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Lic. Computer Science / Java Developer

Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
April 20, 2023

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about me

I got a degree in Computer Science at the FCEIA (National University of Rosario) in 2015. I currently work as a Software Developer (Java mainly). I am interested in Programming, Communications Systems, Artificial Intelligence (thesis in the area of Multi-agent Systems) and Software Enginee- ring. I seek to be able to direct my professional career towards my areas of interest; to work, learn, provide efficiency and integrate knowledge with experience. +info profile

• Proven experience in the design and implementation of solutions to specific problems rela- ted to software systems, as well as general questions of engineering and architecture. Good management within Linux development environments.

• Capacity for abstraction to conceive and face a software project considering both the phases of the development cycle, as well as the complete stack of technologies involved in it.

• Proactivity and permanent motivation to acquire new knowledge: languages, technologies, development discipline and theoretical aspects.

• Solid training in Computer Sciences with a considerable logical, mathematical and field theory background.


Technologies/Frameworks: Java EE, JSF, JPA (EclipseLink, Hibernate), Primefaces, Java SE, Ionic, An- gular, Jax-WS, MySQL, C, C++.

Generics: Experience with general programming aspects in C++: thread management, file systems, multi-programming, virtualmemory, concurrency, synchronization, scheduling. Functional Program- ming. Type Theories.

OperatingSystems(Linux -Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS-,Windows): server startup, LAMP, virtualization(KVM,Xen), Glassfish, Tomcat, etc.

Networks: TCP/IP stack, PPPoE, DHCP, Radius, DNS, Routing, physical and logical planning (wired and wireless), VPN, Mail servers (Sendmail, Postfix). professional experience

2016–Today Vodemia SRL Rosario, Santa Fe

Java Developer

Full-Stack development in Java EE. Web and Management systems for corporate clients: design of advanced functionalities and business-logic developing. Implemen- tation of communications protocols for electronic devices in Java SE. Webservices platforms. Design and implementation of SPA systems with Ionic (Angular, Javas- cript).


• Improvements in the functionality of the main company products.

• Research and contribution with new technologies to preexisting projects.

• Effective resolution of errors and problems in the face of strict temporal requi- rements.

• Acquisition of experience and deepening of knowledge in Java environment.

• Design, full-stack development and deployment of web applications for corporate clients.

Last update on 27 de junio de 2022


Salta 2008 8B

Rosario(2000), Sta Fé




English (advanced)

Polish (basic)

Spanish (native)


• languages • • BASH HTML/Javascript •Haskell • • • C/• script • .Java NET CSS SQL C+Perl + 2016 SCH Ingenierıa Villa Constitución, Santa Fe

C++ Freelance Programmer

Freelance programming for an ”Analysis and Processing of Real-Time Video System”, using libav, GTK + and openCV libraries.


• Redesign and integration of project modules.

2013–2016 Aptix SRL Rosario, Santa Fé

IT Assistant

Technical support for ISP’s. Design and implementation of network solutions. Imple- mentation and maintenance of services over the Internet and intranets: mail, web, etc. Scripting (bash, perl, php). Monitoring and management of networks. Bandwidth regulation.

Achievements and learning:

• Satisfactory communication and effective interpretation of customer require- ments.

• Contribution with durable solutions to network problems (routing, link pro- blems, defective firmware) under high temporal demand.

• Development of backup and high availability solutions.

• Implementation of virtualized solutions with successful results in terms of sta- bility and performance.

• E-mail services supervision and successful recovery of critical failures.

• Wide practical and theoretical understanding of the TCP/IP stack, network topologies and devices. Wide learning and considerable experience in Linux environment.


2002–2015 Licentiateship in Computer Sciences +info (FCEIA. University of Rosario.) scholarships

2011 TIC’s 2011 Scholarship National Agency of Scientific and Technological Promotion courses/meetings

2016 .NET Lab Neoris

2015 Jornadas Argentinas de Informática (JAIIO 44) University of Rosario and CIFASIS-CONICET. 2013 Cisco CCNA Discovery (Networking Academy). National University of Rosario . “Control+F” Scholarship. Funded by the Ministry of Employment of Argentina and Cessi Argentina. 2011 Security programming course through libraries. Computer Science School (ECI). University of Buenos Aires.

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