, spending, pricing, and food costs.

• Develop strategies to entice customers, including marketing plans, advertising campaigns, community outreach programs and research.

• Analyze Restaurant’s Budget to price inventory, reduce expenses, and adjust purchasing strategies if needed.

• Ensure an outstanding dining experience by regulating presentation, taste, service, and atmosphere for all guests; develop ways to cultivate a regular customer pool.

• Create a cohesive unit of people who effectively communicate and work as a team to ensure the quality of service.

• Follow all appropriate health code and local jurisdiction, food handling requirements, maintain food safety certifications, and model exemplary food health safety practices to employees.

• Create a professional atmosphere that sustains top employee safety standards and provides guidelines to eliminate hazards and dangers in the workplace.

• Implement new and innovative solutions to problems in the Gastronomy Industry.

• Develop new ways to engage customers through technology and social media.

• Plan and develop the overall Logistics, Supply Chain Coordination, Production Deadlines, Scheduling, Budget, Quality, Inventory Control, Customer Loyalty Programs and Restaurant’s Marketing Strategies. Pizza and Beer Inc. Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

General Manager, Head Chef 03/2006 – 11/2006

Branch: Roosevelt Ave. Salary: $15.00hr., Hours per Week: 40 Supervisor: Alberto Faccio Okay to contact this Supervisor: Deceased

• Manage daily operations of Restaurant, including the selection, development, and performance of employees (20+).

• Decision making, scheduling, planning while upholding standards, product quality and cleanliness.

• Oversee and manage all areas of the restaurant and make final decisions on matters of importance.

• Responsible for ensuring that all financial related administrative duties (invoices, reporting, and payroll) are completed accurate, on time and in accordance with company policies and procedures.

• Enforce sanitary practices, food handling, general cleanliness, and maintenance in kitchen and dining areas.

• Ensure compliance with operational standards, company policies, federal, state, local laws, and ordinances.

• Responsible for ensuring consistent high quality of food preparation and service.

• Promote and maintain Restaurant’s image, including cleanliness, proper uniforms, and appearance standards.

• Estimate food and beverage costs. Work with Corporate Office staff for efficient provision and purchase of supplies.

• Supervise portion control and quantities of preparation to minimize waste.

• Maintain optimal stock and inventory levels, place orders with distributors, and schedule the delivery of fresh food and supplies, in order to ensure Restaurant always have sufficient produce available.

• Ensure that proper security procedures are in place to protect employees, guests, and company assets.

• Guarantee a safe working space and guest environment to reduce the risk of injury and accidents.

• Generate promptly accident reports in the event that a guest or employee is injured.

• Supervise all kitchen procedures to ensure employees maintain a safe and hygienic cooking environment as per legal and Health Department requirements.

Jomana Maintenance & Construction Contractors Inc. Guaynabo, Puerto Rico Project Manager 09/2006- 04/2007

Branch: Guaynabo Salary: $12.00hr., Hours per Week: 40 Supervisor: Jorge Machicotte 939-***-**** Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes

• Draft and submit Budget based on Scope of Work and material requirements.

• Collaborate with engineers, architects, etc. to determine the specifications of the Project.

• Negotiate contracts with external vendors to reach profitable agreements.

• Obtain permits and licenses from designated authorities.

• Determine needed resources from start to finish with attention to budgetary limitations.

• Plan all construction operations and schedule intermediate phases to ensure deadlines will be met.

• Acquire equipment, materials and monitor stocks to timely handle inadequacies.

• Hire contractors and other staff and allocate responsibilities.

• Supervise the work of laborers and give them guidance when needed.

• Evaluate progress and prepare detailed reports.

• Ensure adherence to all health and safety standards.

• Determine schedule of the different phases of Projects based on established deadlines.

• Conduct site inspections to monitor progress and quality standards.

• Solve all problems that arise due to inclement weather, emergencies, or other issues that may cause delays.

• Administration of personnel, construction materials, supplies, tools, and equipment.

• Remodeling Projects: La Concha Hotel, Robinson School, and San Pablo Medical Center. EDUCATION

University of Phoenix Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Master’s degree: Business Administration-Global Management 08/2012 Relevant Courses: GPA:3.50 Organizational Leadership, Quantitative Reasoning for Business, International Economics, Business Research and Statistics, International Operation Management, International Corporate Finance, International Marketing, International Strategic Planning, and Implementation. Universidad de Puerto Rico Carolina, Puerto Rico

Bachelor’s degree: Business Administration Management 12/2009 Relevant Courses: GPA:3.22 Production Management, Strategic Management, Statistics 1, Statistics 2, Macro Economics, Microeconomics, Basic Accounting, Intermediate, Managerial Accounting and Business Law. Universidad de Puerto Rico Carolina, Puerto Rico

Minor Degree: Hotel & Restaurant Management and International Cuisine Chef 08/2007 Relevant Courses: GPA: 3.16 International Cuisine Chef, Hotel &Restaurant Management, Food & Beverage. Traveled and performed Business studies on 20+ International countries abroad. Small Business & Technology Development Center Hato Rey, Puerto Rico S.B.A. Certified

Relevant Courses: New Entrepreneur, Business Plan Development, Business Strategies TRAININGS

• Emergency Management Institute (EMI) (2017-2021) (75 Certifications on Relevant Courses: 0381: Project Specialist 0865: Public Assistance Site Inspection, 0201: Debris Technical Specialist, 0603: Elements of Supervision, IS 0019.17: FEMA EEO Supervisor Course, 0869: Public Assistance Program Delivery Management, L-276: Basic Cost Analysis Grants Manager Basics, FOD00004: Grants Manager for Project Specialist

• Virtual Telework Federal Certification

• HIPPA Certification

• Managed to complete all B.A., M.B.A., and Certifications courses as of first-time enrollment.

• Excelled in Human Capital, Budget Management, Marketing, Organizational Leadership and Operational Management.

• SERV SAFE 2022 Certified.


• Extensive experience in Program and Project Management including the use and implementation of computerized techniques for Programs, Projects, and Information Management with the ability to produce reports. Including financial, program and projects status reports.

• Broad knowledge of technical aspects of Road Construction, with the capacity to identify and evaluate options for Development of Road Safety and Traffic Efficiency Infrastructure Projects.

• Strong, tested experience working with global organization with a track record of being able to set priorities and respond to the changes rapidly.

• Effectively able to manage changes in a fast-paced environment.

• Foster and maintain positive rapport and good relationship with customers to ensure quality customer service.

• Review and analyze all processes and procedures to identify improvements and increase overall level of performance.

• Proven ability as effective Leader and Manager with administration of Multi-Disciplinary Teams, Leadership, and Team Building.

• Superior Communication skills, including the ability to influence people at all levels. Advance Verbal and Written skills both English and Spanish.

• High analytical level, conceptual and problem-solving skills with demonstrated initiative and flexibility.

• Proficient in Microsoft Office, FEMA Grants Manager, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Google Earth Pro, FIRMette GPS, VAMS, POS Aldelo, PR Flood Advisory Elevation Maps.

• Global WEB Research and Analyst.

• Perform Business studies and traveled to 20+ International Countries abroad.

• Extensive Gastronomy knowledge and Event Planning Experience.

• Vast knowledge on International Tourism, travel planning, scheduling, logistics and foreign currency. LANGUAGE SKILLS


• Spoken: Advanced

• Written: Advanced

• Read: Advanced


• Spoken: Advanced

• Written: Advanced

• Read: Advanced

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