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Time Delivery Engineering Manager

Dacula, GA
March 23, 2023

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I am a Sr. Design mechanical engineer with a background in research and development for manufacturing production. My background includes developing, designing and installing new capital equipment. I have organized, managed and installed 100’s of projects for manufacturing. I am competent in multiple Cad & MRP systems, including extensive use of AutoCAD through v.2021. I have most recently designed equipment using SolidWorks through v.2021, Pro-E, Autodesk Inventor 2021 and Solid Edge 20. I have over 30 years of experience in designing machinery in a 3D and parametric solid modeling environment. I have designed and managed projects according to Mil Spec 100, ASME Y14.5-M, FDA, USDA, and 3A Sanitary Standards along with UL, CE and CSA regulatory agencies.

I have solid project management capabilities with a consistent track record of anticipating consequences of new designs, initiating solutions, and completing projects to customer specification in the first attempt. Skilled in staff supervision, cost controls, negotiations and technical evaluations. I am responsible for a mentoring role for new engineering team members. I like to manage a team and project to make a significant contribution to maximizing corporate profit.


Sunshine Automation & Tooling, Sarasota, Florida

Manufacturers of Robotic Cell Systems & Contract Manufacturing

Engineering Manager ~ (March 2020 to the Present) ~~~Company Size: 20-30

Bill of Material System: Access /Excel Business (I built)

My main responsibility as engineering manager is to keep the team moving forward, complete new unique machine systems at budget costs and for on-time delivery. Work as a team on all projects. Help direct and train the team on machine design and integrate with our robotic vendors, as well all other outside interests. I meet with existing as well as potentially new customers. Help direct schedule for each project as well overlapping projects with Microsoft office.

I do weekly One-on-One meetings with my team as well the management team. I have at this time (4) mechanical Engineers and (3) Electrical / Controls guys. Plus, keeping the releases for equipment flowing to the shop – as well oversee the build of all equipment.

Spent a lot of time with our Vendors, to create cost effective blanket orders for our repeat business. Helped get our CAD bills of material / cut lists to import directly from Inventor to my custom made MRP system. This bypassed double loading our part data into the MRP system.

RND Automation, Inc, Sarasota, Florida

Manufacturers of Specialty Packaging & Robotic Cell Machines

Sr. Development Engineer, & New Product Development ~ (Jan 2019 to March 2020) ~~~Company Size: 40-70

Bill of Material System: Access Business

My main responsibility in engineering is cost effective designs for our existing & new customers. Responsible for customer driven designs for unique packaging applications. My main focus at the start of this venture, I helped the integration of the company we acquired, MDC Packaging (Thermoforming inline equipment), to start using Inventor, so I helped redesign the Base Thermoforming machine into Inventor. I completed audits on each kit – subassembly, to be more like the components that RND uses – commonality. Also, to look at each assembly for waste and efficiency issues. Ease of assembly. I integrated our vendor, suppliers of components to match what we need to merge the 2 firms to be RND only type parts and components. The other variable I have encountered is to make the packaging machines be built in a soft metric format.

Spent a lot of time with our Vendors, to create cost effective blanket orders for our repeat business. Helped get our CAD bills of material / cut lists to import directly to our MRP system. This bypassed double loading our part data into the MRP system. Built efficiency standards for updating the order process to manufacturing from a day or more to minutes of data input.

Balpack, Inc, Sarasota, Florida

Manufacturers of Food & Pharmaceutical Packaging Machines

Engineering Manager, & New Product Development ~ (Feb 2017 to the Dec 2018) ~~~Company Size: 25-50

Bill of Material System: E2 Business ~~~ Software: Solidworks 2018

My main responsibility at the firm was cost effective designs for our existing & new customers. Responsible for cost savings measures, and standardization of our product lines. I designed and organized our standard releases to 1-2days work thru engineering. We created configurations and standard kits to design and release to production. I redeveloped how Balpack would take orders from customers to a recipe driven system. This helped augment release dates from kits that are properly costed up front. Released long lead items quickly and determined what needed engineering design. This helped to focus our attention on work that needs engineering design or revisions – and proper updates to drawing kits to our Vendors. Spent a lot of time with our Vendors to work on cost effective blanket orders for our repeat business. Helped get out MRP system to integrate with our CAD data – helped release times and dates.

Aerotek, Inc., Tampa, Fl

Engineering Division -- Mike Romano ~~~

Worked Contract - Temp to Hire --- (Feb 2016 to the Feb 2017)

Plano/Synergy, Tarpon Springs, Florida (CONTRACT POSITION)

Manufacturers of Bow systems and Specialty Crossbows to Market

Senior R&D Engineer, New Product Development *** (Aug 2016 to Mar 2017)

Company Size: 300-500

Design team member responsible for the manufacture of Barnett Outdoors finest quality crossbows in the world. Is also the leading international producer of youth archery and slingshot products.

Bill of Material System: Oracle ~~~ Software: Solidworks 16 & 17

My main responsibility in engineering was for new product design development. Was responsible for design of new packaging systems for use for shipping and handling the 2017 Product line. Responsible for cost savings measures, and standardization of our product lines.

Was the Lead Design Engineer for a new project to organize and document the Youth bow products for the 2017 release and forward. This product line had not been drawn or materials costed & sourced in over 10 years. Developed models /drawings /BOM's for the new product year. Coordinated with China & Taiwan Manufacturing plants to get accurate data. Designed a new Arrow Rest (Arrow support) on a bow that was right-handed or left-handed based on customer wants and needs. Arrow Rest has a new clamping system. Patents Pending.

KHS-USA, Inc., Sarasota, Florida

Manufacturers of High Performance Packaging Equipment

Senior R&D Engineer, Pouching, Cartoning & Case Packing (Sept 2009 to the July 2016)

Company Size: 80-100

Design team member responsible for the manufacture of 100+ custom machines & Conversion systems. The company is a subsidiary of Klöckner-Werke AG, which in turn is owned by Salzgitter AG, one of Europe’s leading steel and technology companies.

Bill of Material System: Finesse & SAP

My main responsibility in engineering was new product design development, use proper design techniques, cost savings measures, and standardization of our product lines. I travelled to see our equipment in operation and was part of the customer care relationships. I mentored the new team Engineers and design team members the last 4 years. Helped new engineers with presentations given at Trade shows as well Pack Expo.

Was the Lead Design Engineer for a new project for Case Packing Equipment involving the use of Fanuc 200 series Robots. This includes unique designs for a series of new End-Of-Arm-Tooling for each format. This machine design enhanced the product offerings for the firm for complete turnkey system for end of the line pouching and case loading / sealing.

The Design Engineer responsible for expanding existing product line of Cartoning & Pouching packaging equipment. Spent a significant time completing difficult design projects left behind or that had customer / design issues while in service. Released and built new customer driven Cartoning machines based on specific standards within the organization. I was also selected to update and complete the CE Certification of new equipment (K-Series Poucher) placed for Mars/ Russia. I was on the redesign team for the same equipment completing a couple of design issues that had mechanical issues in the field.

Team member managing the CAD Engineering department standards as well as the drafting standards. Responsibilities included decisions and releases for the design group of the Bottling / Tray packing Line.

OSGOOD INDUSTRIES, Inc., Tampa, Florida

Manufacturers of High Speed Filling & Packaging Equipment

Senior Design Engineer, New Product Development (Feb 1991 to May 1997 & Jan 2001 to Nov. 2005 & Oct. 2008 to March 2009)

Company Size: ~100 – depending on sales in given year.

Design team manager or member during the manufacture of over 250 custom machines from Feb. 1991 through Nov. 2005 & over 10 systems over the last time of employment.

Family owned business

Bill of Material System: Paradox & Visual Manufacturing

Sr. Design Engineer responsible for expanding existing product line of Dairy packaging equipment. Provide P&ID system diagrams for new product lines, along with the outline and detail of service and user manuals.

Created and managed Engineering and CAD system department standards. I worked with 3A and FDA agencies to maintain proper CIP and system standards for new equipment. Build Ice Cream packaging lines, yogurt, either preset or post set fill, fruit options, sour cream, cottage cheese, etc.

Build pumps, nozzles, and drive systems to dispense cups foil/film lids and over capping materials.

Assistant engineering manager responsible for developing schedules, manufacturing release priorities and vendor interaction priorities. Organized all Engineering meetings internally as well as meeting regularly, daily, to determine priorities in build schedules and release schedules in conjunction with Plant and Manufacturing Manager.

As well, responsible for new product design and design techniques, cost savings measures, and standardization or product line. I handled the sales and customer relationship with engineering team to ensure the proper development and documentation of the deliverable product.


5524683 – June 1996 – Method & Apparatus for Filling Containers

5419099 – May 1995 – Servo Driven Container Conveying System

5127449 – July 1992 – Servo Driven Apparatus for Filling Containers

5007466 – April 1991 – Method & Apparatus for Filling Ice Cream Containers

DOUGLAS MACHINES, CORP., Clearwater, Florida

Manufacturers of Industrial Washing and Sanitizing Systems

Sr. Project Manager for Pharmaceutical & Baking Machinery (Nov. 2005 to May 2008)

Company Size: 55-75 – depending on sales in given year.

Privately held company – In business for over 25 years

Hired to manage and direct a new design of a highspeed Pharmaceutical Washer System used for cleaning surgery devices & instruments. The machine was designed to be adaptable to many system configurations, based on customer specifications for process. This new product expanded the equipment line for Douglas Machines into the pharmaceutical cleaning industry. The machine uses an Ultrasonic Cleaner and low-pressure washer/dryer incorporating caustic cleaning agents to sanitize stainless steel medical devices. I researched and created new relationships with Vendors and sub-system operations needed to complete this new development project. I was the lone R&D point of contact for this machine system. I oversaw the complete release and build of the 1 and then production of 5 systems now in full operation.

I developed a new BOM system using Microsoft Access to extract attribute data from CAD files directing into the MRP system. This development streamlined the release function of BOM’s to the floor from 2 days to about 15 minutes and improved the quality of output to minimize typographical mistakes in translation.


Research & Development of Fuel Cell Manufacturing

Manufacturing Development Engineer, Fuel Cell Development (Nov. 1998 to Jan. 2001)

$3,000,000 Angel investor money to get Fuel Cell Charging system for Small Electronics to Market.

Left after the fires in Los Alamos burned down most of town and LAB – Wife & I moved out of the area due to air quality and personal issues.


6953637 - OCT 2005 - Catalytic hydrogen vent filter for batteries

6645651 - Nov 2003 - Fuel generator with diffusion ampoules for fuel cells

6630266 – Oct. 2003 - Diffusion fuel ampoules for fuel cells

6544400 – Apr. 2003 - Portable chemical hydrogen hydride system

The Manufacturing Engineer of a start-up team developing the MicroFuel Cell™ as a commercial and mass-production product line. Participated in the development of 5 issued patents and 2 pending patents in materials research, assembly and fueling systems for the MicroFuel Cell™ technology.

1)Created the manufacturing shop, purchased shop tools needed in the prototype development.

2)Set up the Cad design and drawing system, including the part numbering system for the company.

3)Designed and built a Heat Seal system that formed and sealed the catalytic film layers used in assembly of the fuel cell.

4)Developed prototype packaging for the MicroFuel Cell™ and a portable fueling system to be integrated into small consumer electronics, like cell phones, PDA’s, games and toys.

5)Specified, set-up and operated the vacuum deposition equipment to deposit thin films onto various substrates to create new membrane electrode assemblies.

6)I created and documented the testing systems for the fuel cell development.

7)Created the Marketing & Trade show package to get our product ready for Tech Transfer opportunities.


United States Military Academy, West Point, New York. Attended 7/81 through 5/85.

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, minor in Computer Science Technology

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

Continuing Education

Computer Science Technology & Management, thru May 1986 ~ June 1987.


Autodesk Training from TATA in Sarasota, FL

Inventor Vault Certification & Inventor PRO Training with FEA w/ Simulation, Piping, Frames & Wireways

System & Software Training for Inventor 2010 & 2011 / 2012 & 2014

Pro-E / SAP training in Sarasota Florida

Pro-E certification for active use in KHS worldwide operations – Aug 2013 & Jan 2015

Access Levels I II & III, St Petersburg College

Software Training & Design – Microsoft Training 2009 - Again in 2012

SolidWorks Training Center, Albuquerque, NM & Tampa Florida

System & Software Training for Solidworks 99 & 2000 & again in 2005

Gateway Training Center, St. Petersburg, FL

Advanced AutoCAD & Auto Lisp Programming (Sept. 1994 thru 1998)

Designing For CIP (Cleaning-in-Place) Seminar, Tampa, FL (May 1993)

Also attended CIP Seminar @ Michigan State University (May 2002)

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