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Piping Designer 3D

Houston, TX, 77002
December 03, 2022

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John D. (Jack) Foster

**** ******** ******, *********, ** 99504

Home: 907-***-**** Cell: 907-***-****


40+ years in Piping, Plant Layout, Mechanical Design, Construction

& Field Engineering. 25+ Years using AutoCAD + Rebis AutoPlant.

+ Plant 3D + Advance Steel.

Please visit for additional information. Accomplishments:

Taught Plant Design and AutoCAD 3D design at Autodesk University in 2000 and 2001. Taught eight semesters “Learning AutoCAD” beginner & advanced University of Alaska Anchorage. Registered with AutoDesk as Developer and Consultant for working in 3D. Wrote programs for AutoCAD and Rebis AutoPlant Piping Design increasing productivity. Skill Areas: 3D Modeling Designing w 3D Studio Max Animation w Camtasia Animation w Project Management w Creative Development w AutoCAD w AutoLISP Programming wDynamic Block Creation w UI Customizing w Drafting w Training w Process Improvement w Strong Interpersonal Skills w Analytical Skills w Team Management w Problem Solving w Time Management w Innovation Experience: 5/12 to Present 3D Design Services, LLC and PRA, Anchorage + EEIS Engineering.+ Hilcorp EEIS create 3D building & equipment models for Grind & Inject buildings. Create 3D model of drill rig designed in 2D to check it will fit on drilling platform. Found a lot of errors! Created complex dynamic blocks for local architect saving him many hours. Wrote special program for architect to compare dynamic blocks would take full day now takes 5 minutes! 10/11 to 5/12 AutoCAD Guru for URS, Anchorage.

Solved all of the many AutoCAD problems they had.

Created custom symbol libraries and programs for the piping designers. 2/11 to 10/11Senior AutoCAD 3D Designer, Swift on contract to Chevron, Alaska. Created 3D conceptual models of equipment layouts on drilling platforms. Converted 2D drawings to 3D models for more detail design work found multiple mistakes in 2D drawings. Created flow diagrams of high pressure mud and concrete piping systems to document critical inspections 2/05 to 2/11: Senior AutoCAD 3D designer, ASRC Energy Services, Anchorage, Alaska. CAD administrator duties setting up all AutoCAD operators computers solved all the various problems. Created 3D models of piping, structural steel and equipment in between doing all of the below task. Setup & responsible for the overall site plan for ENI drill site on North Slope. Setup folder structure to make sharing of design data between disciplines very easy. Created structural composite model to replace 4 separate modules saving well over 100 man-hours of work. Wrote many time saving programs with one special one for working with BP title blocks. Wrote VB.NET programs that reduced hours of work to less than 5 minutes for incredible time savings. Created tool palettes and dynamic blocks plus other custom utilities for different disciplines. 6/02 to 1/05: 3D Design Services, LLC 4100 Defiance Street, Anchorage, Alaska 99504. Started my own AutoCAD 3D design company with one major client, Crowley of Alaska. Converted all of the 2D cad drawings for the CATCO all terrain vehicle into a 3D mode. Model used for structural analysis and the design of new and improved vehicles. I have kept my company active even while working at the jobs above. 7/99 to 12/02: Senior Mechanical, Structural, Piping Designer Phoenix Alaska Technology, Anchorage, Alaska. Worked exclusively in AutoCAD 3D and 3D Studio MAX animations. Doing the conceptual and final design for a new concept drilling rig for BP/AMOCO. Made ALL of the drawings for this new concept drilling rig, I am a one man design department. Created 4 minute animation flying around drill rig that helped secure contract to build the drill rig. Animation showed automated pipe handling and delivery + top drive and iron roughneck working in real time. 11/98 to 4/99 Senior Piping Designer AutoCAD 3D for APEL, Anchorage, AK. Drew all the structural steel and 95% of the equipment, all in 3D, for a new concept mobile drill rig. Developed 3D drawing for Alpine drill site on north slope. Drawing was utilized for planning, engineering, environmental permits. Drawing information shared with other engineering members of construction teams. 3/98 to 11/98 Senior Piping Designer @ Tosco Refining Co., Bayway Refinery, Linden, NJ. Set up catalogs and create piping specs using new Rebis AP97 program. Developed method of creating specs using MS Access quicker and easier than using Rebis Spec Generator. Trained piping designers in 3D and AutoPlant on a medium size expansion project. I have worked doing many different types of drafting and design work. I did a good job regardless of what it was as I pay attention and learn quickly. As I work I see ways I can use my programming knowledge to create programs that save time. Most of the time I create these programs “off the clock.” Because of my exceptional AutoCAD skills I have done piping, mechanical, structural 3D design in the following industries. Nuclear Power Plant, Petrochemical, Refinery, Food Processing, Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas and Marine Coast Guard buoy tender. I have created P&ID’s and Electrical Schematics. In my LinkedIn profile “Featured” section are videos of types of work I have done and programs I have created that save time. For your convenience I have inserted links to them. PLEASE take a look at some of them. Thank you very much.

Video portfolio of 3D designs and programming tools I have developed. 3D Design programs and time saving customization tools LADS Drilling Rig Routing pipe and easily find the center of a piping run. One of several 3D models I created of special trailers to haul large equipment. The programs in this video I have been told multiple times can save 5% of the manhours on a project. There are some additional videos on YouTube if you search “Jack Foster AutoCAD”.

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