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Business Analyst Production Coordinator

Mandaluyong, Philippines
January 03, 2023

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Benedict V. Esguerra, I.E./MBA

Permanent Address: Pioneer Highlands Condominium, Pioneer Corner Madison St, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Cell. No.: 091*-***-****

E-mail Address:

Work Achievements:

Spearhead re-organization of the Phil Vending Corp end-to-end Operations (total headcount of 312 staff) to drive operational efficiencies, lower down cost and increase business revenue, while delivering customer excellence.

Developed and lead operational KPIs across five (AVM, OCS, GSG, WPS, Technical Solutions) Business Units of the Philippines Vending Corporation, including Warehouse and Logistics and Customer Care Operations. Rolled-out platform for the regular review of business performance with PVC’s CEO and Chairman, to align business directions, priorities and focus areas.

Drive and lead LoD1/LoD2 (Total – 27 countries) roll-out to Global Order-to-Delivery (OtD), for the Hub (Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Krakow) and On-shore Operations. Standardised LoD reviews/activities across OtD Operations. Summary of findings discussed with the respective leadership teams to identify the gaps and solution action plans. Regular review with the Operational teams initiated to monitor progress completion and support help needed. Facilitated LoD (Line of Defense) Reviewer training to local leadership teams to upskill the local teams for them to assume ownership of LoD1 reviews on their respective teams. Key learning(s) captured and shared to global OtD populations for process knowledge sharing and best practices. These serve as input agenda between OtD functional groups.

Successfully deployed standard Competency Development Framework across the three hubs. Develop the assessment matrix with the C&D Advisors and partner communications to the Operational teams. Trained Staff and Supervisors/Line Managers (Scheduling/DSSS/SAT) for self-assessment and finalised competency gaps. Develop Learning Solution interventions and deploy these training to OtD staff. Monitor and report progress completion to the OtD LT

Developed and rolled-out FLBM (Frontline Barrier Management) Programme to the three hubs. This will be the OtD annual Mandatory training to ensure we provide the necessary training(s) to keep the critical roles (Schedulers/DSSS/SAT) be effective managing controls into their day to day Operations.

Developed and launched the Global OtD Dashboard aligned to the one pager strategic objective by the Global OtD Manager. Worked with the OtD LT on the key focus areas and defined standard baseline measures to monitor, analyse and report out on monthly basis. The same dashboard being used by the Global OtD Manager providing updates during the town hall sessions across the three hubs, stakeholders and business management engagements. Lead the Manila Hub to develop the LoD1/LoD2 questions matrix looking into the OtD key process, systems and business controls to address the LoD3 requirements.

Defined annual Hoshin Matrix OtD Excellence team given the four (4) OtD Strategic Objectives. Hold the review with the team, provide direction and coaching to monitor and progress completion. Developed CI Hour program in the Hub where Operations regularly set aside time to engage staff in a meaningful conversation to develop a CI mindset and to drive CI/Lean activities in the day to day operations. Deployed effective Action Log process to ensure all actions, issues, improvements are captured, enabling the CI Pipeline initiatives. Sustain Leader Standard Work (LSW) ways of working in the Hub and manage the initiative value benefits tracking.

Successfully lead the set-up of the new DRP/BCP site for OtD Manila Hub. Manage coordination meetings with Global OtD Excellence team, Facilities, HSSE, CP and IT teams to meet project timelines. Lead discussions to monitor and coordinate progress with the project team (PAO, Scheduling Excellence, UK Ops). Manage gathering of baseline data and pilot (UK-North) Solution Run deployment in Q1’15. Conceptualise and lead deployment of On-boarding and Competency Development Program for the Hub. Same structure to be adapted to the rest of the Hubs (KL and Krakow). With one PC less (starting May’15), managed to deploy Resiliency Program, PDW, Customer1st, Safety Day and Refresher Trainings (HSSE, SHAQER Drills, HR policies, Performance Management)

Leads several projects (SAP Outage, Project Boost, Plymouth Greenergy commissioning, Winter-Summer spec changeover, etc.) completions and in parallel driving the requirements with OtD-UK Ops team. Pushed through completion of Lean Practioner certification and further extended CI initiatives by taking the front for OtD-UK Hoshin A3 initiatives. Kicked-off monthly performance review sessions with Hauliers to promote partnership with suppliers. Completed refresher immersion trainings and stakeholder meetings at UK, June 2013 and kick-off discussions regarding Scheduling efficiencies and Ops focus areas.

Successfully completed immersion training in UK and contribute for successful transfer of UK Order-to-Delivery (OTD-UK) in Manila. Leads documenting business processes and developed training packages in preparation for the Pilot and Full Scale Go-live activities. Shared knowledge to leadership team and staff level through conducting training sessions and modules consultations to bridge training gaps and reinforce learning. Completed successfully the second batch of UK immersion training with the Schedulers and assisted to build the competencies within the group for the operation hand-over.

Direct Material Supply Demand Alignment Program (DMSDA) – Successfully Provided Direct Materials operations with a credible, effective, and timely supply-demand analysis process, from demand signals through effective PO placement, enabling the Materials response to ATM during Build Plan reset cut from 19 days to 5 days TPT.

oManaging the Supplier Collaboration Project team, I have drive and lead design integration session with the end-users defining the business documentations (As-Is, To-Be). This enables the project team to have a solid baseline requirement going to the design and development phase. Lead testing and conducted training to end-users (Module 1) across VF contributing to successful GO Live. Completed review/finalized Desktop Procedures (DTP) and ratify Business Continuity Plans detail process passing the project team Stabilization activities critical success indicators.

e2e (edge2edge) Materials Business Analyst Lead for MFO (Multi Factory Optimization) and CapX (Capacity Exchange).

●Direct Materials: Successfully implemented CapX process to seven (7) suppliers completing the deployment roadmap as per project commit. Conducted L1/L2/L3 testing with the operations and monitored stabilization DQs prior implementation. Drive ratification of the CapX DM (Direct Materials) DTPs with the Materials Buyer Business Process Team. Defined and documented BCP process around overall MFO design requirement. Worked with eBG for the e-learning design and facilitated sustaining deployment model training among stakeholders.

●Subcons: Completed the CapX report changes, test and production migration process align to MFO requirement. Defined Test scripts/process reviewed with the design team. Drive the L1/L2/L3 testing activities with ASE, Chippac and Amkor. Track test cases completion and communicates progress to stakeholders. Discussed/validated high-level operations flows and owners for all CapX-MFO interface.

Manage group of Business Analyst for project management across PLC. Filter subcon engagement and assessed biz impacts defining overall Subcon S&T support. Present update in the Outsourcing MRC and addressed/closed concerns. Defined generic JTPs and conduct training for new hire integration. Oversee overall training completion and provide necessary intervention on any help needed. Hold regular training and conduct knowledge reviews to check learning.

WCC (Worldwide Components Contracting) Virtual Factory e-inkless Program - Seeding infrastructure of e-inkless wafermap transfer from Fab/Sort (int/ext) to Assy (int/ext) technology to all worldwide contracting suppliers (6 countries, 7 suppliers, 15 factories ) gearing implementation by Q4’03. This lead and equipped the organization to B2B capabilities aligned to the site wide effort of becoming an e-corp. Drive and lead and chair the VF e-Inkless program office team. Defined scope and project team structure and program milestone. Kick-off program core team regular mtgs. Spearhead program design and planning preparations. Finalized implementation strategy and program roadmap.

WCCG Subcon/Contracting Lead: Worked on the application review and operation impact defining high and detailed level requirements and solutions. Drive analysis and system solutions minimizing impacts to stakeholders given the “to be” environment. Coordinate and conducted system testing with eBG supporting the program application and tools business requirement.

VF (Virtual Factory) Subcon/contracting Lead: Lead the system/program CONS testing at AZ. Documented job role questions/issues and addressed concerns covering system and functional test cases with subcon/contracting operations. Aligned/update desktop procedures and tools given the R1 requirement.

Designed IIF Refresher course and facilitated pilot sessions to CS group. Spearheaded IIF training for Contractors driving its completion hit rate beyond target goal marking at 92% vs 90% POR. Tracked completion per contractor over limited system resources and ensures training plan in place.

Co-manage 3rd party Training Center accreditation and Audit activities with the EHS group. Prepared the overall Audit Findings communication package for Purchasing and EHS management. Defined new scope of work for the 3rd party training center given the 11 additional safety courses that we allowed them to deliver. Managed and coordinated logistics for all T3 sessions with the third party trainors prior actual deployment.

Engineered and implemented contractor safety training orientation processes stabilizing SLA among stakeholders (EHS, Projects, Purchasing, Intel Sponsor, Training). Spearheaded definition of E-learning curriculum. This will lead and equipped the organization to e-learning competencies aligned to the site wide effort of becoming an e-corp. The same is being shared with Malaysia for ATM efforts.

Piloted Cavite Flash Planning Stabilization being the first Flash Cavite Planning Business Analyst (SCSP). Established process and system infrastructure to sustain Flash Planning Operations in Cavite.

Managed group of Business Analyst. Served as SAP/SOS Super-user for Phil Site. Drive the Factory RevMax efforts, holding task force driving corrective actions to mfg. delivery misses, conduct training factory Delivery related modules. preside Geo planning hour as APAC coordinator.

Areas of Exposure:

Senior Operations Manager

PVC Operations

Philippines Vending Corporation

July, 2021 – Oct, 2022

Job Function:

■Manage the end-to-end supply chain of the five (AVM, OCS, GSG, WPS, Technical Solutions) Business Units of the Philippines Vending Corporation, including Warehouse and Logistics and Customer Care Operations. Lead and inspire the organization with seven direct reports (Operations Manager) and total headcount of 312 staff.

■Lead the Operations Leadership Team to drive Operational excellence through process efficiencies, business controls and Sales/Revenue optimization while meeting customers’ requirements

■Officer in charge to the company's CEO in managing the supply chain towards cost reduction and enhancing business opportunities to increase business margin.

■Manage company's business partners (e.g. Nestle, Coke, URC, Nespresso, etc.) through strong collaboration and regular alignment to deliver common business goals/objectives

Global Order-to-Delivery Compliance and Development Lead

Order to Delivery Manila Hub

Shell Business Service Center.

Jan, 2018 – June, 2020

Job Function:

■Manage the Global Order to Delivery (Hub and On-shore) Assurance programme and ensure compliance with regards to Order-to-Delivery business related activities, evaluate business controls, and identify opportunities for enhancement of business performance.

■Lead the Global Order to Delivery (OtD) organisations in competence building of the staff to people development and succession career within GOCS organisation.

■Manage general Business Continuity Plan (BCP) framework across OtD teams to ensure stable business operations under severe conditions.

Manila Hub Order-to-Delivery Operations Excellence Manager

Order to Delivery Manila Hub

Shell Business Service Center.

Oct, 2013 – Dec’2017

Job Function:

■Determine system functionality, effectiveness of business process, share learning and implementation of new tools/applications to support OtD Hub Continuous Improvement/Lean journey that will drive customer service excellence and cost efficiency.

■Provide active (as individual contributor and leader of Process Coach) facilitation for CI projects (e.g. A3 projects, Kaizen events) coaching managers whilst driving the CI Culture within the hub

■Manage new business initiatives and new process/systems implementations. Gaining Voice of Customer and assessing, both current and emerging, and driving process change to meet the needs of the customers.

■Securing the most efficient use of all OtD IT systems, in particular CROSS, VMIFE, Cost to Serve and GSAP.

Scheduling Team Lead

Order to Delivery - UK

Shell Business Service Center.

Oct, 2009 – Oct, 2013

Job Function:

■Manage the local Scheduling team in order achieve operational excellence in the day-to-day execution of Order Generation and Fulfillment, Routing & Scheduling, Dispatching, and Administration in the most cost effective operations.

■Ensure that daily road transport operations (ordering, scheduling, delivering and administrating) meet all Group standards at lowest possible cost to service level

■Manage day-to-day interface with retail, terminal operations and supply and give input to Secondary Transport management in the S&OP process, the development of CVP and the closure of Service Level Agreements

■Support initiatives of the data integration management and global IT initiatives for the secondary transport process e.g. implementation of Streamline (GSAP, Cross and VMIFE) and ensure the right use of software applications

Project Manager / Biz Team Lead

Materials Business Solutions

Intel Tech Phils Inc.

Feb, 2006 – Dec, 2008

Job Function:

■Manage project office and cost adherence. Secure resources and resolved roadblocks. Drive the project throughout with the PLC cycle

■Create overall project timelines and measure team’s performance against schedule (PAS)/CSIs

■Project communications with stakeholders/customers

■Facilitate and chair project team meetings. Consolidate, analyze, and define biz requirements for a specific initiative

■PMO participant: Provide Team progress report/indicators

■Customization: Drive Biz process change if possible to eliminate/reduce Customization

■Biz Decision leader: Fit-Gap decisions, Biz transformation, etc..

Senior Business Analyst / Team Lead

Materials Business Solutions

Intel Tech Phils Inc.

April 2003 – Feb, 2006

Job Function:

■Determines the functionality, effectiveness of design and fix (for production gaps) and implementation of tools/applications in support of Assembly Materials Asia Purchasing operation for strategic objective and tactical efforts.

■Communicate corporate systems/process initiatives and direction to the Virtual Factory Organization and evaluate regional initiatives to partner and stakeholder groups.

■Facilitates decisions of project enhancement, go-no-go and deployment during design/release product life-cycle.

■Manages Business Analyst (BA) regarding project management across PLC (Project Life Cycle).

Technical Training Officer

Training and Development

Intel Tech Phils Inc.

Nov 2000 – Mar 2003

Job Function:

■Determines, develops, organizes, and delivers data automation training courses for developing optimal utilization of employees. Develops concise content, methods, and materials for training and may conduct courses.

■Keep abreast of training and development research: learning theory, motivation theory, and new materials, methods and techniques.

■Manage training programs and responds to customer/client requests or events as they occur. Develops solutions to problems utilizing formal education and judgment optimizing employees’ development.

Business Planner (SMA/BPA Functions)

Flash Products Division

Phil Site Planning, Intel Phils

Jan 1998 – Nov 2000

Job Function:

■Synchronization of planning systems like Plan-It, SOS/SAP, Build Plan and Production schedule to reflect greatest and latest factory commit.

■Determines die feasible schedule in site level and closely coordinates with

SMA1, MP, PCP regarding all issues affecting commit Build Plan numbers.

■Responsible for assembly and test production planning and scheduling to meet end customer demands, while maximizing plant capacity at acceptable level of inventory and attaining optimum response at the least possible cost.

■Ensures site data integrity and for ADI reconciliation in weekly basis. This includes validating and reconciling all WIP in the line, resolving un-reconciled data, and reporting reasons to management for un-reconciled ADI.

■Linkage between the factory and Division/VF SMA driven by supply and demand changes.

Business Planner Analyst

Intel Philippines Mfg. Inc.

August 1997 – January 1998

Job Function:

■Ensures timely allocation of finished goods commitments to geographies and end customers. Serve as a liaison between the Factory, worldwide customers and business counterparts abroad.

■Source of product factory key information such as current product demand, strategies and geographic requirements.

Coordinating / Purchasing Officer

Flora Arts Philippines, Inc.

November 22, 1996 - June 25, 1997

Job Function:

■ As Production Coordinator (Marketing and Production)

Prepares material requirement planning for raw materials procurement.

Issue Purchase Requisition Slip (PRS) - noted Job Order.

Prepares schedule of Tarlac trip for raw materials deliveries.

Weekly trip to Tarlac regarding production status/development or when necessary. Requires written Memo from Marketing Officers for all revisions and or special instructions.

■ As Liaison amongst Production, Purchasing and Accounting.

Supervise and monitor deadline submitted by Purchaser

Follow -up Request for payment and set-up payment terms by our Accounting to our suppliers

Industrial Engineer (Novelty Line Division)

Flora Arts Philippines, Inc.

September 1996 - November 21, 1996

Job Function:

■ Prepares product specification (Novelty Line Division) adopted for manufacturing operations in terms of raw materials and standard time requirements.

■ Design packaging arrangement set for deliveries and shipping of finished products of our novelty items to clients/customers.

■ Perform initial costing of novelty line products for sub-contracting purposes.

Computer/System Auditor

Universal Robina Corp. (URC)

May, 1996 - September, 1996

Job Function:

■ Defines adequate operational controls maintenance and formulation of internal auditing program procedures.

■ Conducting an Operations Audit of operational and functional areas:

Audit of Scrap Disposal System

Audit of Central Warehousing System

Audit of Head Count Inventory Procedures

Audit of Standard Operations for Receiving Incoming Deliveries


Corporate Award, (Shell)

Lean Accelerator – Q2, 2011

Corporate Award, (Intel)

Materials Achievement Award – Q3 ’07, Q3/Q4 ’06

MFO Accelerated Results Team – Q3’05

LPDT Project Team – Q2’05

For Item, BOM, Route (IBR) Project Design and Implementation enabling e2e core infrastructure – Q2’2004

For exhibiting discipline, quality and initiative in supporting SCSP VOC commits situation under supply constraint environment. – Q4’1999

Divisional Awards: (Intel)

Direct Materials Supply Demand Alignment – Q1/Q2 ‘07/ Q2, Q4’08

SFP-S Project – Q4’04

R2S (Req to Settle) Project – Q3’04

Local Waste Management Breakthrough – Q3’02

IIF Leadership Workshop Training, Q1,2002

Intel Phils Technical Symposium, Q4 2001

SCSP Core Team Start-up, Q4 1999

SCSP CV Start-up, Q4 1999

Enabling Flash Growth - Q1 2000

Other Awards: (Intel)

Certificates of Recognition awarded due exemplary Project Contributions.


City Address: Pioneer Highlands Condominium, Pioneer Corner Madison St, Mandaluyong City

Date of Birth: August 25, 1974

Place of Birth: Taytay, Rizal

Citizenship: Filipino

Age: 48

Civil Status: Single

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 160 lbs.

Father’s Name: Benedicto M. Esguerra

Occupation: Deceased

Mother’s Name: Teresita V. Esguerra

Occupation: Deceased


Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Distribution/Logistics, Business Analytics, Management Information, Six Sigma, CI/Lean, Problem Solving, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Computer Literacy


Honor (s)

MBA Feb’06 – Mar’09 Ateneo de Manila

College 1991 - 1996 Mapua Institute of


Secondary 1987 - 1991 Siena College of 7th Honorable

Taytay, Rizal Mention

Elementary 1981 - 1987 San Isidro Elem. 3rd Honorable

School Mention


6 Sigma Greenbelt Certification Supply Chain Management (APICS)

Managing Through People Project Management Professionals (PMP)

Situational Leadership Managing Effective Virtual Workforce

Coaching Skills Workshop Language of DISC

Micro Inequities Management FLM/MM Stakeholder Management

Artificial Intelligence Service Mileage Training

5S’ Effective Meetings/Listening

Business Simulation Franklin/Time Management

ISO 9000 Presentation skills

Total Productive Maintenance Filipino Values

Re - Engineering Contractor Safety Orientation

Entrepreneurship Constructive Confrontation

Lean Program Practioner Certification Information Mapping

I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Mr. Benedict V. Esguerra


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