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Aircraft Fueler Construction Helper

El Barro, Jinotega, Nicaragua
April 15, 2023

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Dear Mr./Ms. To whom it may concern.

I have found out about your company and I like what they do, what they do, I like the treatment of the workers. I am in awe of the benefits and justice they exercise. I feel and identify with your Company since I have done what you do, I have experience in that, I feel that I have the capacity to perform in that position, I am excited to know that I can do it again, to have the opportunity that you gave me again. can provide by being part of a team of collaborators. I have no one to refer me nor do I have acquaintances in your Company. I have experience in customer service. At work in this supermarket I acquired that experience. Experience making deliveries or working as a driver for 5 years. I have university studies, I have my professional career in Business Administration and Management, I have held managerial positions at different levels, working with population segments also in different social environments. As Experience I have management of Companies, people, teamwork, warehouse domain, leadership, work in rural areas, domain of computer packages, word, excel. I have served as a construction helper, as a HandyMan helper, power hand tool proficiency. I worked as a security guard for 4 years. Among my achievements in the Water Company that I worked for, I managed to lower the delinquency rate, which was 29.5%, down to 3.3%. I managed to finish the water and sanitation projects that I worked on, I finished the housing project. I finished a Cobblestone project in the rural areas of Jinotega. I am very Honorable, Honest, Employee, Punctual, Fair, Courteous, Chivalrous, Gentle, Empathy towards others. I would like to see your Company grow so that it is competitive at a National and International level, that is always occupying the first places in quality, attention and best performance rewards for its collaborators. I am very interested in moving to live and work permanently in United States, to be part of that wonderful, hospitable and warm american people. To enjoy the programs that Good Government of United States has implemented and to change and improve my way of life. My level of English is almost basic. I do not have a visa or work permit. I am not looking for a management position, what I want is to work. My level of English is almost basic. From what I can analyze, I can perform in that position, since my cleaning skills, order, caution, secrecy, teamwork, helping others, not compartmentalizing the activities carried out within the place where one works. And all those skills have been put into practice in the companies I have worked for. So I am very understanding of your vision and mission. I have many strengths to work in that position. Summarize your profile in a single sentence by connecting your qualities, experience, and skills to the company's goals and mission. I am very grateful for your consideration to read this letter and I am available for the next stage of the recruitment process. I do not have a visa or work permit. I have added my CV/RESUME to the email.


Your full name and signature

Normand José Bustillo Herrera.

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