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Project Coordinator Clinic Manager

April 07, 2023

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NAME Sharifov Ardamehr

DATE OF BIRTH April 08th 1993



PERSONAL ADDRESS Sangiston village, Ayni district. Tajikistan NUMBER OF CHILD Two

TELEPHONE NO. +992-***-**-**-**, +992-**-***-**-** E-MAIL ADDRESS

2000-2011 Secondary School 46, Sangiston Village, Ayni District Tajikistan – Attested

2007-2010 Musician school. Attested and obtained diploma EDUCATION

211-2016 Tajik Agrarian University named after Shirinshoh Shohtemur faculty of Economic in Agrarian Sector/ Obtained diploma

Finished Military Chair as a Tank Driver

2014-2016 Slovak Agrarian University (Polnohospodar Univerzita) Slovakia Nitra. Continuation of study Graduated with honors, upon graduation got a certificate as a good specialist in chosen career (Agriculture)

Right Way, Human Right-Tajikistan

Young economist training- Berlin Germany

TRAINNGS Black Market in Slovakia

PARTICIPATED: Achieving Nutrition Outcomes- Udaipur India

Community Development Activities in Environment Concervation (Training, Workshop)- Tajikistan

Improvement Agricultural Services for Rural Communities-Tajikistan

Institute for Forest and Pasture Conservation in Central Asia Proff-Yoshitaka VOLUNTEER

Kakubary. Email:, Since study in Slovakia

Product Factory – assistant Slovakia

EMPLOYER Member of GYM Training Club in Bratislava-Slovakia

Guide and advisor of Erasmus student- Slovakia

March 2017-2018 (Welthungerhilfe) Public Organization Innovation and Participation for Development (IPD) projects, TJK-1092-14 - Sustainable Food Security through the introduction of locally adapted resource- EMPLOYER

conserving agriculture in arid zones of Northern Tajikistan Position held: Agronomist and Facilitator

Duties and responsibilities

Translation of reports and documents from Tajik into English and conversely.

Monitoring of fields, seeds and grain crops

To define crop yield of seeds and grain crops

Conducting trainings for target dehkan farm’s members on various subjects’ Sustainable food and Nutrition, Small size family farming, wise use of natural resources, biophysical event using of geotextile, zero tillage.

Conduction of training on protection of soil from erosion, Monitoring of established garden and providing of advises Monitoring of pastures in Ayni district Monitoring of tree nurseries

Building of terraces on bent of mountains.

Developing approaches for planting trees in marginal lands.

Exchange communities’ knowledge on development of nurseries.

Monthly reporting of field activities to head office

Closely Work with communities.

Development of training modules.

Provide consultations on Agro technical on growing of vegetable seeds. 2018 (Welthungerhilfe), Public Organization IPD (Innovation and Participation for Development: Project -TJK 1105 Biodiversity in Agricultural landscapes

Position held: Agronomist and Trainer Facilitator

Duties and responsibilities:

Markets Analyzing (Dushanbe, Khujand. Istaravshan and Panjikent)

Establishing of Farmer Field School

EMPLOYER Conducting FFS to target groups and target Village

Protecting of local variety

Establishing of Green Houses in target villages and monitoring of it weekly

Establishing of Seed Bank in Target Village

Delivering of drought resistant Seedlings and seeds

Installation of Drip Irrigation system

Establishing of Demo Plots and regularly monitoring it

To define crop yield of grain, fodder and oil-yielding crops.

Giving a recommendation on crop rotation, to struggle against undesirable plant, planting in terraces.

Approbation of potatoes, wheat and horse been

Introducing of rainwater harvesting system from houses roofs for drip irrigation

Organizing of Cross visits(Exchange visits) to another Region of Tajikistan and between target areas of watersheds

Conducting of Field Visits often.

Project reports and presentation documents;

Representing of disadvantage and advantage of Zero Tillage (no tillage) to target groups of target areas

Representing of green manure benefits and adopting it

Practical works on composting and presenting advantages of it for increasing soil structure and fertility instead of chemicals

Biodiversity in Agricultural landscapes – Tajikistan

Pasture reseeding-Tajikistan

Strengthening of staff capacity-Tajikistan

Training for Adults- Tajikistan

TRAINNGS Growing technology intensive apple orchard-Tajikistan PARTICIPATED:

Enhanced Competitiveness of Tajik Agribusiness ECTAP- Project-Tajikistan

Integration of ecosystem services in planning the development of an agrarian economy- Tajikistan

Agricultural, Economical and Didactical Training organized under the World Bank Project for Commercialization of Agriculture in Tajikistan- In Ghent University, Ghent City, Belgium-Europe. Invited as an Interpreter by Ghent University 2019

Reducing risk of mad flood and disaster risk


Interpreter for representatives of World Bank Project for Commercialization of Agriculture in Tajikistan-2019 Service contract

Tajik –native

LANGUAGE AND Russian - fluent

DEGREE OF English - fluent


Slovak and Spanish - Simple discussion

Work with PC and other office machinery (scan, copy, fax)

Research works on “Community needs’ assessment”.

Internet: and others related software.

Close cooperation with local communities, rising awareness of teenagers’/youth environmental conservation

SKILLS Good knowledge of Tajikistan locality.

Ability to work effectively with government agencies and community organizations in the field, ability to work with different cultures and nationalities;

Driving experience since 2010.

2020-2021 Public Organization IPD (Innovation and Participation for EMPLOYER Development: Project -126-2020-RFP-UNDP-BCRAW Project: Rehabilitation of Watershed for reduce flash flood/debris flow risk and increase sustainable livelihood CC resilience Position held: Agronomist and Forestry specialist

Duties and responsibilities:

Conducting training based on Protecting the forest and Pasture

Regular meeting with community in order to making Gabions for reducing Debris flow risk.

Monitoring and evaluation of forest and Pasture conditions in Zerafshan Valley.

Protecting of Natural Resources and the roles of it in future life

Press Release about all activities of Project step by step to Social Media and local Newspaper. By Meaningful picture and Informations

Construction of Demonstration Plots by using of dry tolerant trees and sowing of dry resistant seeds for pasture and making of terraces on bent of mountains, and others.

Using of Old used tires,plastic bags and wire netting in disaster areas.


December 2021, University of Central Asia (UCA) Service Contract Responsibility:

Conducting household level field survey in collecting data on Socio- Ecological aspects of juniper use, energy consumptions and availability of alternative resources in villages

Project Coordinator - Muslim Bandishoev

Contuct- +992-***-**-**-**


March 2022 -Normeca International Mobile Clinic


Translating of Medicine Instructions and The law of workplace rules and staff meetings.

Internet connections device and Installation of Printer, Scans. Coppy and all other Computer programs

Completion of duties of the Clinic Manager since absence.

Daily reporting of Clinic directly to the Donor

Clarifying of patients turns and other relevant dutues

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