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Civil Engineer/ Site Supervisor

Thimphu, Bhutan
As per company norms.
March 05, 2023

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Employment Records:-


Duration of Employment:-



AutoCAD, MS Office, Sketchup.

Dzongkha - Very Good.

English - Very Good.

Nepali - Mother Tongue.

Hindi - Very Good.


Site Supervisor.

Hemant Sharma Dhimal.

02nd September 1994.


Diploma in Civil Engineering with First Division.


7 Language and Degree of Proficiency:-


Date of Birth:-



Other Trainings:-

Countries of Work Experience:-

Proposed Position:-

01. RCC Boundry Wall.

02. RCC Drain.

03. Box Culvert

04. Administration Building.

05. Service Building.

06. Export Warehouse.

11th August 2017 - 28th February 2020.


Construction of :-

01. Mini-Dry Port (MDP) and

02. Northern By-Pass Road-1 (NBR-1).

Construction of Mini-Dry Port (MDP)

Construction of:-

M/S Marushin Shitaka Construction Company Pvt. Ltd., JAPAN. 17. Entry Security Guard House.

13. Container Seized Warehouse.

14. Transhipment Shed.

15. Covered Tanshipment Shed.

16. Entry Security Guard Office.

18. Exit Security Guard Office.

19. Exit Security Guard House.

20. Weighing Bridge.

21. Weighing Bridge Control Room.

22. Laying of Rigid Pavement.

07. Seized Good Warehouse.

08. Cold Storage.

09. Dangerous Good Warehouse.

10. Manual Inspection Platform.

11. Driver's Shed.

12. Public Toilet. 27. Installation of Fabricated Gate at Entry and Exit Point.

30. Land Escaping.

26. Installation of Barbed Wire and Concertina Wire on Boundry Wall.

29. Construction of Manhole & Laying of Sewarge

28. Laying of Water- Supply Pipe Line.

23. Laying of Flexible Pavement.

24. Laying of Paver Block.

25. Instllation of High Mass Lighting.

06. Laying of Flexible Pavement (2000m).

11. Construction of Utility Duct & Laying of Hume Pipe. Construction of Northern By-Pass Road-1 (NBR-1)

07. Laying of Tiles for Foothpath.

08. Construction of Median.

09. Construction of Gabion Wall.

10. Laying of Street Lighting.

12. Installation of Noise Barrier.

01. Brick Mansory Wall.

Construction of:-

02. RCC Drain.

03. Box Culvert.

04. Underpass (40m).

05. RCC Retaining Wall.

01. Safety Engineering.

02. Surveying.

03. Preparation of Measurement Book.

04. Preparation of Bar Bending Schedule.

05. Preparation of Bills.


Position Held:- Site Engineer.

Description of Duty:-

Employment Records:-

Duration of Employment:- 20th December 2020 - 18th October 2021. Employer:- M/S Tristar Global Inc.

Project:- Expansion Joint Treatment at Bhutan Olympic Committee. 08. Preparation of Daily Progress Report.

09. Preparation of Weather Report.

10. Maintaining Site Order Book.

11. Preparation of Request for Inspection (RFI).

06. Preparation of Survey Coordinate Sheet.

07. Preparation of Level Sheet.

12. Preparation of Lab Test Report.

13. Supervison of Construction Works.

14. Quality Control.

Description of Duty:-

01. Safety Engineering.

02. Preparation of Measurement Sheet.

03. Preparation of Bills.

04. Preparation of Daily Progress Report.

06. Supervision of Installation Works.

07. Quality Control.

Project Details:-

01. Providing and Installing LASB-NB-4-2 for Expansion Joint Treatment for Horizontal Joint. 02. Providing and Installing Aluminium Plates for Expansion Joint Treatment for Vertical Joint. Position Held:- Project Site Manager.

05. Preparation of Request for Inspection (RFI).

08. Mobilisation of Machine, Materials & Manpower. Employment Records:-

Duration of Employment:- 25th October 2021 - 15th June 2022. Employer:- M/S Dungkar Construction Company Pvt. Ltd. Project Details:-

Position Held:- Project Engineer.

Description of Duty:-

01. Safety Engineering. 05. Preparation of Request for Inspection (RFI). 02. Preparation of Measurement Sheet. 06. Preparation of Lab Test Report. 03. Preparation of Bills. 07. Quality Control.

04. Preparation of Daily Progress Report. 08. Maintaining of Site Order Book. Project:-

Improvement and Blactopping of Nimshong-Shingkhar GC Road (P-II)


01. Preparation of Sub-Grade.

06. Construction of Gabion Wall.

02. Laying of GSB.

03. Laying of WMM.

04. Laying of Prime Coat.

08. Laying of Hume-Pipe.

05. Laying of Asphalt Concrete.

07. Construction of RRM Wall.

09. Construction of RRM Retaining Wall & Catchpit at Hume Pipe Location.

10. Construction of V-Shaped Drain.

11. Construction of Box Drain.

I, Certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this bio-data correctly describes my qualification and myself. I understand that any misstatement described herein may lead to my dismissal, if engaged. Hemant Sharma Dhimal



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