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Manufacturing Engineer Applications

Gilroy, CA
January 26, 2023

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Mailing Address: Gilroy, Ca.95020 & San Jose Ca. 95121

Phone: 408-***-****, Email:

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a regular full-time position as an Applications Engineer or Product Applications Engineer or Challenging Test Engineer or Manufacturing Engineer or Electrical Designer.


03/20/2017-03/20/2021: Product Applications Engineer, Linear Technology Corporation - Analog Devices Incorporation (LTC-ADI).

In Switching Power Supplies Group (Power Management Business): Specialized a DC-DC converter (BUCK topology), supporting Customers’ requested modification and optimization for the best solution, and supported IC-Design Engineer in R &D for the in-house/ unreleased product (ICs) based on preliminary data-sheet for efficiency, bode plots, thermals, transients, output-voltage ripple, Spread Spectrum.

05/08/07- 03/20/2017: Associate Applications Engineer, Linear Technology Corp (LTC).

In Switching Power Supplies Group (Power Management Business): modified the designed circuits (demo-board) evaluated switching power supply, optimized and supported Application Engineers’ and/ or Field Application Engineers’ and Customer’s projects on varieties of the power supplies such as Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost, Flyback, Cuk, Inverter, Forward, Sepic converter, and LED Drivers topology.

To meet customer’s specification: Stability, Vout Ripple, Steady State (Continue/ Discontinue/ Burst Mode), Transient, Short Circuit, Thermal Test, Soft-Start, Efficiency, Start-up and Bode Plots needed to optimize by calculating and selecting proper Inductor (Current Rating, Temperature Rating, Size and Value), Output/ Input Capacitor (size and value), Frequency, Compensation Capacitor, Feed-Forward Capacitor, Soft-Start Capacitor.

Be able to perform and operate all necessary equipment in the Power Design Lab such as: Bode Plot Tool (Frequency Analyzer), Thermal Camera/ Thermal Meter, Digital Multi-Meter DMM, Pulse/Function Generator, Oscilloscope, Efficiency Meter (100 Raleay), SMC Solder, Computer (Fax, Printer, Excel, Microsoft Word, Power Point slides), Linear-Designed Simulation Software (LTC-SWITCHER), Linear-Designed Layout Software/Machine.

11/16/06-04/28/07: Associate Test Engineer (ATE), KLA-Tencor Corp.

In 100-class clean room, perform Software, mechanical and Optical setup, electrical test, laser alignment for an Automation Focus System (AFS), Bright Field (UV, VISIBLE, I-LINE & G-LINE) in Wafer Inspection Tooling Series 23XX (Escape and Explorer) using (IR) Autocollimator, and (IR) Visible Focus Collimator, High gauge, Micrometer, DMM, Oscilloscope, Optical Power Meter.

03/15/2006 - 07/10/2006: Electrical Designer, Acies Engineering.

Assisted Project Engineers and collaborated with Architects to prepare drawings using AutoCAD 2006, to design lighting and power plan, panel schedules and load calculation using Spreadsheet (MS Excel), single line design, and product specifications, to perform site surveys and title 24 calculations. Acknowledge of National Electrical Code 2005 (NEC2005).

08/15/2001-01/2006: Part-time Electrical Contractor, Self-Employed, Thomas’ Electrical & Design.

Contractor State License Board (CSLB): electrician License No. C10-870633

Acknowledge of National Electrical Code (NEC 2005) in residential, industrial and commercial electrical system. Prepared AutoCAD drawings and installed electrical wiring systems for home in Los Altos and Tracy. Installed receptacles, appliances, electrical wirings and troubleshot electricity while attending college.

1/23/2006-03/14/2006: Engineering Test Technician, Ultratech Inc.

In 100-class clean room, interfaced with engineers in pioneering a 1.5kW-LSA (Laser Spike Annealing): processed Demo Wafer, measured their resistivities and plot collected data. Inspected the processed wafers through Microscope to determine strength of Laser power and adjusted its power by writing recipe to be uploaded onto computer program. Carefully aligned Laser beam and handled 200-300mm wafers to avoid contamination.

02/00-08/01: Product Test Technician II, Electroglas Inc.

Tested and calibrated Laser-controlled XY Platen/Motors for Wafer Probing Equipment (200/300mm diameter) that used DRAM, Flash Memory, a system-on-a chip, and Hard Disk Drive (HDD). In profiling lab, loaded programs, saved data on EPROM memory and documented the tested platen/ motors.

01/96-02/00: Engineering Test Technician, Aero Precision Manufacturing.

In the 100-class clean room Integrated, tested and calibrated the complex Laser, Optical and Electro-mechanical subsystem to higher-level system such as wafer-automation autoloaders. Was trained by manufacturing engineer and technicians from UTS (Ultra-tech Stepper, Inc) to test the Automation Autoloaders, Transfer Plates, Robotic Arms, Indexers and Stackers machines using Fiber Optics, Sensors and Laser Controllers. Troubleshot electrical/mechanical problems of those automation machines using accurate Calipers, High Gages, Micrometer, DMM, Oscilloscope, Optical and Laser tools, and Pneumatic Flow Tester. Interface with design engineering to coordinate new product such as building and testing a modulator prototype (Telecommunication Units) for Applied Signal, Power-Supply prototype for Matson Inc., Disk Drive for Applied Technology, based on engineering schematics, procedures and BOM (Bill of Materials)


B.S.E.E, concentration in Analog field and minor in Digital field, San Jose State University, 5/2005

Contractor State License Board (C10-870633): General Electricity

Equivalent A.S. in electronics field: used to repair TV, Cassette, Radio, and Amplifier.

School Projects:

Senior Project: DC/AC Inverter for Solar Power Application (Sunlight-to-Electricity Converter), using a Powerful-MOSFET Switch, PWM method and Efficient Solar Panel, winding Transformer used as a part of Switching Mode Power Supply. The project was successfully tested, demonstrated, and documented.

Analog-Design Project: Digital-to-Analog (DAC/ADC) using fast CMOS.

Digital-Design Project: Traffic-Light Controller, Software-to-Hardware Interface.

Filter-Design Project: Low/High Pass OP-AMP Filter, Oscillator.

Memory Design:

Design a 256K x 16-bit SRAM circuit by using four-128K x 8 SRAM devices

Design a 1M x 16-bit DRAM circuit by using sixteen-1M x 1-bit DRAM

Relevant Coursework:

Digital Design I&II (E118-E120), Electronics (analog) Design I-II (E122-E124), MOS Design (E125), C/C++ Programming (COMPE46), Materials Engineering (E153), Organic Chem. 1B, Electromagnetism I&II (E140-E142), Microelectronics (E128), Heat Transfer (ME109), Op-Amp Design (E174), Filter Design (E175), Radio Frequency RF (Elective), Optical and Atomic Physics (PHYS 73) and Technical Report (E100W)


Computer: C/C++, ASSEMBLY, FORTRAN Language, UNIX, CADENCE, PSPICE, STIMULINK, MATLAB, AUTOCAD 2000/2006, Window XP/NT, Excel, Word, Power Point and MS project.

Equipment: Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Curve Tracer, DMM, Dranetz Power Monitor, Clip-Ammeter

Self-motivated and directed. Strong leadership and problem-solving skills. Proven performance-review record of management skills. Work well independently as well as in a team.

Strong written, verbal, presentation and interpersonal skills. Bilingual Vietnamese/English

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