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Aramco Process Engineer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
January 29, 2023

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Mobile No.: 009**-********* / 009**-****-****

Skype: niteesh_dingare

Date of Birth : 23/02/1963

OBJECTIVE : - To work as a process engineer where I can use process optimization skills to reduce the capital and operating costs.


Have more than 25 years of professional experience in Process Design, Commissioning & Operations Support. Number of years of experience -Upstream Oil & Gas -15 years (9 offshore + 6 onshore), Petrochemicals -11 years, Utilities experience -11 years, Commissioning and Operations – 6 years. Have worked as Asst. Process Manager, Lead/Principal Process Engr. and Process Technical Authority.

The Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and Detail Engineering work (EPC) work. Work includes doing basic engineering including optimizing process plant and utilities, developing /updating PFD’s/ Heat & Material balance /P&ID’s, sizing of process lines / equipment, selecting material of construction, doing pipeline surge analysis and flow assurance, developing operating, control and safeguarding philosophy, generating line list, equipment/ instrument data sheets, checking vendor equipment specifications. Conduct / Participate in HAZOP and SIL studies, developing commissioning philosophy and commission the plant.

Development work involves doing basic engineering and concept studies to increase the oil/gas production and reduce energy consumption. It includes assess / select stages and getting initial project cost estimates.

Operations Support and Commissioning involves providing technical solutions to operation problems and define / validate plant modification/debottlenecking requests by doing feasibility study. Participate in value engineering (giving optimized solution with minimum shut-down time), participate in safety audits and follow company HSE policy and regulations. Liaise with Engineering Contractors. Updating process engineering standards.

PMC work includes overseeing EPC contractor work and ensure that Client’s requirements are fulfilled.

A)Company: Penspen (From Dec. 07,’22 till now)

Designation: Senior Process Engineer

Have started working on existing and new projects as a Lead Process Engineer for various ADNOC and other international projects. As a senior most member of Process Department, work involves reviewing and approving the documents of junior staff in the Process Department.

B)Company: Global Process Systems (From Aug’22 till Nov’2022)

Designation: Lead Process Engineer

Worked on Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. ‘Ajaokuta Kaduna Kano Gas Pipeline Project” involving 9 Filtration skids (submitted proposal to remove 3 skids), 5 metering skids and 6 Water Bath Heater skids.

C)Company: SNC Lavalin (From Oct.’21 till June’22)

Designation: Senior Process Engineer

Worked as PMC for ADNOC TAZEEZ project, UAE containing many petrochemical plants. Carried out pre-feed scope process related activities including interacting with feedstock suppliers / tenants, making PFDs, pipeline sizing, utility consumption and addressing process related issues.

Worked for 1000 MT/day Salalah Ammonia Project, Oman to resolve site issues and support commissioning activities.

D)Self-employed in Dubai, UAE (From Aug.’16 till Sep. 2021)

Designation: Process Consultant

Did proposal estimation work ((for various clients in UAE, India and Iraq) that includes checking process scope, doing Heat and Material balance, process simulation and optimization, developing, etc. Work included gas processing (including amine treatment and dehydration), gas compression and transport.

E) Company : McDermott Middle East, Dubai, UAE (From Mar.’12 to July’16)

Designation : Lead / Principal Process Engineer

Work includes working as a Lead Engineer for FEED and EPC projects. Other is proposal estimation work (that includes checking process scope, man-hour requirement and doing process optimization if any.) Also actively guide lead process engineers in completing the project by conducting technical reviews (including visits to Saudi Arabia), lead production process team for HAZOP and sorting out technical issues.

Worked as a Lead Engineer for Saudi Aramco “Safaniya-3” project. The EPC project scope involved work on total of 26 new and existing production platforms spread across four fields along with production pipelines to onshore facilities. Reduced flange rating from 1500# to 900# for Safaniya on-shore facility.

Worked as a Lead Engineer for ADNOC Offshore “4GI-WP3-3BT” EPC project. Project scope involved work on new /existing production /gas injection platforms and oil production /sour gas pipelines.

Worked as a Lead Engineer for Saudi Aramco “Karan-45” EPC project. This involved new production platforms and sub-sea pipeline transportation of 500 MMSCFD of sour gas to on-shore. Work included 2 phase separation, gas dehydration and sweetening (H2S removal) and safety design.

Worked as Lead Engineer for doing FEED for Alternate Gas/Water Injection project and Fuel Gas Filter project for Dubai Petroleum (DP). These were EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) projects.

Giving technical guidance on process related issues to Lead Engineer for Saudi Aramco “Safaniya-2” EPC project. The project involved 3 new platforms and upgradation of 4 existing platforms and transportation of 100000 bpd of oil and associated sour gas through sub-sea pipelines.

Worked as a Lead Engineer for RasGas “Barzan Helideck modification” FEED project. The project involves new helideck along with modification of existing facilities.

F) Company : Dubai Petroleum, Dubai, UAE (From Aug.’07 to Nov.’11)

Designation : Senior Development Engineer / Senior Facilities Engineer

Assigned mainly for Development and Operations Support work for the offshore facilities. Worked as Technical Authority on Process Engineering related issues. Other work includes doing concept studies and making recommendations for upgrading the existing CPF for meeting the forecast production and to reduce utility consumption. Did FEED and detailed engineering work to make necessary modifications.

Identified the constraints that inhibit production and made recommendations to remove them for three separate facilities. Successful implementation increased liquid production by about 17000 bpd.

Developed process control scheme that would result in improved operation of Production Separators.

Conceptualized and initiated a project that would increase the oily water treating capacity by 40000 bpd with nominal capital cost which envisaged making use of existing equipment meant for other purpose.

Reduced fuel gas consumption by 0.8 MMSCFD.

Reduced the discharge pressure of gas-lift compressor trains and improved its performance. Also worked on segregation of sour gas compressor trains to reduce overall utility consumption of compressor trains.

Developed a cost-effective scheme to eliminate hydrate formation in gas lift lines in the facility.

G) Company : Worley Parsons Oman Engineering Co LLC, Muscat, Oman (From May’04 to June’07)

Designation : Senior Process Engineer

Worked on Mukhaizna Field development project for Occidental Petroleum Oman. The FEED project involves heavy crude extracted through steam injection.

The other projects (see details below) done were for client Petroleum Development Oman, LLC.

Worked on four major FEED / EPC projects in Lekhwair area related to Water Injection. Work involves doing basic engineering design, developing a control philosophy and generation of AFC package for EPC contractor. Developed a cost-effective process scheme to limit concentration of oil in over-board water.

Worked on other six small FEED / EPC projects, which include “Relief Valve Rationalization project”, “Marmul Water Injection Wells Automation”, “Birba Gathering Station Wells Hook Ups”, “Yibal ‘A’ bypass project”, Budne-1 well hook-up and Sahma booster station expansion.

H) Company : Granherne & Co LLC, Muscat, Oman (From Apr’03 to Apr’04)

Designation : Senior Process Engineer

Worked on “Instrument Gas system” FEED project for Oman Gas Company LLC for twelve Pressure Reduction Terminals at various sites all over Oman.

Completed the work on “CDU revamp Package” and on “Isomerization Package” for Oman Refinery Co. LLC. Work involved making FEED package for these 2 projects.

Completed the FEED work on Lekhwair – Dhulaima gas / injection water pipelines for PDO, Oman

Also worked on other small oil-gas pipeline projects and proposals in the company.

I) Company : Toyo Engineering India Ltd. (TEIL), Mumbai, India (From Oct.’92 to Mar’ 03)

Designation : Assistant Process Manager

Completed the work as Commissioning Manager on “LPG Import / Export Facility” for Indian Oil Petronas Ltd. Commissioned this EPC project successfully and reduced the commissioning period. By changing the operating philosophy, reduced the number of operating equipment (gas compressors from 4 to 2, boilers from 2 to 1, cooling water pumps from 3 to 2, amount of chemicals for boiler / Demineralized water plant / cooling water dosing etc.) which reduced the utility bills by 30%, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and improved plant safety with no adverse impact on plant performance.

Worked as Lead Engineer and Commissioning Engineer on “10000 Ton Ammonia Storage” for Sanjana Cryogenic Storages Ltd. Actively involved right from concept stage to commissioning this LSTK project. Reduced project capital and operating cost by 10 % by reducing the size and number of equipment.

Worked in Toyo Engineering Corp (TEC), Japan on Kertih Aromatics EPC project to manufacture 420,000 tpa of paraxylene for Petronas Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia which included refinery sections including CDU (worked in role of PMC), benzene and paraxylene. Also optimized the number of heat exchangers.

Worked on “1175 X 2 tpd Urea Plant” EPC project for Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd., Kota, Rajasthan. Proposed improved gas evacuation system and steam turbine specs to lower operating costs.

Completed work on “100000 tpa Polypropylene Plant” EPC project for Petrochemical Industries Corp., Kuwait. The project includes the main plant and offsites. Made a proposal that would reduce in operating costs by about $100,000/ year.

Worked for “Dew Point Control Unit -II” FEED project for Petronas Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia.

Worked on “2500 tpa Extreme Pressure Additive” project for Lubrizol India Ltd. The EPC project included the main plant and offsites including utilities.

Did many concept studies and used innovative ideas to win the projects for the Company.

Had taken initiative and developed a variety of chemical engineering software including a software package for flare header network system (TEC, Japan purchased this software after evaluation).

J) Company : ABB Simcon, Inc., NJ, USA, (Jan.’90 to Mar.’91)

Designation : Applications Engineer

Duties include doing dynamic (real time) simulation and modeling using GEPURS software package (including start-up and shutdown) for various sections of ethylene plant. Preparation of simulation P&ID's, heat and material balance, Process Control, emulation of Yokogawa Centum DCS for these projects.

Worked on two ethylene projects - for Maruzen Petrochemical Corp., Japan and KPIC, S. Korea.

K) Company : Enseco, Inc., NJ, USA, (Jan.’89 to Dec.’89)

Designation : Chemical Engineer.

Duties included environmental testing and development of engineering software.


Have hands-on familiarity in using computers and handling of chemical engineering simulation software PRO-II, HYSYS, PIPESIM, FLARENET, FRED, TLNET, CHEMCAD and GEPURS.

Have done extensive programming in VISUAL BASIC and EXCEL for Chemical Engineering Process Design and has developed chemical engineering software packages and utilities.

Good knowledge of International Engineering Standards including SHELL standards, BP standards and Saudi Aramco Standards. Have used MAXIMO.


Member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

EDUCATION : - Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. (Dec.’88)

-Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai, India (May’86)


Completed work on “Design and modeling of radiantly heated biomass spouted bed pyrolysis reactor” as a topic of M.S. thesis. Based on this work, paper was presented at the 21st Annual Meeting of the Fine Particle Society, San Diego, California, August 21-25, 1990.

Worked on “Design of Electrochemical reactor with gas diffusion electrodes for application in Fuel Cell Technology” as a topic of B.Tech. thesis in which complete design of 100 kW fuel cell system was done.

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