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Senior Android Developer

New York, NY
March 31, 2023

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Senior Android Developer

Professional Summary

As a Senior Android Developer with over 10 years of experience, I have a proven track record of designing and building high-quality mobile applications that utilize the latest Android tech stack. Here are my key skills and experiences:

•Proficient in Kotlin and Java programming languages and experienced in working with the latest Android tech stack, including Jetpack, Android Architecture Components, and Material Design.

•Skilled at designing and developing adaptive UI components and Widgets for Android phones with different screen resolutions, using Android Data Binding, and Jetpack ViewModels.

•Experienced with Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM), Model-View-Presenter (MVP), and Model-View-Controller (MVC) software architectures.

•Knowledgeable in using 3rd party frameworks and libraries for various web services and APIs, as well as consuming and managing RESTful and SOAP web services with XML and JSON formats.

•Experienced in configuring and initializing multiple cloud integration services, including Firebase, Google Cloud Messaging, and Parse.

•Well-versed in using NoSQL datastores such as MongoDB, Datastax, Apache Cassandra, and Redis.

•Proficient in applying best practices and security standards in Android app development, including promoting best practices in UX design and usability.

•Experienced in using sync adapters to load changed data from the server and to send modified data from the app to the server.

•Skilled in debugging and profiling Android applications and implementing Android performance tuning and crash reporting applications.

•Experienced in working with Continuous Integration tools such as Jenkins or Travis CI.

•Excellent communication and leadership skills, able to work closely with Product, Design, and Back-End teams, and conduct business and technical knowledge transfer sessions for recruits.

•Hands-on experience in Android multithreading frameworks, including AsyncTasks, IntentServices, Handlers, Threads, Runnables, and Loopers.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages

Java, Kotlin, C#, SQL, Javascript, CSS 3

Android SDK

Jetpacks, Intents, Runtime Permissions, Broadcast, Services, Push Notifications, Base Context, View and ViewGroups


Coroutines, Work Manager, Android Threads, ThreadHandler, Executors, Handler and Loopers, ThreadPool, AsyncAdapters, Kotlin Flow, RxJava


SQLite, Room, mySQL, MSSQL

Web Design

Html, Html 5, Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET, C#, WebServer, WebHosting, Web Proxy, Content Management System MAVS

Network Protocols

HTTP, SOAP, Json, XML Parser, HTTPURLConnection, OkHttp, Retrofit, Volley, Rest

Video Formats


Web Services


Architetures and Design Patterns

MVC, MVP, MVVM, CLEAN, Builder, Factory, Singleton, Adapter, Observer

Image Management

Picasso, Glide, Fresco


Senior Android Developer

Bloomberg, New York, NY, October 2021– Present


Bloomberg is a financial information and media company that provides data, news, and analytics to financial professionals. The Bloomberg app provides users with access to the latest financial news, data, and analysis, as well as the ability to track their investment portfolio. The app also features live streaming of Bloomberg TV and Bloomberg Radio, and a library of podcasts.

•Applied Kanban and Scrum using Jira Atlassian suite process management software.

•Built application using MVVM architectural patterns applying Clean Architecture layers.

•Utilized lifecycle aware components such as Livedata and MutableLivedata to create UI-ViewModel connections.

•Designed/developed app using API/SDK and business embedded logic to achieve mobile app’s desired functionality.

•Applied Android JetPack components such as Room, Navigation and LiveData.

•Participated in software design, estimation of development tasks, testing, QA process, pair programming, troubleshooting and code debugging.

•Collaborated with Backend Developers to define Endpoint consumption and create Single source of truth in the entire application.

•Implemented TDD using Mockito and Espresso testing tools to test cases in business and abstract layer of the architecture.

•Implemented multiple Custom Views to reduce the complexity with Fragment lifecycle and increase code reusability.

•Applied Apache Commons Codec software to provide implementation of common encoders and decoders such as Base64, Hex, Phonetic and URLs.

•Created prove of concept using Jetpack Compose components and reduce the overhead with UI xml components.

•Created multiple Room DB tables to support both, offline experience and Cache consuption.

•Mentored a junior developers creating proper documentation files and also define onboarding process for new developers joining the team.

•Used reactive frameworks such as Kotlin Flow components to reduce memory footprint and create more lazy loaded components.

•Collaborated with DevOps developer and used Jenkins for continuous integration strategy defining several pipelines from building-testing-deployment.

•Utilized Branching strategy with bitbucket version control system and participated in PR reviews process.

•Used an array of techniques to troubleshoot UI and logic issues (Breakpoints, research, at times other Devs, Debug View Hierarchy, Instruments, Accessibility Inspector, Command Line, etc.).

•Used Jira for ticket, make sure dashboard everyone is assigned work and backlog defect tickets are single digits.

Senior Android App Developer

Thumbtack, San Francisco, CA August 2020– October 2021


Thumbtack is an app that helps you find and hire local professionals for home improvement, personal care, and other services. You can search for pros by category, location, and price, and read reviews from other users before hiring them. Thumbtack also offers a variety of payment options, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

•I provided the skill and leadership needed to drive the success of this project, and bring this great website and web-based service to Android users.

•Met with stakeholders, product manager and design team lead to gather requirements and formulate a project plan.

•Led a team consisting of four Android developers, and worked closely with back-end/web development, UI/UX, graphics, and graphic design.

•Utilized state of the art multithreading technologies such as Retrofit, Coroutines, Livedata/RxJava.

•Implemented MVVM architecture with several design patterns such as Builder, Singleton, and Observer.

•Integrated with the web (CMS) database using RESTful web services integrated with Retrofit.

•Utilized Room DB to store the latest alert feeds for offline access and reduce overhead connections to the backenc servers.

•Integrated VideoView for video promos and explore implementation with Exoplayer and DASH technologies.

•Supervised and assisted in the creation of unit tests and functional tests using tools such as Junit, Mockito, MockK and Espresso.

•Implemented automated testing with Robotium and Espresso.

•Worked with back-end team to set up a private Git server and configured Git as the code repository with SourceTree with a Jenkins instance for continuous integration.

•Establish a test-driven-development environment and worked with testers to obtain feedback and bug reports which were logged and assigned in JIRA.

•Created Dagger 2 and later migrated to Dagger Hilt for Dependency Injection.

•Ensure backward compatibility by using Android Support Libraries and later migrated to Android Jetpack libraries.

•Helped with training support staff and creating support desk documentation.

•Kept stakeholders apprised of project progress with regular reports and regularly implemented feedback into Sprint Planning.

•Conducted daily Scrums, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective and Sprint Backlog.

Android Mobile Developer

Newegg, Industry, CA February 2019 – August 2020


Newegg is a leading online retailer for electronics and other high-tech products. With its app, you can shop for the latest products, compare prices, and track your orders. You can also take advantage of Newegg's daily deals and discounts. The app is easy to use and offers a convenient way to shop for all your electronics needs.

•Used Android content providers for implementing features like sending E-mails, sharing using Facebook, Email, Twitter, SMS, etc., from the app and designed suitable GUI for these applications.

•Handle network call with OKHTTP and parse data using GSON Library.

•Implemented Braintree for credit payment, and by PayPal for credit card scanning.

•Prepared versions in every weekly release, updated Gradle, Prod-preview and lower environment settings.

•Handling XML data using efficient parsing techniques such as DOM parser.

•Created keystone. Signed market APK and gained experiencing releasing on play store.

•Participated in the quality assurance of the app including, testing of the User Interface and testing the app on different mobile devices.

•Involved in post-production support and maintenance process to fix the bugs.

•Used JavaScript on client-side to perform data validations and on server side to handle database interaction.

•Handle network call with OKHTTP and parse data using GSON Library.

•Also used GSON converter to convert the retrofit JSON response to the java object.

•Designed screens related to Categories and Detail description for Tablet for both 7 inch and 10-inch devices by customizing views as per mockup. Created Master-Detail Interface for tablet implementation.

•Work closely with the UX designers on reviewing the design and feasibility

•Supported the design, development, testing and implementation of new business and support applications.

Sr Android Jr. Developer

Seattle, WA September 2018-February 2019


Zillow is a popular real estate app that allows users to search for homes for sale or rent, as well as get information about the housing market in their area. The app features a wide variety of tools and resources, including 3D home tours, Zestimates, and school district information. Zillow also allows users to connect with real estate agents and landlords.

•Designed the UI/UX of the application using Custom

•Proficiency in Java. Worked with JDK (Collections, Generics, Networking, Core Java). Understands Java concurrency, memory management.

•Use of Shared preferences.

•Use of Software design patterns: MVC, Singleton, and Decorator.

•Experience working a significant consumer app that is currently available in the marketplace.

•Thrive working in a fast paced, Agile environment constantly learning.

•Refactored code to change a previous MVC implementation to an MVP design pattern.

•Worked with Volley for consuming RESTful web services.

•Design and develop functionality between user’s interaction and delegating it back to the server using RESTful web services and JSON parsing.

•Worked with Google Maps API for displaying route and driver locations.

•Generated reachable daily goals and created a delegation task system that allowed developers focus on the development bearing.

•Used Fragments for easier navigation & re-usability of UI components.

•Debugging and looking logcat.

Sr Android Developer

Client: Pueblo Bonito, May’2018-Aug’2019

Project App:

The Pueblo Bonito App is a one-stop shop for planning your perfect vacation. With the app, you can book your resort, spa treatments, tee times, and airport transportation. You can also read about the resort's restaurants and activities, and share your reservations with your travel companions. The app also includes special offers and discounts for Pueblo Bonito timeshare owners.

•Developed a mobile app using the latest technologies, such as Kotlin, Java, and Android Studio.

•Migrated the app from an outdated architecture to a modern one, using the MVVM pattern.

•Implemented various features, such as code review, Jacoco, and Guava libraries.

•Worked with a team of developers to create a user-friendly and efficient app.

•Implemented various security measures, such as certificate pinning and encryption.

•Optimized the app for performance and battery life.

•Added various user-friendly features, such as login screens and context menus.

•Implemented various features for network connectivity, such as AsyncTasks and Handlers.

•Utilized various libraries and tools, such as SignPost OAuth.

•Optimized the app for various devices and screen sizes.

•Implemented various features for user experience, such as wireframes and mockups.

•Implemented various features for accessibility, such as text-to-speech and large text.

•Implemented various features for localization, such as multiple languages and currencies.

Android Application developer

SNB Solutions, February 2014 – April 2016

SnB is a social network for buying and selling goods and services. It allows users to post ads for products and services they want to sell or rent, and to browse ads posted by other users. SnB also offers a variety of features to help users find what they are looking for, including a search engine, a map of sellers, and a chat feature. SnB is a convenient and easy way to buy and sell goods and services online.

Collaborated as a App Developer for multiple clients in Mexico and US Used a variety of technologies such as

Technologies: C#, ASP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL Server, Java, JSEE, Web Sockets, WebViews.

Accounting File Management System Project

•Defined as a system for accountants where each of them can update their files from their computer to the cloud through a service, the system can connect to Mexican tax authorities (SAT) and download the brochures.

•Created Android mobile solutions for accountants to verify current process with Mexican authorities.

•Utilized Java SDK along with custom libraries to consume government endpoints.

Content Manager For Web Pages (CMS)

•It is a system to manage the content of a web page such as information, contact info, images, documents. and add colors and design them, the user can configure different content for different languages.

Company Personal Web Page Project

•Created client's websites according to the needs, showing their services and products, this was using the company CMS.

•Created Prove of Concept to personalize websites for a mobile experience.

•Offered Hybrid experience and seamlessly transition between desktop web applications to mobile applications.

Check-in and Check-out Clock System Project

•System to register the attendance of employees in a company, configuring schedules for each of them and validating it with the hour of check-in and check-out.

Point of sale:

•POS where the user can configure the products and prices, they can configure different types of users and permissions for each of them, the system has a different module for the sales.

Helpdesk Project

•It is a forum where the company clients can search for help from other users. Aided and first task help to implement and resolve any problem.

•Configured an Android app assistant to easily create tickets on the go and review the process in any place.

Database Administrator/ IT Technician

Paradigm Consulting Services, LLC - Clifton, NJ, Jan 2012 – Feb 2014

•Maintained database and updated content with thousands of hedge funds, mutual funds, indices, and hypothetical portfolios.

•IT software troubleshooting on email, printers, and Internet connection.

•Planned and implemented cyber-security measures.

•Generated monthly data reports, created queries to compile data for customized reports, and wrote macros for Excel spreadsheets for reports.

•Maintained availability, by compressing and backing up database daily.

•Assisted financial analysts in preparing quarterly reports by compiling performance data in certain groups.

•Implemented an Excel macro to significantly expedite input of indices into database.

•Co-wrote and edited procedures manual used for clients and training purposes.

•Primary Task: Database implementations

•Created database logging system to indicate when each fund was created, renamed, or deleted.

•Created one-click report printing process for portfolio research groups, providing for greater ease than the previous process.

•Created shortcut on portfolio research screens to find groups and funds near instantaneously by having the system automatically go to a fund or group based on the first few keystrokes.

•Implemented resetting of the keystroke sequence, allowing users to start over or correct a search.

•Implemented moving of the fund/group selection up or down with keystrokes.

•Designed automatic date range calculation for compiling statistics on a group of funds, instead of looking through lists of funds to determine widest possible range.

•Implemented input shortcut that instantly calculates the market value as two other values are input.

•Primary Task: Implementation of external local spam filtering and training

•Implemented weekly and monthly data backups in absence of supervisor.

•Improved text-based email signature by implementing HTML-based email signature.

•Cleaned out spam from group email through external server on Web interface daily, intercepting spam before users can download it.

Part Time Roles


CBTIS 256, October 2021 – January 2022


•Data Base

•Basic Computing

•Computer architecture


UNIDEP University, May 2016 – August 2020

Taught courses in Programming, Data Base, Network, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Basic Computing, Computer architecture and Physics.


ITES Los Cabos, August 2012– June 2013

•Applied MVC design pattern to some of the projects worked internally for demonstration purposes to other members of the development team.

•Created Registration Process system and also planned and designed Database to support the schema logic.

•Collaborated under supervision of Sr Developers following SOLID principles.

•Created Waterfall planification to define critical aspects of the SDLF.

Education & Training

•CBTIS #254 Computer science

•Licenciatura in Computer systems Engineer in Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios

•Java programming course at Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de los cabos

•Python online course

•PHP online course

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